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You never really know what to expect when it comes to the members of 1D and Instagram. Literally, one minute Louis is posting an attractive selfie, the next he's posting a photo of a shrivelled up pancake. One minute Harry is posting about world tragedies, the next he's posting black and white pictures of mushrooms.
I do love all of their Instagrams, however, and my heart skips a beat whenever I get a notification that one of them has posted something...I know yours does too!
Harry's Instagram is rather hipster, most of his posts being in black and white, just the odd few being in colour, he loves cool photography snaps. He also loves to post pics of his favourite celebrities, nature, and some pretty random things too. Still no selfies though, *sigh.*
Louis, on the other hand, loves a good selfie! He's rather active on Instagram and loves to spring a selfie on us every now and again to keep us on our toes. He also posts adorable snaps of his son, Freddie, and documents what he's getting up to, whether that's appearing at events or partying.
Niall is pretty active on Instagram as well and is also partial to a selfie or two. Mr. Horan's Instagram does consist, mainly, of golf-related snaps, but he also treats us to pics with his friends and, of course, he's responsible for posting the group selfies with the other boys, which we have to thank him for.
Last but not least, we have Payno. Liam also likes a selfie too and always looks rather fabulous in them. He does, however, like to tease us by posting Snapchat selfies without telling us his Snapchat username - DAMMIT! Finally, Liam is also partial to a pic of his dogs or two and the odd random snap of his security guards.

Now that we've summed up what the 1D boys like to post on Instagram, let's take a look at my six favourite Instagram posts from them to celebrate the band's sixth birthday.

A photo posted by Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) on
This first post comes from Liam. He posted this after the press began to write stories about him gaining weight but, instead of responding to the headlines aggressively and letting them get to him, he chose to address the rumours in the best way possible. It was clear to the fandom that Liam was happy and healthy, but he totally sassed anyone who wanted to think otherwise by making a joke him being overweight. He shoved a pillow up his shirt and asked someone to pass him the cookie jar. Now, if that isn't pure brilliance, what is? This is just one reason why I love Liam Payne so much. He doesn't take too much notice of the negativity people choose to spread about him, instead, he rises above it and always has the last laugh! 

A photo posted by Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) on
It would be rude not to include this snap in this post, don't you think? This famous selfie was taken during the boys' concert in Milan, which was filmed for their 'Where We Are' Live Tour DVD and the footage of them actually taking this is in the film. There aren't many 5/5 selfies out there, however, this one has a special place in my heart and I love to see all of the boys looking so happy and united. Plus, it was taken whilst they were doing what they love. Also, this concert was a memorable one for everyone as it was when the crowd organised a project to hold up signs spelling 'we are 1D family,' and it took the boys' breathe away. The 'Where We Are Tour' was the first time the boys played stadiums and so it was a special time for us all.

A video posted by Niall horan (@niallhoran) on
Now, this one may be slightly biased as this video, posted by Niall, was taken at my 'Where We Are' Concert in Manchester, but it was one of the best nights of my life and this video always makes me smile. Every fan loves it when their favourite artists post about their concert in particular on social media, right? He took this video as the boys walked out to sing 'You & I,' and I love it as it shows what the crowd looks like from the boys' point of view. You may not be able to see each individual's face in the crowd, but you can hear the happiness in their screams and can see the thousands of flashes lighting up the stadium. I remember seeing Niall walk out holding his phone and the whole place went crazy! If any of you have ever been to a 1D concert, in a stadium or elsewhere, you'll know how incredible the atmosphere is and I just really like how a little piece of my happiness is stored on Niall's Instagram.

A photo posted by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) on
This was one of the first photos of Louis' son, Freddie, that the world got to see and don't you think it is utterly adorable? Once the fandom were aware that Louis had become a daddy, we were all eager to see photos of the lovely little boy and I think the internet pretty much exploded when he posted this one, as you can see from the number of likes this selfie has had! Louis becoming a father was, of course, a monumental moment in his life, and also in ours, and I love how he chooses to share little snippets of their time together with us. Also, we have to address the fact that he referred to Freddie as 'little lad,' I mean, that was just too adorable, right? This selfie is just the sweetest as not only does little Freddie look like the cutest baby on the planet, but Louis was just so overjoyed when he was born and it made me happy too. 

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We all love Harry Styles and his sense of humour and I think this Instagram post is pretty much Harry in a nutshell, haha! You may know the story behind this post and may have seen the photos prior to this being taken, of Harry actually creating that 'tumbleweed' himself, because he is a special cupcake who must be protected at all costs, okay? Harry and his random Tweets and Instagram posts never fail to but the biggest smile on my face and this one in particular always does. I just love this child. 

A photo posted by @harrystyles on
And last but never least, we have another Harry snap which he shared on the day that his older sister, Gemma, graduated with a science degree from university. This was a happy day for all as the Styles' clan were proud to share Gemma's special moment with her and 1D fans were treated to a bunch of happy Harry pics! The whole 1D family loves Gemma, always claiming that she is the 'better Styles,' and we love when Harry spends time with his family. Plus, this picture is just too sweet for words and, of course, there is some sibling rivalry going on with Harry sticking his tongue out and Gemma showing off her cap! Who else is totally in love with the Styles family? 

Which are your favourite 1D Instagram posts? This was so hard to narrow down, I could've gone on forever! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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