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To continue the celebrations of 1D's six year anniversary, I am going to talk you through my six favourite One Direction interviews. This was rather difficult to narrow down as, not only have the boys done a LOT of interviews, but I love every single one and love to binge watch them for hours on end. I managed to do it however, and I'm very happy with my choices.
No 1D interview is the same and there is sure to be a LOL worthy moment in each one, because they can't be serious for too long! The following videos always make me smile when I'm feeling down or make my smile even bigger when I'm already smiling, so I hope you love them too! ...Who am I kidding, of course you will! ;)

Interview with Telehit 

I'm pretty certain this will be near the top of everyone's list of favourite 1D interviews. Despite the fact that it only features three members, Niall, Harry and Liam well and truly make up for the other two being elsewhere by providing plenty of LOL-worthy moments. You can't help but feel for the poor interviewer in her leopard print dress, (which the boys seemed to love) who seemed rather lost in the chaos that was occurring! It did make for great entertainment, though, and the boys all had big smiles on their faces throughout, which is always great to see. Also, we just have to appreciate the fact that Niall has the best laugh in the world, right?

Breakfast with Chris Moyles

WOW,  this one seems like a lifetime ago, right? This was during the early days of 1D, before their debut album, 'Up All Night,' was even released and so the boys were constantly doing promotional interviews. I love the interviews from back in the day, especially this one. I also love when someone the boys clearly get along with and vibe off of interviews them so they can have banter and share jokes! This was such a funny interview and there is no denying that One Direction interviews over half an hour long make life a little bit better!

Liam and Harry with Sugarscape

It is sort of an unspoken rule in the 1D fandom that you just have to love Sugarscape, but it really isn't hard to love them. They've been there from the start and have interviewed the boys many times, they're interviews are always golden, however, I do love this one in particular. You can always rely on Sugarscape to provide a lot of laughs and, by getting Liam and Harry to play their fourplay challenge, they definitely did that. I love it when the boys play games in interviews, especially as it prevents them from being asked the same questions we could recite the answers to in our sleep. Sugarscape always know what 1D fans want, seeing as though they are fans themselves, and always deliver!

Alan Carr Chatty Man

This post would, by no means, be complete without one of the boys' interviews with Alan Carr, now would it? One Direction have appeared on Chatty Man four times in total and each interview has had me in stitches, they are definitely some of my favourites to watch, however, I do think their first appearance on the chat show was one of the best. I love Alan Carr anyway, but he always has the boys of One Direction cracking up and asks the best questions to really get them to dish the dirt! If you're ever feeling low, just watch one of these interviews and you will be cheered right up, especially by their dance offs!

The Jonathan Ross Show

I  remember when this interview aired and the whole fandom was utterly buzzing to see it. We watched it live and Tweeted along together whilst crying with laughter. The boys' first appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show was great, but this one allowed us all to enter the hiatus on a positive note, I reckon. The boys were all so smiley throughout and, I don't know about you, but I love nothing more than to see them laughing. I also do particularly love when they are interviewed on British TV chat shows, as everything just seems to be all the more hilarious. For me, Michael McIntyre seemed to make this interview, he and the boys bounced off of each other so well and he just kept the jokes coming! Jonathan also asked some questions which we've all wanted to know, which made us happy! I could watch this interview on repeat forever!

The Late Late Show

One Direction - The Late Late Show with James... by stavi0911 Of course, the boys' interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show just had to be mentioned, especially since Mr. Corden is pretty much royalty within the 1D fandom now. It was difficult to choose between the two times they appeared on the show, however, I went with this one as it was a long interview and featured the boys playing dodgeball...although their second Late Late Show appearance featured Tattoo Roulette so I'll let you choose which was the best! I have decided that One Direction and James Corden is one of my favourite combinations in life. He asks the questions we all want whilst being utterly hilarious at the same time, plus, the boys have a great relationship with him. This interview features the boys telling tour stories, making fun of each other and being grilled about the lyrics to their song 'No Control,' so what's not to love?

Let me know what your favourite One Direction interview is! I know it is hard to choose! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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