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23rd July 2016 marks six years since One Direction were formed by the judges at Bootcamp of The X Factor in 2010, so I am doing six blog posts to celebrate, all of which will be based around the number six, because I'm just that witty.
To kick things off, we're starting with my top six, favourite, 1D performances. Now, the boys of One Direction have performed a hell of a lot over the past few years and have sang the same songs countless times, however, there are some performances which really stick out in my mind. I do love each and every performance of theirs and each live show always gives me the same goosebumps and puts the same, huge smile on my face, however, here are the six performances which I often rewatch and which have a special place in my heart.

'Torn' by Natalie Imbruglia Cover in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

This was one of the boys' final performances before their hiatus began and I remember watching the whole Live Lounge whilst live Tweeting it and Fangirling with the rest of the fandom. Artists usually do covers in the Radio 1 Live Lounge and the boys teased us by announcing they had a surprise up their sleeves for their set, leaving us all anxious for what it could be, especially as 1D "surprises" have a reputation of either being shocking or anticlimatic. This one, however, pretty much sent the fandom into meltdown. If you weren't aware, the first time One Direction sang together in 2010 was at Simon's judges home and this was the song they sung, so, to hear them sing it again almost six years later was a really special moment for us all. I cried a lot whilst watching this performance, especially as the song seemed to have so much more meaning behind it now. Not only were they singing it as a four-piece, but the first time they sang it was when they had no experience of the music industry whatsoever, yet the second time was after five years of touring, albums, awards and world records. To see them taking things right back to the start after such an incredible start to their successful career made me extremely emotional, not to mention the fact that they look and sound so much more mature now. For me, this is one of my favourite 1D performances to watch on repeat.

'History' on The X Factor UK Final 2015 

This one is impossible to forget. It was the boys' final performance before their sabbatical and so, understandably, made me cry. To be honest, they weren't even tears of "OMG THIS IS THE END OF 1D FOREVER!!" It was just a combination of everything from the past five years, all the memories, the happy times, the dramas, the special moments, it was as if we were just putting it all on hold for a while for the break and, for any fan of a band, it's obviously going to be emotional if you know you are watching your idols sing together for the last time for a little while. It also made me emotional because, once again, they were taking things back to the start and singing on the stage they were formed on, plus, knowing the incredible things they have done over the past five years, it made me feel almost like a proud mother. 'History' was certainly the most fitting song for their last performance, to leave things on a high note for the fans, oh, but those fetus photos in the background during the song? I'm not sure whose bright idea it was but it well and truly sent me over the edge, haha! Finally, we have to mention the iconic group hug at the end and the smiles on all of the boys faces. All 1D group hugs are special, but this one was magical.

'Where Do Broken Hearts Go' with Ronnie Wood on The X Factor UK

When the boys sang this, we knew beforehand that they were to be joined by a special guest, but never really anticipated how special that guest would be...and it was only Ronnie Wood! I loved this performance, first of all, because I love 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go,' I would even go as far as to say it is one of my favourite 1D songs, plus, they only sang it live on tour as it was never released as a single, so it was a real treat to see them sing this on such an iconic stage. Also, the fact that they were joined by such a legend made me, once again, want to burst with pride, especially as their faces were filled with so much light, Niall's in particular as he got to play guitar with one of the greats and obviously Harry's, who we can all see went rather wild during this video...but wild stage Harry is the best! He is such a big Ronnie Wood fan and so to see my happiness perform with his happiness filled me with a whole load of happiness. This performance made a lot of people in the 1D fandom freak out and I was one of those people.

'One Thing' Acoustic
Everyone loves a 1D acoustic performance and I am sure many of you will agree that this is one of the best. We're throwing it back to the 'Up All Night' days now as the boys treated us to an acoustic version of their third single, 'One Thing,' which will always be an ultimate pop bop in my eyes. The boys were merely baby bean sprouts in the big wide world of music at this point and they had no idea what was to come, which is what makes me fall in love with this performance all over again whenever I watch it now. Also, we cannot deny the fact that the singing itself is beautiful and the acoustic version of the track really shows of their vocals. Isn't this just something you could fall asleep peacefully to?

'Wonderwall' by Oasis Cover
Now who remembers this little gem? I always love it when the boys sing covers of songs as not only are they amazing but they always select the best songs to cover. This one in particular was shot on the set of their first ever music video, 'What Makes You Beautiful,' so, again, we're throwing things right back to the start! I love this performance as, not only do their vocals sound tip top, but I just think it is an all round beautiful piece. It was shot on the beach and so the visuals of the waves and the sun shining brightly in the background, accompanied by the sound of a guitar and my favourite five singing a slow song just make the whole thing so peaceful. I find it so relaxing and, of course, it's always great to see Niall playing guitar! As this was shot right back in 2011, the boys are just literally a group of friends, hanging out on the beach, singing a few tunes and having a laugh and I reckon this is a really special moment, not to mention the fact that they have big smiles on their faces and the bond between them all is evident.

'One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)' BRIT Awards

If you watched this live, you will probably remember the BRIT Awards 2013 being a pretty great night for One Direction and the 1D fandom, as the BRITs always were. The boys released this song to raise money for Comic Relief, which they certainly did as it was number one in over sixty countries. The world fell in love with their version of 'One Way Or Another' and this performance was the highlight of the night. It was amazing to see the boys so happy on stage by winning awards and whilst performing, they jumped like crazy and got the whole audience screaming and on their feet. They really set the place on fire! Also, at midnight, once the ceremony was over, the boys just decided to drop the music video for 'One Way Or Another,' sending the whole of the internet into a frenzy, but it was the best kind of frenzy! This performance always makes me smile, especially knowing that the boys' families were there to support them and to know it was during a genuinely happy time within the fandom.

Let me know which are your favourite 1D performances! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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