23 Reasons Why I Love Niall Horan

Niall Horan is probably one of the easiest people to love on the planet. There isn't a bad bone in his body and do let me know if you can think of one reason why I should dislike him as I shall take my hat off to you. Today, (13th September 2016) marks Niall's twenty third birthday, or, if like me you read that in Niall's accent, twenty turd. Sadly, this means he's another year older, a little closer to the big 30 and one year further away from the teen we watched on The X Factor back in 2010. It also means he is no longer eligible to sing along to '22' by Taylor Swift and probably has more facial hair. 

In celebration of Mr. Horan's 23rd, which should be a national holiday, I thought I would bring you a blog post containing twenty three reasons why I love him. And yes, this was as hard as you think because there are far more than twenty three...

1) He has a superb sense of style
I mean, there's no denying it, Niall knows how to dress. Whether he's keeping things casual in jeans an a tee, dressing sporty in a pair of neon trainers for the gym or putting on his finery for a red carpet event, he always gets it right. I guess you could say he NIALLS it. Get it, like 'nails it?' ....okay. Ever mind. But anyway, what I'm trying to say is that his style is incredibly underrated and he could probably style a bin bag to look good.

2) He has a laugh that could cure
Like seriously, you cannot fight me on this one. I think we can all concur that Niall Horan probably has one of the greatest laughs in existence. Granted, 99% of the time he's laughing for no reason of doesn't even know what he's meant to be lashing at, he's just joining in with everyone else, but he has the perfect cackle which puts a smile on my face and cracks me up every. Single. Time. 

3) He puts everyone else first
It's always great to see people being just generally lovely, especially those in the public eye, and Niall is someone who always puts others' well being before his own. He's kind, charitable and goes out of his way to ensure everyone around him is happy, which I reckon is a pretty magical quality to have. 

4) He literally gets along with everyone
I've never come across anybody who has a bad word to say about Niall. Whether it's his band mates who he's known for years or someone he's just been served by in Starbucks, he always manages to form good relationships with everyone around him and they all always sing his praises. He's lovely towards anyone he meets, no matter the time of day, and it just goes to show how much of a GOOD person he is if everyone he stumbles upon manages to fall in love with him. 

5) He has a fabulous relationship with fans
Niall is active on social media and is constantly replying to fans or, if not, asking how everyone's day has been. He stops for photos and autographs in public, despite it sometimes being an inconvenience, he always ensures he expresses his gratitude during interviews and the One Direction fandom just know that he is there for them. Sadly, many celebrities are distant from their idols nowadays, but Niall makes sure that he maintains a close bond with the people who got him where he is today. 

6) He has things he's passionate about
Niall has many hobbies and I think we've established that there isn't anything he can't do. He loves to sing, write songs, play guitar but is also particularly passionate about golf and so invests a lot of his time into it. I think everyone deserves to have something that they feel enthusiastic about and I love seeing Niall so passionate about golfing as it clearly brings him a lot of joy. 

7) He writes some damn good songs
Speaking of Niall loving to write songs, he's extremely talented at it. He's penned some of the ULTIMATE 1D jams, such as 'Temporary Fix' and 'Never Enough' but also the deeper tracks such as 'Don't Forget Where You Belong' AKA the ultimate tear jerker. Personally, I really hope Niall never stops so g writing as I think he's got a real gift with it. He can do anything, the tracks you dance around your kitchen to but also the ones you cry in the shower to.

8) He's good with kids
Okay, this one had to be thrown into the mix. Don't even try and tell me that your heart doesn't melt whenever you see photos of Niall with little 1D fans! He's always on hand to make children laugh and you can tell that they feel at ease around him. UGH he's going to be such a good Dad one day. 

9) He's literally the biggest One Direction fan out there
...and he's proud of it! There's always an inside joke in the 1D fandom about Niall literally being obsessed with One Direction, but it's true! He is whole heartedly in this band and I truly believe he would never even consider leaving. I just adore seeing how in love he is with the whole concept of One Direction and I also love the fact that he makes me feel normal for being so obsessed with 1D - LOL.

10) His singing voice is like actual Heaven
It's the thing he's most known for...and rightly so! I'm so pleased that, over the years, Niall has finally been given more 1D solos as his vocals are a gift from the Gods. He can sing in that beautiful, soft voice that could send you to sleep, but also is also a master of those rough, rock and roll notes.

11) He always makes an effort to include international fans
Whenever he travels to other countries, Niall is always keen to pick up bits of the language and remember them to use them at home. He gets involved in the culture of the places he's visiting, sees the sights, tries the food and always seems genuinely interested in finding out more about his surroundings. I think that's amazing, especially as many people can be rather ignorant these days when they visit another country and don't seem to be bothered about learning anything new. 

12) He loves being Irish
Don't you just love seeing someone being so proud of their roots? Many people can't wait to get away from where they grew up, but I don't think I'll ever come across anyone more Irish than Niall. Like, he's 150% Irish. It makes me happy to see people to patriotic and Niall well and truly flies the flag for Ireland wherever he goes!

13) He makes the most of life
Niall's always up for an adventure and trying new things. He loves to explore and travel and really live life to the fullest, rather than choosing to spend all of his days off tucked up in bed. He doesn't waste a single moment and is an inspiration to everyone in that sense.

14) He's got a thick skin
Being in the world's biggest boy band, Niall has been on the receiving end of some pretty nasty comments and headlines. I'm not saying that they never get to him, however, he's learnt to deal with them maturely and has grown a thick skin to get to the point where negativity doesn't stop him from doing what he loves. He has learnt that people will talk no matter what you do and you can never be fully in control of what the press are going to write, so you may as well just get on with things and not take their lies to heart. A true example. 

15) He doesn't take life too seriously
Niall is a really hard worker yet likes to have fun too. He enjoys messing around and doesn't take himself too seriously. If he forgets his lyrics or says something he shouldn't, he doesn't dwell on it but instead takes it in his stride and moves on. 

16) He uses his large following for the good
I find that many people with large followings, especially on social media, today don't really use them wisely and instead ignore them or just talk about rubbish. Niall, on the other hand, is constantly Tweeting and Instagraming the world charities and giving a voice to causes that don't have one themselves. He Tweets his respect during times of hardship in the world and his social platforms are always a positve place.

17) He is respectful towards women
I mean, this should be a quality everyone has in my eyes, however it's always nice to see people being respectful towards the opposite sex. Niall doesn't objectify women, he treats them with care and kindness and always has good things to say about them. Plus, he doesn't write degrading song lyrics about women either!

18) He loves his food
A man well and truly after my own heart. Niall has never been one to say no to food and it's been clear from the very beginning that he has an appetite and a half, which I love. He just generally loves to eat, yet still always manages to remain in shape. TEACH ME YOU WAYS, HORAN!

19) He isn't perfect
Niall is always 100% himself. He doesn't pretend to be someone he's not or censor himself to protect his bubblegum popstar image, he never has. He knows he isn't perfect and that he has flaws, (although I'm still trying to find them) and embraces the fact that is isn't going to get it right all the time and that he doesn't look like a runway model, (okay that's a lie). He just focuses on the good in life rather than focusing on what he thinks is wrong with himself.

20) He's remained grounded
I think you'll all understand what I mean when I say that Niall Horan today is very much the same as the Niall Horan we met six years ago. Fame hasn't gone to his head, he isn't too big for his boots, instead, he's kept his feet firmly on the ground. Okay, he may buy his jeans from slightly more expensive shops than he used to, but his personality is still as loving as ever, he doesn't waste his money, he doesn't abuse his power, he's close with his family and he is extremely grateful to be in the position that he's in.

21) He is proof that dreams do come true and hard work pays off
Success wasn't handed to Niall on a plate. He had to endure the gruelling X Factor process and, even after leaving the show, things weren't all plain sailing. He has worked his way up to the top and deserves every success he has and every success that is surely yet to come. Even when the judges had their doubts about him during his first audition, he made it his mission to prove them wrong and fought for a place in the music industry. Niall is an inspiration to anyone out there with a dream because he came from the same background as you and I, and look where he is now.

22) He radiates positivity whenever he goes
I am a firm belieber in the fact that Niall Horan makes the world a happier place and that he is a true light to us all. He always has a smile on his faces, he focuses on the good and ignores the bad and he encourages everyone else to do the same. I think it'd be impossible to be miserable around him. 

23) He provides us with the 1D band selfies
Last but not least, Niall is the 1D selfie taker and, without him, we would have probably never got any 5/5 or 4/4 selfies and I don't want to think about what that would be like, thank you very much. Niall's on hand with the front camera to capture the bands' backstage, interview and rehearsal antics and uploads their selfies onto social media for us all to enjoy. What a time to be alive.

I hope that Niall's twenty third birthday was everything he could have hoped it to be and more and that it was filled with as much light as he puts out into the world. Niall, for everything that you are and everything that you do, thank you.

Be sure to let me know why you love Niall! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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