So You Don't Have Everything Figured Out? THAT'S OKAY!

There is a lot of pressure on everyone these days for them to have a clear plan of what they want to do with the rest of their lives, particularly young people. You go to primary school and it's all fun and games until year six when you have to sit tests. You then have to decide on a high school. Then, things start to get even more scary as you're forced to choose specific options. Then, it gets narrowed down further as you choose another set of options for GCSEs. Before even leaving high school, you have to decide which College you want to attend and which subjects you want to take.
Then, after that, you're pushed into deciding upon a university and one course to take for the next 3-4 years, before you've even completed your first year at College. After that, it's time for the world of work and, all of a sudden, you're supposed to have a job. From the age of around 15, youngsters are required to have a detailed plan of, pretty much, the next 10 years of their life. They need to know what career they want, where they want to study, where they want to live, then money comes into it and it's all absolutely terrifying. However, I just wanted to remind you that there really is no need to worry.
I know teachers, careers advisers, parents and people you've never met will be on your case 24/7, bombarding you with questions such as "Which university do you want to go to?" "Have you got a job yet?" "So what do you want to do when you leave school?" and so on and so on.

But, even if you cannot answer any of those questions and have no idea what you want to spend the rest of your life doing, it really isn't that much of a big deal.

Firstly, when it comes to choosing options at school and College, if you really are struggling to pick subjects that relate to your future career which you haven't decided on, simply go for the things you like. Even if you haven't thought about being an artist but you like art, choose art. If you aren't sure about being a scientist but like science, go for science. If you don't know if you want to be an accountant but you enjoy maths, choose maths. If you choose the subjects you genuinely enjoy, not only will it make your school life a lot more interesting, but it should also help you, gradually figure out the future. If you do what you love at a young age, things will slowly but surely start to click and you'll soon realise what you want to do. Don't just choose subjects that you aren't entirely sure about. If you have a plan and know what you want to do in the future, that's great, stick with the subjects you know you need. If not, just go with it and study the ones you think you'll have the most fun studying. You'll eventually have a light-bulb moment of "Hey, I really like this and I'm good at it. Could it be my job?"

Speaking of jobs, it is more  than okay to not know which one you want. I know that you're surrounded by people who are piling the pressure on but those people once felt the same and were in your position. For some reason, it's frowned upon to not have a 10 year plan at the age of 15 and I don't know why. Also, plans can change. Someone with a 10 year plan may get 5 years down the line and decide they, actually, don't want to do this anymore. But that is okay too! 15 is a young age and it's a time of discovering who you are as a person and your identity, sure, you'll sadly have to make some big decisions along the way, but use your teens as a time to experiment and find yourself, not to worry about adulthood. There's plenty of time to do that when you get there.
If you set out on a path to your future but aren't sure if it's the right one, don't worry, like I say, these paths can change and you can always go in another direction. You're young, we live in a time where you are free to experiment with the future. If something isn't for you, you can now do something about it. If something doesn't feel right or isn't making you happy and you know you want to try something else, even if that something else is entirely different and you have no experience with it, that's okay!! If there's a career you want yet you don't have the required grades, that's okay!! There are courses you can take, night schools and universities you can go to, training you can get. When you leave school,  that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to ever go back. Learning never stops and if you are determined to get something in life, you are allowed to work for it. And don't ever think "But what if it's too late? I can't go back to school at 35?" It is never  too late, okay? Honestly, don't panic. You have time!! Just do what you love until you know what you want to do. Besides, all  the best people don't have a clue what they're doing with their lives. They just go with the flow and then see what happens.

So, in a nutshell, you don't have to have your whole life planned out at a young age, truthfully, you never do. Trust me when I say you will figure everything out eventually and the people who are pressuring you to decide upon the rest of your life before you've had chance to live it don't even know what they want to do either. In reality, everyone's just going with it and seeing where they end up. There is plenty of time to change things if you want to change them. Even if you want to change your entire life, move to a new country with new people and do something you've never studied, it's possible to do that now.

Don't worry if you haven't got a clue what career you want and don't let anyone make you feel stupid for not knowing. Just do the things you enjoy and, soon enough, things will click.

"The best advice I’ve ever received is, ‘No one else knows what they’re doing either.'"
-Ricky Gervais 

Love, Emily :) xx

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