Things Only British People Will Understand

You know, I love being British. Okay, maybe the weather isn't always that great and we have some pretty shoddy TV shows but, I just love the British sense of humour, the British inside jokes and those certain quirks that come from growing up in the UK. Anyone else?
In this post, I am sharing with you the things that, generally, only British people will understand so, apologies if you live overseas and spend the entirety of this blog post with a puzzled expression on your face, however, if you're British I bet you can't help but nod along as you read these points.

1) As soon as the slightest bit of sun pops out from behind the clouds, everyone's having BBQs, walking around shirtless, piling on the suncream and going down the beach, acting as if they live in Spain

2) Despite the fact that we know its going to get dark quicker when the clocks go back, we still get surprised every year at how dark it actually is and reckon it gets darker every year

3) Word processors always telling you you've spelt 'favourite' wrong because you didn't spell it 'favorite,' likewise with 'colour'

4) When you meet up with a friend/relative after a long time and instantly taking them saying "You look well!" as another way of them saying "You got fat"

5) When your taxi approaches your house and say "Anywhere round here will do, thanks"

6) When you're ill but see no point in calling the doctor as you'll only be able to get an appointment in three months' time

7) When someone says "Make yourself at home!" but it just results in you sitting there like this until you leave

8) When someone holds a series of doors open for you and you have to think of several different ways to say 'thank you' after walking through each one so they don't think you're rude...
'Cheers,' 'Thanks,' 'Ta'

9) Eight words "Please place the item in the bagging area"

10) But when you do place it in the bagging area, there's an "unexpected item in the bagging area"

11) Opening your packet of Walkers' crisps only to find it simply filled with air

12) Not being able to say the word "Great" without sounding sarcastic

13) When someone is looking at the section you want to browse in a shop so you just pretend to look at other things you don't even want until they move, rather than asking them to move politely

14) When someone says "Help yourself!" so, obviously, you do everything but help yourself

15) Feeling it is necessary to jog over the zebra crossings whilst apologetically waving at the car who stopped for you

16) Nodding and replying with "Yes" when the hairdresser asks, "Is that alright?" even when it isn't

17) Being shocked when you ask someone how they are and they actually tell you how they are. Likewise, being shocked when you ask someone how their weekend was but they actually tell you, rather than saying "Good thanks"

18) Lying to the cashier when they ask "Do you have a bonus card?" by replying "I do, sorry but I've left it at home" when you didn't have one to begin with

19) Being incapable of placing items on a newsagent’s counter without saying, "Just these please"

20) Secretly hoping someone will say "It's cold" so you have something to talk about

21) The pure horror of mentioning a song, then being asked, "How does it go?"

22) We Brits literally say 'Sorry' all of the time, most of the time we don't even use it for apologising 

23) Being unable to stand up and leave without first saying "Right"
tv reactions bye goodbye leaving

24) Waiting for permission to leave after paying the cashier with the exact correct change

25) Also, being unable to actually pay with the exact change without saying "I think that's right"

Which of these do you relate to the most? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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