10 PLL Characters Who Would Shock Everyone If They Were Revealed As Uber A

Pretty Little Liars, as we know it, is drawing to a close, but we won't dwell on that because I know the thought of it breaks your heart just as much as it does mine. However, there is a positive which comes from this and that is that we're finally going to get some ANSWERS! Real ones!
The Liars have been tortured for the past six seasons by 'A' and the audience have enjoyed trying to solve the mystery of who this villain is along with the girls - even if it has been frustrating at times! There have been two 'A' reveals so far. We thought Mona was Big 'A' and that was it. We were wrong. We thought CeCe was the final 'A.' We were wrong. Someone else has been after the girls this whole time. 'A.D' is what they like to refer to themselves as, although they do go by other names such as A-moji and Uber A and, apparently, they are the mastermind behind everything - every text, every murder, every injury, every kidnapping, everything that has made the people of Rosewood's lives hell. As PLL comes to an end, the girls and us will finally find out who Uber A is and it could be anyone.
PLL loves to throw us off the scent and throw in a few red herrings to make it seem obvious who the villain is, although it's never who you think. So, I've put together a list of ten Rosewood residents who would shock the life out of us all if they were to be revealed as the ultimate Uber A!

Maya St Germain

Even though she was killed by her cousin, Lyndon, (who was then stabbed by Emily) many still have their theories about her still being alive. We all loved Maya and she was Emily's first real love, so why would she want to make her life a living hell? And how would she have been able to stay alive and hidden for this long? Could you imagine the shocked look on the Liars' (and viewers') faces if the mask was removed and Maya was behind it? She was always a mysterious character who we never found out much about and we didn't ever see her family...

Alex Santiago

Remember Spencer's Season one boyfriend, Alex? The tennis dude? He isn't mentioned anymore and the last we saw of him was when an 'A'nonymous application for a tennis job in Sweden was sent off with his name on it, despite him making it clear he didn't want the job. He thought it was Spencer and so walked out on her at Hanna's Homecoming party. What if he's been plotting and scheming this whole time and is planning to unmask himself this Summer? Besides, he did once create 'The Bitch Board,' a nasty prank which he used to poke fun at customers who were rude to him, including Melissa. Although, I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't even recognise him if he were to return!

Sean Ackard

Ahh, Hanna's ex-boyfriend! Sean was always portrayed as being a bit of a goody two shoes, but could that all been a facade and has he secretly been stalking Hanna and her pals all this time? Did he really go off to boarding school or was he in Uber A training? Perhaps he still holds a grudge over Hanna dancing with Lucas or her crashing his car. Besides, he does come from a wealthy family and so certainly has the funds to pull off some of A's biggest tricks. He was friends with Noel Khan too, who we all know is a bit of a baddie.

Ted Wilson

Probably the least likely Uber A of the entire cast but it's amusing to imagine. Ted is engaged to Ashley Marin, (something which I always forget) meaning he would have access to all the information on Hanna he could need to torture her. Plus, he's a Pastor and so would have had reason to be in the church the night Charlotte was killed. I won't lie, if Ted was revealed as Uber A, I think I might actually faint from laughter. Wouldn't it be just classic if, after all this time, when Uber A is revealed, behind the mask was Ted, the grey haired guy in his fifties?

Jackie Molina

Who remembers Jackie? She is Ezra's ex-fiance who always wanted to get back with him, despite being the one who ended their relationship in the first place. She always seemed shady and had it in for Aria and, despite later admitting that she no longer had feelings for Ezra, can we be sure that is true? Or was she just saying the to throw Aria off the scent? Could she be trying to ruin Aria and the girls' lives in a bid to get back with Mr. Fitz? She is also an expert in psychology and so knows how the brain works. She's a smart cookie.

Meredith Soreson

Meredith is Byron, Aria's Dad's, ex girlfriend, who he had an affair with. She also worked as a substitute teacher at Rosewood High. Meredith is one of Aria's least favourite people, and there are probably many people she dislikes so props to Meredith to making it to the top of the list. She is aware of Aria and the girls' dislike for her and did have mental health issues. She once locked Aria in the basement of the Montgomery house, which could have been simply a taster of what was to come?

Pam Fields (of course I had to include this iconic GIF)

Emily's Mom is probably one of the sweetest people on the show, she always wants the best for her daughter and is up for a good time, however, could this all be a cover? Perhaps her grief over losing her husband was too much so she needed something to take her mind off of it, AKA becoming Uber A. Her husband's former occupation would also mean that she could have access to weapons? Plus, Pam does know how to make an enemy. But why would she want to torture the girls? Does she find them responsible for what's happened to Emily? Is she still mad over the fact that a car was driven into her living room?

Kate Randall

Did anyone really like Kate though? Probably not. She is Hanna's stepsister who always had it in for her, even admitting once that she wanted to make her life miserable, before she was exposed. She's well educated and certainly has her wits about her and so wouldn't struggle to pull off A's master plans. Maybe she's still annoyed over the fact that Caleb told her she had "back fat" in her Bridesmaid dress, although that was a pretty epic scene.

Toby Cavanaugh

There are bound to be theories out there about Toby being the Big Bad, however, I think we would still all be shocked and rather heartbroken if he turned out to be the guy behind all of this! Spencer's first serious relationship was with Toby and he's pretty much been there for the girls through it all. However, let's not forget that he was shady in the first couple of Seasons and even worked for Mona whilst she was A and so surely picked up a few tips and tricks from her. He also works for Rosewood PD and so will have access to pretty much any kind of information on anyone he could ever want information on. Plus, he's formed a close relationship with all of the girls, meaning they'd have no reason to suspect him.

Holden Strauss

Remember this guy? Holden is an old friend of Aria's as Byron was friends with Holden's father. But why would Charlotte's murder concern him so much that he would want to torture the girls in revenge for it? Well, you never know with this show! Plus, we do know he has a violent streak as he takes part in martial arts, against his parents' wishes due to his heart condition. Maybe he's suddenly developed a crush on Aria and just has a funny way of showing it...

Which Uber A reveal would shock you the most? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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