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Shoutout to all of the Instagram addicts out there! A group which I am 100% included in. I really enjoy using Instagram, not just because I enjoy being creative with my feed and posting my own photos, but because I also love following a variety of people and being fascinated with the little snippets of their daily lives that they choose to share. Some may call that stalking or creeping. Personally I just like to think of it as taking an interest, right?

It's great when you stumble upon a new Instagram account to follow, especially when it's something unique which you haven't seen before. Therefore, I'm recommending a bunch of Instagram users to you who you simply have to follow. They're all completely different so there is something for everyone in here. I hope you enjoy their accounts as much as I do and have fun scrolling right to the bottom of their profiles after following them. ;)


This guy and his team are probably the coolest people on the planet. He is definitely my favourite person to stalk on Instagram as its impossible to get bored of his account. He pretty much makes the impossible possible by creating magical content that will blow your mind. He's always got fresh ideas and he is unlike anyone else you will find on the Internet, I am sure of it. Whether you want to see toy helicopters being turned into real ones, people jumping through fences or clouds being plucked from the sky, this guy has got you covered. 


This is an account for anyone who finds satisfaction in the lamest of things or is a lover of anything aesthetically pleasing. 'Symmetry Breakfast' is run by Michael who posts photos of, you guessed it, symmetrical breakfasts made for him and his fiancé, Mark, and he shows how the most important meal of the day can be prepared with love and presented with style. If you are ever in need of some serious breakfast inspiration, he's got everything you could possibly need. He takes inspiration from both around the world and places right on his doorstep in order to create the most captivating creations. Additionally, Michael has a cook book on sale which looks incredible!


Ever wondered what Kim Kardashian would look like as Princess Jasmine or what Taylor Swift would look like as Cinderella? Well wonder no more. Greg is a photographer and illustrator who brings everyone's favourite Disney stars to life by placing their heads onto the bodies of our favourite celebrities. His work is exceptional and I am so glad that I have found his Instagram account. There really is no limit to where he can take his project, 'Animation in reality,' it's an extremely unique concept which I could scroll through for hours!


Sticking with the theme of creativity putting people's heads onto different bodies, (in the least gruesome way possible) let's talk about Joel Strong. He runs 'MyDayWithLeo,' an account on which he shares photos of paper celebrity heads on the bodies of regular, everyday people, hanging from his fingertips. (The heads, not the people). Once again, the idea that this satirical photographer has conjured up, to me, is brilliance! There's something rather entertaining about seeing Kanye West's head on the body of a random female in the street playing the violin...

If you ever fancy experiencing life through the eyes of National Geographic photographers, follow NatGeo. Their photos are extremely well loved as their page boasts almost sixty million followers and it isn't supposing as they have capitred some truly extraordinary things. From sea creatures to sunsets, from mountain tops to meerkats, these photographers will stop at nothing to get the best shots. Their page truly is a place of wonder and I'm often left in awe at the beauty of their images. Each one tells a story and always gives me serious wanderlust!

Even if you aren't all that interested in history, you'll love this account, as it shares both the most powerful and entertaining moments in history through pictures. Their profile contains snaps of The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, piano playing soldiers and past presidents and from all different eras, the 1960s, 80s and wartime. I love this account so much and I think it one of the most interesting Instagrams I've ever come across. 

Reza draws comics and they always put a smile on my face. He illustrates everyday situations, such as the struggle of having autocorrect on your phone, but also creates some bizarre comics which can be rather random but they are entertaining none the less. This man has a real creative streak and his ideas seem to be never ending!


I love a good motivational quote and this account is full of them. I would always recommend following some positive accounts as, when their posts pop up on your feed, it can make the world of difference to your day and, sometimes, can be just what you need to put a smile on your face! HappiHabbits is a real feel good account run by Dr. Rebecca Ray who is always on hand to encourage, inspire and ensure everyone is having a happy day. Simply seeing one small quote or cute picture on your Instagram feed every day can really change your outlook on life so give her a follow!


I have been obsessed with this guy for a long time. Matt is an AWESOME photographer who captures the coolest snaps and edits them in all of the ways that I wish I could edit! He transforms dull landscapes into bright, pastel coloured masterpieces. Some of the snaps he shares are so simple, for example, photos of windows or roads, yet Matt turns them into things that don't even look real. He has a real artistic mind and I'll never stop being impressed by his work.

This account reposts quirky images in order to inspire and humour. They are one of my favourite Instagram accounts that I could creep on for days on end as they never cease to entertain me. They share movie scenes, quotes, photos of model, fashion and all kinds of other quirky things that I, personally, love. There's no limit to what you'll find on their page!


This is an account for any foodies out there. WrightKitchen is owned by Brittany, a freelance photographer who enjoys cooking and sharing snaps of, mainly fruit, but also some other random things. Her photography is on another level, her images are always vibrant, eye catching, sharp and honestly just look like they've come straight from Tumblr! I'll guarantee that she will make you want to eat more fruit!


Another account for anyone who likes things which are a little outside of the box. ThingsInMyMouth is exactly what you would probably expect it to be - things in someone's mouth. Each image contains a pair of red or pink lips and a different object between them. You'll see everything from pencils to potatoes from feathers to flowers. Being different on Instagram, I think, is a great way to stand out and get noticed, which this account has done a fine job of, yet I think they deserve more followers, especially as so much work goes into every image to ensure its perfect!

Here's a fun one for you, specifically if you're a pizza addict like myself! This account literally does just contain photos featuring pizza, which to me sounds like the best type of Instagram account in the world! You'll find so many photos of mouthwatering pizzas and pizza memes and edits too. It's a great place to either find inspiration for your own pizzas or just to make yourself hungry! I stalk this page way more than it is probably normal to - oops. 

I love really unique accounts that post random, quirky things, so here is another one for you. OldMagnet are a digital publication whose Instagram is made up of anything and everything - quotes, street art, abstract fashions and just all kinds of arty shizzle which I know you will love. It's one of those accounts which you may either love or hate and you have to sort of see it to understand what it's about as it's difficult to explain. I, however, am a massive fan of them and I think it's great for anybody who is creative. Plus, accounts like these are really cool places to find inspiration.


Meet Doug, he's an internet famous pug! And yes he even has his own merchandise. Doug's Instagram lets you in on his daily life and allows you to follow every ounch of mischief that he gets up to. He is a pretty cool dude if you ask me and there's nothing like a funny or cute snap of a pug to put a smile on your face now is there? He has two million followers, and counting, and I reckon he's one of the most entertaining dogs out there! You'll find him on riding a horse, watching TV, eating pizza and even dancing to Justin Timberlake. Doug is bound to hold a special place in your heart from the moment you see him!


Have another doggy Instagram, because why not? You may have heard of Jiff, because he's a pretty populist pooch and has even been named the world's cutest dog! However, once you see him you will understand why. He looks more like a teddy tha a dog and is a pooch that you just want to cuddle forever! He has over three million followers and has been booked for all kinds of work because of his fame! For real though, he's adorable. He literally wears onesies! This little bundle of cuteness is sure to brighten up your day.

If you're all about girl power, (which you should be) then this account will make you very happy indeed. ConfettiCrowd is run by a group of creative women who are all about symbolising and supporting female empowerment and they do so in the most colourful way possible. This girl gang are the ultimate squad goals with their vibrant outfits and rainbow coloured lifestyles. Their account allows you to follow them around on a daily basis and feel inspired by the great things they are doing and their positivity. I absolutely love this bunch and they have certainly done their job of empowering me!

IHaveThisThingWithFloors etc...

You may have heard of IHaveThisThingWithFloors, as it's so popular. It is what it says, fellow Instagram users tag them in what they like to call 'selfeet,' (photos of their feet) standing on cool floors, they then repost them. I want to know where these people are finding these floors, first of all, because I have never seen fancy, arty tiles like the ones on their page ANYWHERE! It's another one of those accounts for anyone who likes aesthetically pleasing things. It's such a simple concept, you know, photos of floors, but people love it! There are also a variety of these types of accounts, such as IHaveThisThingWithWalls, which posts snaps of pretty walls, IHaveThisThingWithBikes, which shares snaps of cool bikes, IHaveThisThingWithPink, which reposts images containing anything pink, the possibilities with this sort of thing are endless! Once you find one of them, you're bound to be hooked!


Who doesn't love a good meme? I know I do and they make my day most of the time. MemeGirls is certain to make you howl with laughter as they post hilarious Tumblr posts and internet memes which are just too good to ignore. If you're someone who spends a lot of time online and is really into Tumblr posts, you'll love this account. There are a lot of these type of accounts out there, but this is one of my favourites. Some of the things that they post are so ridiculous and pathetic, that you can't help but laugh!

Okay, get ready for some serious food porn. If you love delicious snaps of junk food, you need this page's posts on your feed. They literally do just post pictures of insane looking snacks which contain far too many calories, however, if I ever came across anything that looks half as good as the things they post, I wouldn't think twice about eating it! You'll find ice cream, cookies, doughnuts, cakes and more, but do be warned, don't creep on their account when you're starving! It's a recipe for disaster. 


Last but not least we have a truly heartwarming account that is impossible not to love. HumansOfNY is an account that shares snaps of random people around New York and the caption shares their stories. Not only are the images beautifully shot, but some of the stories that these people have are just fascinating. I feel really honoured to have read some of them and that people have chosen to share them as they can be extremely touching. It's always interesting to learn about peoples past and I think this account was a fantastic idea. The photographer will probably never see these people again and some of them may never get to read their story on the account but, nonetheless, they all have amazing tales to tell and it is a great way of making you realisethat  there is always more to the strangers who you walk part on the street than meets the eye...

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post and that you will go and show some love to the accounts mentioned! Be sure to let me know if you follow some of them already!

Which are your favourite Instagram accounts? I would love to know as I'm always on the hunt for new ones! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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