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I have decided that I would happily pay a substantial amount of money to be in the middle of a One Direction group hug. Whenever the boys have a group hug, the internet pretty much shuts down and every 1D fan loses every ounce of chill they've ever had. Like, for real, 1D group hugs give me chest pains....but the best kind of chest pains!
There is no denying that One Direction group hugs are the cutest things in the world and they just prove that they still have such a strong bond after all these years. So, in honour of 1D's sixth birthday, I've put together a list of my top six group hugs of theirs. These boys are still like brothers, even after spending more than half of a decade together, so it seemed only right to celebrate their unbreakable connection which a bunch of adorable hugging snaps! ENJOY! I hope your heart doesn't melt too much...

VMAs 2012
I can't believe how long ago this was already! The boys' first VMAs only seem like yesterday! This group hug was a special one as it was the boys' first time winning a Video Music Award, (little did they know there would be more to come) and it was at the start of their career, so they were still so new to the whole thing and were utterly overwhelmed to even be at the ceremony, let alone perform and then win! Louis and Liam also brought their girlfriends along and we got to see the proud smiles on their faces when their boys won. This moment is always one which the boys refer to as a pivotal one, and it makes me feel like a proud parent when I look back on it!

Zayn's last concert

This group hug was the last one we will probably ever get of all five boys, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn. It was during their tour and, little did we know at the time, that it would be the last show they ever did together as a five piece. The boys themselves obviously knew during the concert that it was to be their last together, which all makes sense when you watch it back now and listen to their emotional speeches, and it makes the group hug a whole lot sadder. This one had to be included in this blog post as Zayn will always have a special place in my heart, whether he is a 1D member or not, and this hug is a beautiful one anyway.

The last show of the OTRA Tour

I remember the last show of the boys OTRA Tour so clearly! I was refreshing Twitter every five seconds, hoping for new photos and videos! It was their last concert before the hiatus so it was a truly emotional one for the crowd, the boys themselves, and even the fans who weren't there like myself, and yes, I was crying in my bedroom OKAY!? The boys ended the concert by hugging each other individually and with a good old group hug, causing the arena to erupt into screams and cheers. Every time I watch this back, it makes me incredibly emotional, as it was a little like them saying goodbye to one another for a while. 

Madison Square Garden

One Direction performed at the world famous venue, Madison Square Garden, in 2012, which is an amazing achievement considering they had barely been a band for two years at this point. Everyone in the fanbase was incredibly excited about this show, as it was something the boys had always dreamed of doing and we couldn't believe that we were seeing them on such an iconic stage. Of course, a concert as big as this couldn't not have a group hug in it now, could it? Obviously, the boys shared a brotherly moment with each other and you can just tell how proud they all feel and how happy they are to be sharing that stage with their closest friends.

The X Factor Final 2015

Along with the last OTRA show group hug, this one made me cry the most. The boys had just finished performing 'History' on The X Factor stage and it was their last performance ever, before the break began so a group hug only seemed fitting. This one brings a tear to my eye, even now, as the smiles on their faces due to everything they've achieved over the past few years and being able to end things on a high note really warms my heart. Also, just look at the way they all run to grab each other, the way they jump up and down, the way Harry grabs onto Liam's jacket so tightly and the way Louis pats everyone on the back. It's as if they never want to let go. I think it's safe to say that this hug finished pretty much all of us off!

The formation

I don't think I would be able to call myself a 1D fan if I didn't include this group hug. This wasn't just any group hug, it was the boys' first and was the first time they all shared a stage together. This was when they were formed at Bootcamp on The X Factor in 2010 and this hug always gives me goosebumps because A) the looks on their faces after being given a second chance of fulfilling their dreams is simply priceless and B) if this moment didn't happen, we would've missed out on the last six years of happy memories. It's impossible to imagine life without One Direction, right? 

Tell me what your favourite One Direction group hug was! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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