Problems People Who Grew Up Shy Will Understand

Hands up if you were a shy child. *Waves both hands frantically in the air.* Don't worry, I can relate as I am still very much the introvert. Growing up shy can kinda suck, especially when you're surrounded by people who are outgoing, confident and simply cannot grasp the fact that you DON'T LIKE TO TALK TO PEOPLE AND YOU DON'T LIKE TO DO THINGS SOMETIMES.
So, I've compiled a list of things those of you who grew up shy should be able to relate to. And, if you were a shy kid and if you still are, don't worry about it! Not everyone is loud and not everyone fancies getting involved in busy activities all of the time, which is okay! The world would be a boring place if everyone was an extrovert, plus, quiet people tend to pick up on more of the juicy gossip than others. ;)

1) When you need to cough in class but have already coughed twice so have to hold it in so you don't draw too much attention to yourself

2) When your teacher says "You're really smart and you're doing really well, but you need to participate more in class"

3) When you're teacher is calling the register and you have to mentally prepare yourself before hand just to say the word "HERE"

4) When you finish your work but wait for someone else to finish and hand it in before you because you don't want to be the first to stand up

5) When you know the answer to a question but let someone else take the glory as you don't want to put your hand up

6) When the teacher says "If no one puts their hand up, I'm going to start picking on people" and you die about 1,000 times over inside

7) When you have to do group presentations and SPEAK IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS

8) When you answer a question in class and the teacher says "Speak up, I can't hear you!"

9) That moment when the teacher says "Okay, let's go around the class and we'll all introduce ourselves!"

10) When your teacher tells you to "pick a partner" or "get into groups" but you have no friends

11) When you go to someone else's house and they say "Would you like a drink?" but you say no when on the inside you are

12) Not understanding something in class but choosing to suffer in silence and then fail, rather than ask the teacher for help

13) Being in a group of loud people and finally saying something so they're all like "OMG YOU ACTUALLY TALK!"

14) Spending a good few minutes trying to pluck up the courage to say what you want to say in a group conversation but, by the time you do, the topic has already changed

15) When everyone in the class has to read out from a book so you count how many people are in front of you so you can mentally rehearse the paragraph you will be reading so you won't mess up

16) Having people assume that you are rude, just because you don't like to talk much

17) Going to the doctors' and when they say "So, what's the problem?" you just turn to your Mum so she can answer for you

18) Four words. Ordering food in restaurants.

19) Another two words. Family gatherings.

20) Seeing people in public who you think are pretty or whose outfits you like but being too shy to tell them so they end up never knowing

21) When you're with friends and then their friends come along who you don't know so you just sit there like

22) Having to put up with people saying things like "Just talk to people, it isn't that hard!"

Let me know which one you can relate to the most! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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