My Favourite Movie Scenes Of All Time

In this post I am sharing with you my favourite movie scenes of all time. I will admit, it was difficult to narrow it down, however, I have taken ones from some of my all time favourite movies that I fall in love with all over again each time I watch them. There are also some scenes from some films which I may have only watched once or twice but these scenes in particular really struck a chord with me and are the scenes that stick in my mind most from the entire film.
Each time I rewatch these scenes, they either always make me laugh harder than before, cry harder than before, make me smile harder than before or give me even more goosebumps. So, without further ado, let us get into the scenes. I hope you love them as much as I do! Some of these clips contain strong language, just as a warning. :)

The Dancing Prime Minister // 'Love Actually'

Just to forewarn you, there are going to be three 'Love Actually' scenes in this post as, not only is it my favourite film of all time, but they just do iconic scenes incredibly well! The first is the classic dancing Prime Minister. Anyone who says that watching Hugh Grant dancing around number 10 to 'Jump' hasn't been the highlight of their existence so far has got to be telling a little white lie. I always wonder what goes on behind that black door on Downing Street and like to entertain myself by imagining that it is something like this. This scene really is just brilliant. Such typically British humour too. I mean, I know everyone has their own idea of utopia, however, personally, mine would be living in a peaceful world with Hugh Grant as Prime Minister. This scene never fails to put a smile on my face.

Christmas Cards For Juliet // 'Love Actually'

I feel like this scene really takes 'relationship goals' to a whole new level and blows all the soppy Instagram captions and cute Tumblr snaps out of the water. It is a scene which both melts my heart and gives me goosebumps each time I watch it as it was so simple, yet beautifully shot. Despite the fact that, sadly, things like this don't tend to happen in real life, it was a really unique idea. It was a truly magical way to show someone confessing their love for another person who is already taken and they know they can't have, rather than having them shouting at one another or being romantically involved. It shows them accepting things as they are and understanding that they need to let go. No words needed to be spoken as the characters' facial expressions are enough. This honestly was genius, in my eyes.

Jamie Proposes To Aurelia // 'Love Actually'

Throughout the film, we get to watch the relationship between this unlikely couple blossom until the inevitable happens. This scene, once again, is really simple, yet is so unique and portrays a different way of asking someone to marry you. Despite the fact that Jamie and Aurelia are surrounded by people, they only have eyes for each other. This scene is especially romantic as we learn the two characters have attempted to learn the other person's language in order to communicate with them. I use the word 'attempted' as, of course, some mistakes were made, but that just adds humour and makes the scene more realistic. Add a bit of soppy music in the background and you've got me covered, head to toe, in goosebumps!

Julia Is Dragged Away // 'Third Person'

I was unable to find the full clip of this scene, but the video shows most of it and I think you probably have to watch the whole movie to really feel and understand what is going on. Julia confesses to hurting their child, after speculation, to her ex, as she is not allowed to see him, although then admits she lied after he still refuses to let her visit, despite owning up to what he did. Julia is then dragged out by the father of her child by her legs towards the elevator and her son comes running, climbing into the elevator before his father can grab him. This scene breaks my heart every single time as I think it is truly acting done to perfection. The way the music takes over the sound of her screams and everything is in slow motion makes me so emotional and, especially as, throughout the film, Julia is a character you really sympathise with, this scene just makes my heart break for her even more. In my opinion, 'Third Person' is one of the most beautifully crafted movies in existence and this scene always sticks out as the best. It really is painful to watch.

You Are The Music In Me // 'High School Musical 2'

Do you ever hear a song and thin "Ugh, I wish I had written that!" because I do with this one! Yes it's a Disney movie, but this song is lyrically, so beautiful and the scene that accompanies it is practically perfect. First of all, I think "You are the music in me" is such a magical phrase alone yet Troy and Gabriella's love for one another really becomes clear as they perform it. They may be singing it for Kelsea, but, ultimately, are singing it for each other and anyone who tries to claim their heart doesn't want to burst and their eyes don't fill with tears when they watch this is watching it wrong. I also love how the couple's friends join them for the chorus at the end, showing how music is in all of us and brings us together. Troy and Gabriella are almost in their own little world during this duet and I think it is one of my favourite HSM moments.

Can I Have This Dance? // 'High School Musical 3'

Oops, another 'High School Musical' clip, how did that slip in there? Although, technically, this is from the third movie so it's allowed. 'Can I Have This Dance?' is probably my favourite HSM song and I always think it is underrated! Not only are the lyrics stunning, ("It's like catching lightning, the chances of finding someone like you...") but the scene in which it is played is exactly how it should be. Troy and Gabriella are, once again, lost in their own world, dancing on the College rooftop, knowing they shouldn't be there but not caring because they only want to be with each other. The choreography is gorgeous and the rain at the end is just the cherry on top. I always find I have a massive smile on my face whenever I watch this and don't realise until the end! It really makes you fall in love with Troy and Gabriella's relationship for what, the hundredth time? Haha! Also, it always baffles me how Vanessa Hudgen's dress didn't blow up whilst she was filming this!

"It's Already Done" - The Ending // 'The Call'
WARNING: If you haven't seen this movie, DO NOT WATCH THIS CLIP, as it will spoil the ending!!

'The Call' is one of my favourite movies as I have never watched something that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire way through. The ending is probably the most satisfying movie ending I have ever come across. Don't you hate it when a movie leaves you wanting more or feeling annoyed because justice was never served for the characters? Well, this one was quite the opposite. The villain got exactly what was coming to him and the victims got the last laugh. The last line of the film is sure to be the one that sticks out, the infamous, "It's already done," which was previously said in the film and you will understand the relevance of it once you watch it. I also love how this scene portrays the victims. They walk out with their heads held high and are the perfect representation of two absolutely bad-ass women!! 

"I Was Perfect" - The Ending // 'Black Swan'
WARNING: If you haven't seen this movie, DO NOT WATCH THIS CLIP, as it will spoil the ending!!

As well as loving an ending which gives me answers, I am also a sucker for a good ambiguous ending which leaves me with an open mouth, demanding more, which is what 'Black Swan' provides. I believe it to be one of the most beautiful films ever made, as the story behind it is so heartbreaking and it really does get you thinking. If you really look deep into the ending of the film, you can come up with so many different explanations. The final line, "I was perfect," shatters my heart every time I hear it, as the film tells the tale of the ballet dancer who was willing to do anything to be considered 'enough,' and it shows the detrimental effects the constant desire to be perfect can have on both your emotional and mental state, as well as your happiness. The audience get to witness a beautiful dance routine, filmed from clever camera angles to show the viewpoint of the dancer, and then the music slows and slow motion kicks in, creating a really significant moment as she falls onto the mattress. You don't need to be interested in ballet to watch and love this film, it's a little harrowing, yes, but it is truly insightful and is sure to make you emotional if you watch it correctly.

The Fight Scene // 'Bridget Jones's Diary'
Yet another absolute classic, starring two of my favourite actors, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. This fight was inevitable throughout the whole film but, when it actually happens, it is better than you could ever expect. I love this film because, despite it being violent, it is comedy gold and I love how accurate it is! A lot of movies show fights as being very between very muscly, aggressive men who punch each other and can easily flip the other one over with one hand, but we all know that isn't how fights really pan out. The one in Bridget Jones is far more realistic as it shows how people actually fight, grabbing each other in the face, pushing, kicking the other person like a bit of a wimp, with a bunch of spectators standing at the side, encouraging the fight to continue, even though they have absolutely no idea what's going on. They just want to see a fight. Plus, the interruption of singing 'Happy Birthday' and 'It's Raining Men' in the background makes this scene all the more comical.

Just A Girl // 'Notting Hill'

Apologies if you are sick of High Grant at this point. This scene is another beautiful one and the dialogue in it has been incredibly written. It is a sad scene, though, showing the price some people may pay for fame and how they are perceived differently by outsiders, unable to have a shot at happiness because people don't want all the other stuff that comes with the relationship. Hugh Grant's character explains how is feels he is unable to be with Anna due to her career, by using some very well chosen words. Anna then shows her vulnerability and how she really is no different to him by responding with the iconic line "I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her," before the pair stand in silence and she leaves. Heartbreaking would be such an understatement.

First Kiss // 'Bandslam'

Plucking up the courage to kiss someone for the first time is never going to be easy, which is portrayed ingeniously in this scene from 'Bandslam.' Will Burton had, previously, been given some advice from his friend Charlotte on what to do when making the first move to kiss a girl, such as starting with a strand of hair and caressing her face. His nerves get the better of him though and things go horribly wrong for Will, after he knocks of Sa5m's hat, pets her and throws her book away. It does, however, end happily as the pair kiss and agree to go on a date, however, I just love the way we get to hear Will's internal monologue as it shows what is really going through some teenage boy's head during their first kiss. For example, "She's wearing a hat!" just makes me laugh every time. It's such a relatable yet feel good scene at the same time.

Court Scene // '17 Again'

Oh hey again, Zac Efron. I love '17 Again' for it's comedy but this scene is an emotional one and has to be one of the best parts of the movie, plus, it's significant for Mike's wife as she has a little lightbulb moment. Seeing him read the 'letter' aloud is heartbreaking enough, his tears making it even more upsetting, but as you realise there was no letter and he was just making it up on the spot, your heart is sure to melt. I think how romantic this scene is is underrated. Mike remembers every detail of Scarlette and the situation in which they met, down to what she was wearing, and says some very beautiful things about her whilst confessing his love for her. Everything is from memory. Any movie with Mr Efron in is bound to be a feel good one, but this scene always stands out to me and showcases his acting ability.

There was certainly a bit of everything in this blog post! I mean, where else would you find Disney movies such as 'High School Musical' and then thrillers like 'The Call' all in the same place? Haha!

I'm so intrigued to know what your favourite movie scene of all time is! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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