Anniesa Hasibuan's De Jayakarta Collection Makes History // NYFW

I feel like this is just too good not to write about. Anniesa Hasibuan is a twenty eight year old Muslim fashion designer who made history at New York Fashion Week this time around by presenting the first ever collection to feature hijabs in every look. Another win for the modest fashion movement - YAY!
She is also the first Indonesian fashion designer to have a show at an official NYW venue. Does anybody else find it crazy how things like this are still only just happening? Her collection was beautifully displayed at Skylight At Moynihan Station in Manhattan on Monday and featured thirty eight ready-to-wear pieces and ten evening gowns.

Anniesa described the evening as"the best moment I ever had," and I reckon she should be extremely proud of the fact that she made history in one of the most inspiring and inclusive ways. All eyes were certainly on the head-wear, however, the collection, which followed a colour scheme of green, brown and peach, did feature some stunning intricately embroided gowns, metallic tops and jewellery gorgeous enough to make anyone go heart eyes.
Honestly, I feel as though the pieces in this collection were almost too perfect for New York Fashion Week and almost too captivating to even be touched, let alone worn.

It's always great to see history being made for the RIGHT reasons that will have a positive impact on society in some way and I think that the fact that this collection was displayed at Fashion Week and has received so much coverage in the press is going to inspire a lot of women. It's also wonderful to know that this talented designer simply began creating clothes as a hobby when she designed garments for her friends, but look at her now. She is yet more proof that anybody can have a successful career if they put the work in, regardless of race, religion or background.

Anniesa Hasibuan said the following when asked about the ready-to-wear pieces from her collection, which is called De Jayakarta: "My ready-to-wear line is simple and elegant, but still uses the luxurious materials that I am known for, and my wearers can now feel like princesses in their day-to-day lives, not just on special occasions."

Many of the pieces in the line are designed to be mix-and-match so that women can style their outfits how they feel most comfortable and confident and it also gives them more freedom in a world which likes to think they can tell people exactly what they can and can't wear.

Take a look at some of the elaborate gowns, fit for royalty, below. I am sure that you will find them as Heavenly as I do! Hopefully, this was the first of many fashion shows to come that shall incorporate hijabs into every look and we can continue to make history by spreading positivity and acceptance of all religions by bringing other religious clothing to the runway.

Tell me what you think of this amazing development in fashion! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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