Compliments That Aren't About Physical Appearance

It's always nice to receive compliments. Sometimes, even the smallest can absolutely make your week. However, not every compliment has to be about somebody's appearance. Sure, it's great to tell someone that they're pretty or that they have nice hair or that you love their figure, but perhaps try to dish out some other compliments! The compliments about someone's personality, their talents or their little quirks can be so much more meaningful.
Everyone notices what you look like and has an opinion on it, but not everyone notices how beautiful your handwriting is or how infectious your laugh is and, if they do, they don't always tell you. So, make it your mission to try to say nice things to people that aren't just regarding what they look like.
Struggling to think of some? Don't worry, I've got you covered. Here's a bunch of things that you can say to somebody to put a smile on their face which they may not hear all that often...

1) I love your handwriting
2) You're such a good listener
3) You have great taste in music
4) You mean a lot to me
5) You're really understanding
6) I love your accent
7) You're so strong
8) You have so much confidence
9) I wish more people were like you
10) I'm so happy you exist
11) Your laugh is really contagious
12) You inspire me
13) You are a great singer
14) You're so talented at....
15) You give great hugs
16) I hope my children grow up to be like you
17) I love how you text back straight away
18) You have such a refreshing outlook on life
19) You always see the good in people
20) I've missed you
21) I'd give you my last piece of chocolate
22) I would trust you with my passwords
23) You're always great to talk to
24) You always know how to cheer me up
25) You make great cookies
26) I wish I could write as beautifully as you
27) I love how passionate you are
28) I just really like being in your company
29) I hope we know each other for a really long time
30) I love how happy you are when you talk about the things you love
31) I hope you get to meet your favourite celebrity one day
32) You're so funny
33) You're going to achieve your dreams one day
34) You're such a good drawer
35) I'm really proud of you
36) You should love yourself a little bit more
37) Anybody is lucky to have you
38) You deserve to be happy
39) I've never met anybody like you
40) You have a beautiful soul
41) You inspire me to become a better person
42) You're really creative
43) You give the best advice
44) You're the best cook I've ever known
45) You take such good photographs
46) I wish you would accept compliments because you deserve them
47) You're just really awesome to be honest

Try to dish some of these out tomorrow! <3

Love, Emily :) xx