Items Of Clothing That Harry Styles Needs To Bring Back

Harry Styles never lets us down when it comes to fashion. Every time we see him, he either surprises us with a funky new accessory or a unique printed shirt. Either way, he always makes the 1D fandom go all kinds of heart eyes. Although, could he ever look bad? He could probably make a bin bag look Gucci.
Despite the fact that I fall in love all over again whenever I see new photos of Harry and his marvellous outfits, I do spend a lot of time wishing he would bring some certain items in his wardrobe out from hibernation. Sometimes, he will only wear a particular piece once, and they are usually the pieces I want him to wear every day. So, this post features the top items of clothing and accessories that, personally, I reckon Harry needs to dig out and parade around in again as, I'm sure you'll agree, they looked rather fabulous on him...ohh the struggles of being a Harry girl...

The cross earring
Who else remembers having a heart attack when they realised Harry was wearing an earring when the boys performed on The X Factor a couple of years ago? I definitely wasn't expecting that but I also didn't complain. Harry Styles with an earring is a good concept. 

The yellow shorts

 Yep, the yellow shorts. Harry rocks bright colours with ease and he had no issues with making these bright, yellow shorts look amazing. Beach Harry is a concept I am all for, especially if it means he wears sunshine coloured trunks like these.

The pink spotty shirt
 Pink is one of my favourite colours on Harry and, when he wore this polka dot number to the Apple Music Festival in 2015, my heart skipped a few beats too many! Harry Styles in pink is something which ought to be more appreciated. 

The leather trousers 
I feel many people have, sadly, forgotten about the time Harry wore these beautiful leather trousers and my question is, how could you forget? They're a little different to his usual skinny jeans but he had no problem with making them look cool. I reckon he looked like a rather rad rockstar!

The leather jacket
Who else is heartbroken that we never received any HQ photos of Harry in his Burberry leather jacket? Imagine being one of those lucky fans who had the honour of meeting him whilst he was wearing this! Personally, I would wear this myself (if I could afford even one of the buttons on it that is) but I think Harry looked much better in it than I ever could.

The sheer shirt
Mr. Styles has blessed us with a handful of slightly transparent shirts over the years, however, they were usually worn at concerts and so we never really got chance to admire them in all their glory. Please can he just wear one walking down the street one day?

The leopard print t-shirt
Ahh, an old favourite! I think many of you will concur that TMH Harry was one of everyones favourite. He wore some pretty snazzy outfits, this leopard print shirt at the Burberry LFW show being one of them. I always wish Harry would attend more fashion shows, plus, he looks amazing in little numbers like this when he does. Harry in leopard print is always a good idea.

The White Jeans
I remember practically falling to the floor the first time I saw Harry Styles in white jeans, especially after being so used to only seeing him in black skinnies. These look far too good on him for him to let go of and I am hoping that he will bring them back out now Summer is here! *Crosses fingers*

The stripey trousers
Following on from the white jeans, Harry also wore these bad boys in 2015, which were a far cry from what we normally see him wearing. He always looks good in stripey shirts and striped trousers suited him just as much. It's a yes from me.

The green t-shirt
Who remembers this day? It was a glorious day for Harry girls as we were blessed with a number of photos and videos of our favourite star roaming the streets of NYC. Green is another colour which I don't think Harry wears enough. Sure, he looks great in white, black and grey, however, I think he should whip this shirt out again because, after all, it matches his emerald eyes!

The fur gilet
Harry only wore this during soundcheck and, although it probably didn't do a great job of keeping him warm, he looked very stylish. This gilet also looks extremely soft - imagine a Harry hug whilst he was wearing this! Bring it back please. Styles!

The floral trousers
And last but never least we have these black and white floral trousers. Harry loves a print and so often wears a printed shirt or sometimes a whole suit, however, I loved it when he wore this simple black shirt and decided to experiment with his bottom half and let his trousers do the talking. He certainly stood out in these and rocked them with confidence!

Which items of clothing do you want Mr. Styles to wear again? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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