100 Ways To Deal With Stress

Stress. A six letter word which can cause heart palpitations simply by being said out loud. Its an emotion we all feel because we're human at the end of the day. Just in case you wanted to know, stress is caused when you encounter a potential 'threat' and your hypothalamus, at the base of your brain, sets off an alarm system in your body. Through nerve and hormonal signals, this system prompts your adrenal glands, at the top of your kidneys, to release a surge of hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline increases your heart rate, blood pressure and boosts energy supplies. Cortisol is the primary stress hormone and it increases glucose in the bloodstream, enhances your brain's use of glucose and increases the availability of substances that repair tissues. Ahh, science eh?
Stress is all relative and so a class test may not seem like a big deal to you but could be the equivalent of representing their country in the Olympics to somebody else. We all have different things that make us feel sad, happy and that make us laugh, just like the way we all have particular things that stress us out. They may relate to school, work, home life, health, family, whatever it is, we are all destined to go through stressy patches. Therefore, I thought I would compile a list of one hundred things that you can do to help take the edge of when you feel as though your head is on the verge of explosion. These are all tiny things but I'm hoping that at least one of them will work. So, next time you find yourself feeling stressed and worried, perhaps it'll be in exam season, perhaps it'll be when you're buying Christmas presents or it could simply be when you're cooking dinner tomorrow, just take yourself out of the situation for a moment and try one of these things to help you cope with things a little better.

  1. 1.       Go for a walk
    2.       Play with your dog
    3.       Bake some cookies
    4.       Bake a cake
    5.       Make a smoothie
    6.       Have a bath
    7.       Get a massage
    8.       Paint your nails
    9.       Book an appointment at the hairdressers
    10.   Text a friend
    11.   Go shopping
    12.   Go to the gym
    13.   Finish your homework
    14.   Read a book
    15.   Take a selfie
    16.   Send a Tweet
    17.   Watch some YouTube videos
    18.   Watch a funny film
    19.   Just go and sit somewhere where it is totally silent
    20.   Call a parent
    21.   Arrange to go out for a meal
    22.   Write a letter about how you feel
    23.   Contact someone you haven't spoken to in years
    24.   Buy a present for someone
    25.   Do your make-up
    26.   Do yoga
    27.   Eat ice cream
    28.   Look back through old photos
    29.   Dance around your kitchen
    30.   Talk to a stranger
    31.   Have a cuddle
    32.   Tidy your bedroom
    33.   Read some terrible jokes
    34.   Look up at the stars
    35.   Learn to whistle
    36.   Take up a new hobby
    37.   Apply for a job
    38.   Read poetry
    39.   Write poetry
    40.   Smell flowers
    41.   Listen to a podcast
    42.   Reread your favourite children's book
    43.   Watch cartoons
    44.   Build a fort
    45.   Go on a picnic
    46.   Declutter your wardrobe
    47.   Visit your Grandparents
    48.   Play games with toddlers
    49.   Do some gardening
    50.   Go on a long drive
    51.   Go to the beach and just sit on the sand
    52.   Start a blog
    53.   Make silly facial expressions in the mirror
    54.   Try on ridiculous outfits that could never match
    55.   Give somebody a compliment
    56.   Read up on interesting facts
    57.   Educate yourself about the Universe
    58.   Tell someone you love them
    59.   Just frantically bash your fingers across your computer keyboard and type nonsense
    60.   Go and vent to someone
    61.   Kiss your partner
    62.   Play a prank
    63.   Plan what you're going to do tomorrow
    64.   Ask someone to tickle you
    65.   Go to the library
    66.   Start learning a new language
    67.   Plant some seeds
    68.   Do some DIY
    69.   S T R E T C H
    70.   Doodle
    71.   Take a nap
    72.   Take another nap
    73.   And another
    74.   Put your pyjamas on
    75.   Put a new airfreshener in your car
    76.   Play your favourite sport
    77.   Listen to opera
    78.   Go to the theatre
    79.   Book the doctors'/dentist appointment you've been putting off
    80.   Change your bed sheets
    81.   Rearrange your furniture
    82.   Look up and memorise synonyms for commons words
    83.   Daydream
    84.   Talk to yourself
    85.   Paint
    86.   Plan a spontaneous holiday
    87.   Pay your bills and sort out your finances
    88.   Smile
    89.   Look UP and AROUND you
    90.   Do something you've never done before
    91.   Learn to knit
    92.   Film yourself talking about your emotions
    93.   Play with your own hair or get someone to do it for you
    94.   Take your make-up off
    95.   Then, rub your hands all over your face
    96.   Make a cup of tea (then drink it)
    97.   Order pizza
    98.   Leave some overnight
    99.   Eat it cold the next morning
    100.                        Close your eyes, count to ten, take ten deep breaths whilst thinking ten happy thoughts
Tell me which of these was your favourite and what little things you do to relieve stress! <3

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. This is SO helpful, Emily! I adore your articles so much - they are always so helpful!
    Lots of love from Mollie xxx | http://wwwtheperksofmolliequirk.blogspot.com

    1. Ah thank you, Mollie! You're the sweetest. Thank you so so much. Have a wonderful day! <3 xx