70 Little Life Lessons

In this post, I just wanted to share with you seventy little life lessons which I have either learnt myself through experience or have picked up from other people. They are only short, snappy points but, sometimes, you only need to read one imperative sentence and it really strikes a chord with you and can change your whole outlook on life. Some of them are also rather humourous but, trust me, they aren't things you want to ignore!
So, here are seventy life lessons which I encourage you to put into practice in order to start living a happier, prosperous, healthy lifestyle.

  1. 1.     It is always acceptable to ask for help
    2.     The simplest answer is pretty much never the correct one
    3.     Never feel like you've learnt all that there is to learn
    4.     Question everything
    5.     Always check your make-up in daylight before leaving the house
    6.     Every person you encounter knows something you don't
    7.     Exam grades mean nothing
    8.     Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone
    9.     The people who tell you when you have lipstick on your teeth are the people you need in your life
    10. Always use spell check but then check it again yourself ten times over
    11. Consider all possibilities
    12. Don't be afraid to trust
    13. You can only procrastinate for so long 
    14. Your hobbies don't just have to be hobbies
    15. The limit does not exist
    16. People on social media only show you what they want to show you
    17. You are always in control
    18. Acne isn't the end of the world
    19. Don't wear a black bra underneath a white top, or vice versa
    20. There's always time for pizza
    21. The less you care about what others think of you, the more you will enjoy life, honestly
    22. There is never anything stopping you
    23. Stay up all night if necessary
    24. Its okay to try something and not like it
    25. Its okay to not want to try something if you know it will make you unhappy
    26. You will find people who you fit in with
    27. However, those people aren't always so close to home, sometimes, you have to venture further a field
    28. Just write the essay and get it over with
    29. In failure there is success
    30. Everyone goes through a mono-brow stage
    31. The smallest thing to you can be the biggest thing to someone else
    32. Its important to ask people how they are
    33. Drink water
    34. You don't have to like what everyone else likes
    35. There is art in the simple things around you
    36. Its actually really easy to be a nice person
    37. Popularity means zilch 
    38. Life has no meaning
    39. Cringe-worthy is good sometimes
    40. Everyone has the power to save someone's life
    41. Alcohol and parties are overrated
    42. Just wear whatever the hell you want to wear
    43. Don't point out the obvious, trust me, people already know
    44. Always brush your teeth before you go to bed
    45. Never listen to anyone who says "Chocolate gives you spots"
    46. Its all about finding a way which works best for you
    47. Its beautiful to be passionate
    48. Once you learn to speak up, you've acquired a skill that will carry you through life
    49. Your gut instinct is always right
    50. You don't always need a plan
    51. Keep your computer desktop tidy - tidy desktop, tidy mind
    52. Be open to accepting new things, new ideas, new hobbies
    53. Goals are good, but the main goal should always be happiness
    54. "Fat" and "Skinny" are just as insulting as each other - don't use them
    55. Thigh gaps are overrated
    56. There's only so many times you can click "Remind me later" on you iPhone software update
    57. Just have one alarm in the morning, not multiple ones that you click 'Snooze' on
    58. One tiny thing that you say can stick with someone for the rest of their lives
    59. Respect people's idols
    60. People aren't as bothered as you think because they're too busy worrying about themselves - wear the same shirt for three days in a row and you’ll see 
    61. Jealousy isn't always a bad thing
    62. If you need to cry, cry
    63. Don't be afraid to be retro - there's nothing wrong with books and boardgames
    64. Handwritten notes never go out of style
    65. Remembering birthdays isn't that difficult 
    66. You are more powerful than you will ever know
    67. Being on your own is necessary sometimes
    68. It's more than okay to say 'No' without a reason
    69. Always keep one fact about yourself and a joke in your mind as you never know when you might need it
    70. Take lots of photographs
What the life lessons you have picked up? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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