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1D have made a fair few music videos over the past six years and so it only seems right to reminisce on my favourites in honour of their six year anniversary. One Direction definitely don't do music videos halfheartedly. They love to push the boat out and make sure the video is the best it can be, even if it has absolutely no relation to the what the song is about.
Personally, one of my favourite feelings in the world is watching a new One Direction music video for  the first time, especially when you know to expect it and have been counting down the days for the past week. There's just something so special about watching their music videos for the first time, as you never know what to expect and, even if you think you do, you're always surprised by something else. When watching their videos for the first time, I never know where to look so the first viewing is always a bit of a blur, to be honest, as it usually just consists of me screaming, crying and shouting "OMG!!!" I will then proceed to replay the video for a good three weeks, focusing individually on each member. I always love, too, how the fans pull together to attempt to break the VEVO record for the most views in 24 Hours each time!

Here are six of my favourite One Direction music videos! 

Best Song Ever
I would definitely go as far as to say that I think this is the best music video the boys have ever made, and that's a bold statement to make. This came at a really happy time in the world of 1D, especially as their movie, 'This Is Us,' was close to the time of it's premiere, which I think we can all agree that this era was One Directions' 'prime,' if you will. So much work went into this video, what with the boys transforming into different characters with stage make-up, wigs and costumes, I mean Zayn even dressed up as a lady! This definitely deserved the VEVO record which it broke. This video just proves why I love 1D, they aren't afraid to make fun of themselves yet put so much effort into everything they do. This video could've been a movie in itself! Oh and who didn't love the little dance break in the final chorus, which featured all of our fave old dance moves? I think this is one of the best music videos in existence, no exaggeration. It was a truly unique concept and so funny too.

Drag Me Down
This video will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first video the boys shot as a four-piece and the song was, quite literally, an overnight success, which made me more proud than ever. This video, despite, at a first glance seeming to have no relevance to the song at all, is actually very fitting. The boys are singing about how, with the fans by their side, they will still be able to carry on, be successful and no one will be able to touch them as long as we all stick together. The video then shows them in a rocket, rising above all of the drama and hatred from the outside world. Quite clever really. Plus, they look adorable in spacesuits, right?

If any one you out there managed to watch this video for the first time without crying, you have some serious skills, my friend. I sobbed like a baby for the first one hundred plays! Nobody knew when the boys were going to drop this video, so the whole fandom was became more anxious as the day passed, especially as One Direction have a habit of dropping things in the middle of the night *coughs* Drag Me Down. When it was released, without warning, it didn't disappoint. I did have a feeling that the music video for 'History' would be a montage of the past five years and I knew it would make me cry, however, I was still totally emotionally and mentally unprepared! It really is a touching video and the fact that it is in black and white gives me all the more goosebumps! It was the perfect way to start the hiatus and allowed us and the boys, as a team, to reflect on what we have achieved since The X Factor days. It makes me so proud whenever I watch it because the things we have done really are unheard of and it's amazing how much the boys have grown as individuals and bonded as a band as time has progressed. This video has got to be up there with the best 1D videos ever. And, for once, the lyrics actually fitted with the visuals haha!

You & I
I always feel as though this was a video that never got the recognition that it deserved. Okay, it didn't have the highest budget and there wasn't a lot going on, but I think that's what makes it so beautiful. 'You & I' is such a simple, yet stunning, song and the video really does it justice without distracting from the lyrics, vocals or over complicating things. I also think they way in which it was shot and edited was really clever. I love how it just seems to be one continuous shot of the boys walking down the pier but they transform into one another as their solos come in. That was such a simple touch yet was pretty smart if you ask me. I've never seen that in a video before. The colours are all pretty neutral, the location wasn't anything particularly fancy, yet the end product was amazing. It just shows that the boys really can do anything.

Night Changes

Once again, a video which was almost overlooked. This video was pretty simple too, but it worked because the song is really romantic and relaxing to listen to. The concept behind this was also extremely unique and I've never seen anyone do anything like this with a music video. I love the idea of the boys including the fans in the video and making it look as though they are all on a date with them, the camera angles and editing are really smart, don't you think? The way they managed to make it look as though the boys were on a date with someone behind the camera, either eating dinner with them or ice skating, I reckon was so cool. Plus, the dates do all go wrong, which could perhaps have a deeper meaning behind it if you like to totally over analyse music videos the way I do haha! But it adds a sense of humour, which is what makes a 1D video a 1D video!

Story Of My Life
Finally, we have another original video which I think Ben Winston directed perfectly! I was fascinated whilst watching the behind the scenes video for 'Story Of My Life' as it was so interesting to see how it was shot. I love the idea of having the boys' families on set so they could see what life is like for them and it's also really lovely for them to have been part of a piece of their history. The concept of the boys recreating old family photos was genius and I was amazed at how impeccably it was done. Literally, everything from their outfits, facial expressions and even the little details in the setting, were all 100% accurate and I think it's obvious why the world fell in love with this video.

Which was your favourite One Direction music video? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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