My Current Top 10 Beauty Products | JUNE 2016

Who else just loves experimenting with different beauty products? I am always changing my mind on what my favourite products are at the moment, it's a little ridiculous, and so I thought I would share my top 10 items with you right now. These are the things I have been reaching for constantly and that I think are going to be must haves for the start of Summer.
Seeing as though the contents of my make-up bag never stays the same for long, I have decided to make these 'top 10' posts a more regular feature on my blog so, every so often, I can tell you about the products which I reckon are worth investing in, plus, the Seasons change and so the things I love during Summer are always different to what I love in Winter.
Without further a do, let's get into the ten beauty items which I have been obsessed with during June 2016. This list contains make-up items, a beauty tool and a nail polish!

However, before we begin, I just thought that I would show you my new make-up bag, which my Grandparents picked up for me whilst on a little trip away. Not only is it rather large and so perfect for either storing lots of small items or a few larger ones, (such as palettes) but the quote on it is perfect for Summer, don't you think?

Beauty Blender
This is a utensil which many of you will have probably seen being hyped up online. Many beauty gurus are raving about how it is so much better than a brush and gives your make-up a flawless finish, however, I can assure you that they are not lying. I started using a Beauty Blender recently and I now use it every day as oppose to a buffing brush, I reach for it without even thinking! I soak the sponge in water, squeeze most of it out so it is damp and then dab it over my foundation on my skin. I have found that is is far less messy than a brush (because trust me, my make-up ends up everywhere when I apply it, somehow!) and also blends it a lot quicker. Nor only that, but it gives a smoother finish than a brush, as I am left with no streaks, and helps my foundation to look more natural. I also enjoy using this to blend my concealer, also, the shape of the tool means you can either use the more rounded end or the pointed on to get into nooks and crannies. It may retail at £16, although this sponge is going to last a long time and I would say it is by far worth the money. You can sometimes pay that amount for a brush, or more in fact, but I believe the finish this gives you is on a whole other level.

MAC Mascara
I purchased this in Paris last year and rediscovered it this month after actually losing it during the process of redecorating my bedroom - whoops! (Although, to be honest, something was bound to get misplaced as I have a lot of stuff!) I had forgotten how much I love this mascara and now use it most days. I have found that it doesn't transfer onto other parts of my face and, even after wearing it all day at College, it doesn't start to look a mess. Also, you know when you get to the end of the day and your mascara can sometimes start to feel really horrible and makes you just want to scream "GET THIS OFF MY EYES?" well this one doesn't do that. It is also easy to apply, gives my lashes length and volume. Although, it doesn't look too heavy and still makes my eyes look fluttery. 

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Once again, another mascara that I fell in love with all over again during June. I never have a bad word to say about Maybelline mascaras and I remember this one being the first proper mascara that I ever bought, yeah you know what I mean! It was the first real one I bought that cost more than £2 and made me feel like some sort of make-up artists. I have started using it rather frequently again as it really does live up to it's name and make me look as though I am wearing false lashes. It lifts, blackens and lengthens my lashes, all without clumping and it still gives them a pretty, not too OTT finish. The arched brush also ensures it is easy to use and allows you to get right into the corners of your eyes.

Sleek Lipstick in 'Barely There'

I have wanted to try Sleek products for a while and have always had a play around with them in stores, swatching them and what not, but, for some reason, have only just picked up their products and I certainly want to try some more! I have always been intrigued by their lipsticks and, for my first Sleek lippy, I thought I would go for an easy to wear nude. Does anyone else do that, whenever they but their first lipstick from a brand, always go for a nude? I chose 'Barely There' and I have found it super easy to wear as it compliments the majority of eye make-up looks and is just good for when you want a lipstick that you can just chuck on in the morning and not worry about for the rest of the day. It is moisturising and doesn't become drying throughout the day. Also, when it does start to wear off, it still leaves a coral tint behind.

Illamasqua Nail Polish in 'Ouija'
I wore this nail polish a lot last Summer and I know I am going to be doing the same this year. I dug it out of my drawers and remembered just how much I love it! This colour is perfect for those warmer months as it is vibrant pink with a hint of shimmer, but don't worry, it isn't too glittery so that it would be really in your face! Despite being bright, it still compliments most outfits well as it adds a pop of colour and it just makes any look that little bit more fun. Additionally, only one coat is needed and it dries quickly, could you ask for any more than that? I also reckon this would look marvellous with a tan!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer
This concealer is different to any other that I have ever used as it isn't in your typical liquid form. I do adore the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, but I always think it's good to branch out and experiment! I decided to try this out after seeing various YouTubers use it to cover acne and, seeing as though that is something I struggle with, I thought I had nothing to lose and, if it works for them, it may work for me, which it did! A little bit of this really does go a long way and the pot contains a lot of product so you're getting value for money and it's going to last you a good while. It is high coverage and is perfect for concealing spots, blemishes and redness, however, it isn't cakey and can just be worn on it's own if you don't fancy wearing a full face of foundation! I have previously tried the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation and got along really well with it and found this concealer to be even better. The product does advertise itself as being a good undereye concealer too. I did try using it to cover my dark circles at first, but I found it creased after a short period of time, sadly, so now just use it on acne, although, it may work well on other people's dark circles! It is amazing coverage and I would highly recommend it if you suffer with your skin but don't want to splash out on high-end products.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
This is a foundation which I have been desperate to try for a pretty long time and, now, I can't believe I didn't get it sooner! This has easily become my favourite ever foundation and I never want to use anything else! I have never found a foundation to match my skin tone so perfectly (and yes, I did get the very lightest shade) and that blends in so well that it looks natural, as well as being high coverage. This foundation covers my acne and blemishes like a dream yet still feels light on my skin. I also like to build it up slightly as you can certainly add another layer if you want a little more coverage. This is a foundation that I would recommend to anybody because it is extremely impressive considering the price that it is. This foundation also lasts all day without starting to look disgusting towards the end of the day. I will simply top up with powder maybe once or twice during the day, however, that is all that's needed. It's low maintenance and, for me, one of, if not the best, Drugstore foundations out there.

Sleek 'A New Day' Eyeshadow Palette
I picked this palette up at the same time as the lipstick and I now struggle to put it down! Out of all of the Sleek palettes, I decided to choose this as my first one because I know I will get plenty of wear out of each shade seeing as though the colours are very neutral and so perfect just for every day wear. I have found this palette so easy to use to create some warm-toned, natural looks which aren't too heavy yet still look pretty. This is the perfect palette if you like natural eye looks yet still want to add something to your lids. Although, you can also use it to create a smoky eye by using the darker shades if you wish! I would say that anyone can get along with this, plus, it contains a range of matte and shimmery shades. The pigmentation is brilliant, especially when you consider how inexpensive the palette was, and you can always build up the colours to make them more intense. I have swatched the darkest brown shades from both this palette and the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette below (which are actually two very similar shades) so you can see how they compare in pigmentation. The Sleek one is at the bottom.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette 
I received this palette for Christmas and I still totally love it. Despite the fact that this is specifically a smoky palette, you can still use it to create some very pretty neutral looks which aren't too heavy, which is what I enjoy doing, although, I still do use the darker shades and often like to drag those underneath my eyes just to add more depth and make the eyes look a little darker without being super heavy. This palette contains some very lovely shades and there is bound to be something for everyone in here. The shadows are all very pigmented, as you would expect from a high end brand, and are easy to blend. I also really like the brush which comes with this palette, one end is fluffy and so perfect for blending, whereas the other is more dense and is great for underneath your eyes.

Make-Up Revolution Ultra Blush Palette
Make-Up Revolution are a drugstore brand which I would urge everyone to check out as their products are of faultless quality yet unbelievably inexpensive! This blush palette in particular is one which I have wanted to try for a while and I was not disappointed when I did. It could easily be compared to a high end blush palette - it definitely looks like one! Despite some of the shades in this being quite bright and looking rather scary, they are all buildable and so you can use them to simply add a natural flush to your cheeks or can make the colour more intense. There are also a couple of shimmery shades in here which are good for if you only want something light on your cheeks if your eyes or lips are bold. The lightest shade is great as a highlighter too! As you can see, these shades are all perfect for Summer, I also think there is at least one to suit everyone in here!

Let me know if you have tied any of these products or if they are on your shopping list!

What are your favourite make-up products right now? Which ones should I try? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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