Just Some Thoughts I Had About How Life Is Art...

I'm a deep thinker and so love to spend hours contemplating life. I recently had some 3am thoughts about how I believe everything in existence is a form of art and so thought that I would share them with you, perhaps you feel the same!
Don’t you think that everything in this world is a masterpiece? Just take a second to think about it. Isn't life just art? Honestly, everything fascinates me. I just think that everything about everyone and every place, every situation, it’s all art.
Your emotions are art. The exhaustion you feel when you wake up on a Monday morning. How relaxed you feel when lying in a hot bath. How emotional you feel when your favourite character dies in a movie. What you say is art. The way you talk about the love of your life. The things you say when explaining your political views. Your motivational speeches to friends who are feeling down. The way you look is art. The dark circles underneath your eyes. Your freckles that come out in the Summer. The way your tummy wobbles or your ribs stick out. What your think is art. Your thoughts about your crush which they will never know. Your thoughts you have whilst daydreaming in class. Your thoughts whilst listening to your favourite music. Your little quirks are art. The way you refuse to walk over grids in the street. The way you have to double check your front door is locked three times before leaving. The way you bite your nails when you’re nervous. How you act is art. The way you always hold doors open for people. The way you give old people your seat on the bus. Even just the way you make a family member a cup of tea without them asking. The weather is art. The days it’s so cold you can see your breath. The days it’s sweltering hot you just want to bathe in ice. The days it’s so windy your hair blows into your mouth. Your home town is art. Even if you hate it. The graffiti on the houses. The weeds in the grass. The local pub which is always noisy at 3am. Everything about you is art. Your handwriting. How you dress. What’s on your weekly shopping list. How you decorate your bedroom. The way you softly snore in your sleep. The way you walk. Your accent. The way you hold your cup when drinking. The way you open your curtains in a morning. The way you style your hair. 
All of the things that exist in the world are here for a reason, no matter how big they are. These little things which I believe to be art may not seem like art to you, because they aren’t an old painting or a fancy statue or a piece of pottery or a detailed drawing. But they are art. Because they are unique, they make the world what it is, they are all part of who we are and how we live our lives. Without the quirky personality traits of each being, without speech, without our internal monologues, without the weather, without emotions, without scenery, the world would not work in the way it does. To contribute towards the teleological argument, William Paley compared the world to a watch. His analogy was that, if he were to stumble across a watch lying on the ground, he would be able to draw some conclusions from it. He would know it could not have come about by accident, like a stone for example, he would know it had to have been produced by a creator, the watchmaker, and so he linked this to the universe. The universe, like a watch, is of intricate design, and so could not have come about by accident, meaning there must have been an intelligent designer behind it. Whether you want to relate this to religion or not doesn't matter, however, like Paley said, the universe has been made so detailed, like that watch, and if one part were to be missing, the watch and the universe would not function properly. A watch is a very complex, magical piece of machinery, like the world. Each watch in existence has been created by someone and the world has been intricately designed to, by whoever or whatever you choose to believe, and that something or someone has made everything here a form of art.

To me, the fact that we exist is art in itself. We are all here, living in a moment that many didn’t make it to. We are all breathing, many of us are walking and talking, many of us have the ability to make decisions for ourselves. The way we are moving around this planet right this second is a form of art. It wasn’t produced by Van Gogh and not everything took years to create, but, to me, life is art. Art that we ought to appreciate a little bit more instead of criticising it. Instead of spending our lives admiring beautiful paintings and praising them, why don’t we look a little closer to home and appreciate the art that is right here at our fingertips?

Love, Emily :) xx

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