Why Leigh Anne Pinnock Deserves More Recognition

Every band has that one member whom everyone agrees doesn't quite get the recognition they deserve, including Little Mix and, for me, that member is none other than Miss Leigh Anne Pinnock. Don’t get me wrong, I adore each and every member of Little Mix equally. I love Perrie, her angelic voice and kind heart, Jade, her Grammy-worthy vocals and undeniable generosity and Jesy, her endless list of talents and ability to make everyone feel beautiful, however, I'm dedicating this post to Miss Pinnock and I am here to tell you why people need to start paying more attention to her.

Everyone has a band member who has off the scale amazing vocals yet they reckon they are overlooked. Every member of Little Mix is able to hit some pretty impressive notes, but have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of Lee Lee’s voice? She is so much more than just your average girl group member who simply hides behind their bandmates and who is unable to carry their own solo. Every time I sing I feel as though Angels are descending from Heaven…you think I'm exaggerating…I'm not. If I was able to sing in as high a key as she can, I would never stop singing; instead, I end up shattering windows. Nobody actually understands how much of a talented vocalist she is, singing just comes naturally to her and every note sounds so effortless. I can’t not mention her famous note changes, have you heard the one she does in ‘Secret Love Song?’ she loves to switch up her solos on stage and give the audience a good few heart attacks every show by making some notes a little higher or some a little lower and, although it kills me, I love her for it. Leigh Anne Pinnock’s vocal ability is outstanding and no Little Mix song would sound the same without her. However, it isn’t just her flawless singing which we love, Leigh Anne can also rap. Yep, you heard me, rap. How many girl bands both in the industry today and from the past, do you know who have had a member who is a superstar rapper as well as BeyoncĂ© 2.0? Many girl bands are great at singing, their voices gel together nicely and they release some pretty catchy songs, but Leigh’s ability to rap adds something really special to Little Mix and gives them a funky edge. It makes them different. I get extremely excited whenever she gets the chance to showcase her rap skills, for example, in their song ‘A.D.I.D.A.S’ or during the Get Weird Tour when she got A WHOLE SONG to herself where she was able to rap in front thousands of people. I don’t know about you, but I think Leigh Anne Pinnock makes Little Mix a hell of a lot cooler and, quite frankly, there’s nothing she can’t do. No matter whether you want her to belt out a ballad at the top of her lungs, sing something a little softer with more of a whisper, rap like a female Flo Rida or perform a pop song, she’ll do it and she’ll do it impeccably.

Speaking of performing, Leigh Anne Pinnock is so much more than a singer, she is a performer. She brings the party to every Little Mix concert as she’s always running from one side of the stage to the other, jumping about and screaming to encourage the crowd to sing. Additionally, she constantly engages with the audience by holding her microphone out for them to sing, smiling and laughing with her fans and repeatedly asking them if they’re having a good time. I also have to talk about her dancing, which injects life into any Little Mix performance. This girl can MOVE! It is hard to believe she wasn’t a professional dancer in a past life. The way she swings those hips, points those toes, shakes that booty and knows exactly how to portray both happiness and raw emotion through her dancing deserves awards. She makes the audience feel as happy as she does when she’s on stage as it is clear that she adores performing with every inch of her being, and she’s flipping amazing at it!

Obviously, Leigh Anne Pinnock is so much more than her appearance, as is anyone, but her beauty is something which deserves to be appreciated. Starting with her body, I struggle to talk about it without feeling sick with envy. Her abs and absolutely (pardon the pun) insane, her legs are toned – the true definition of ‘leg goals,’ and she clearly takes pride in her body. She works out frequently, eats healthily and it really shows, plus, it ensures she is pumped with energy whenever she’s on stage! This is simply one reason why Leigh Anne is a true inspiration to young people, she shows that hard work pays off physically and demonstrates the importance of looking after your body, without shoving it in people’s faces and making them feel guilty for not exercising. Furthermore, no Leigh Anne Pinnock post would be complete without praising her famous fro. Her curly wurlies. In true Mean Girls style, her hair is so big because it’s full of secrets, but I wish she would share her secrets to achieve perfect locks! I am totally in love with her curly hair but also just cannot get over her ability to rock any style! Straight? Of course. Beach waves? Easy peasy. Braids? No problem. She suits a variety of colours too; remember that red look she rocked in 2011? I wonder how one person can experiment with their hair so often and never get it wrong.

There are a lot of celebrities out there who are blessed with a loyal following but don’t actually use it for the best, Leigh Anne is different story. Little Mix have a dedicated fan base who will jump as soon as the girls say jump, they could quite easily take over the world with their army of Mixers but, instead, use them to change the world for the better and make people happy. Leigh, for example, uses her Instagram account to promote her sister’s business to help her make a living doing what she loves. Can I use the term ‘sister goals’ here? Leigh also uses her fame to look after those closest to her, by taking her friends and family on holidays and treating them every once in a while. But it isn’t just her nearest and dearest who Leigh Anne goes out of her way to make feel special. There isn’t a day that goes by where she doesn’t do something to make her Mixers smile. It may just be something as simple as replying to their Tweets, or it could be something bigger like stopping to take photos with them on the street, despite being in a hurry. Whatever it is, Mixers’ happiness is always at the forefront of Leigh Anne’s mind and she understands that the little things mean a lot to them. Therefore, she takes time out of her day to make sure they know how grateful she is for what they do and to carry out random acts of kindness for the people who dedicate their lives to her. Leigh Anne could have, quite easily, become one of those celebrities who ignore their fans. I’m sure you know a few. They say thanks every now and again when they’re on stage but, other than that, they often refuse autographs, run away from them in the street and come across as conceited in interviews. On the other hand, you have Leigh Anne who doesn’t stop thanking her fans, telling them how much she loves them and doing things she doesn’t have to in order to make them happy. Fame has by no means gone to her head and I reckon she’s one of the most down to Earth popstars out there. A lot of people could learn a thing or two from Leigh.

There is an endless list of reasons why I love Leigh Anne Pinnock and even more why I believe she is an inspiration. Leigh Anne has worked exceptionally hard for years to get to where she is today. She didn’t let ‘no’s knock her down, instead, she used them to help her come back fighting. She is proof that dedication and determination will always give positive results. It may take some time to get to where you want to be, but stick at something and be passionate and it will all be worth it. Leigh Anne is a true talent who needs to be treasured more than she is. The nation needs to sit up and recognise her vocals, take notice of her slick dance moves and realise how generous she is. Leigh Anne is a kind heart, a beautiful human being, both inside and out, and certainly worthy of being the idol she is to many teens around the world. She encourages everyone to love themselves for who they are, feel confident in their own skin, wear what they want to wear, do the things that make them happy, work hard but not take life too seriously and appreciate those around you. Just like her tattoo says, all you need to do is ‘believe.’

I would definitely put our lovely little Leigh on the list of today’s most admirable celebrities. She is the real girl next door, almost like a sister to her fans, and I reckon the world would be pretty miserable without her. Leigh Anne Pinnock, thank you for your existence.

What do you love most about Leigh Anne? <3

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. This post was so beautiful to read Emily! I adore Leigh Anne so much, she is such a beautiful person inside and out. This was such a great article to read, it really was!

    Mollie Quirk xxx - www.theperksofmolliequirk.blogspot.com

    1. Ah thank you ever so much, Mollie! Isn't she just amazing?? :')

      Thanks so much for reading!! Xx