AMAs 2016: Fashion & Highlights

The #AMAs took place last night and some of the world's most loved stars made an appearance both on the red carpet and on the performance stage and made the night one to remember. For those of you who aren't totally clued up on what the AMA's actually are, they're basically just another annual American music awards ceremony which give out trophies to winners of fan voted awards and celebrate the best music at the moment with some epic performances. Last night marked the 44th annual AMAs.
Like most of the best award shows, the AMAs took place whilst I was sleeping but let me assure you that, the moment my eyes opened when my alarm sounded for college this morning, I pounced on social media to catch up on what went down!
I was super eager to get all the goss when I woke this morning as I knew a lot of my favourite artists were set to be attending and performing, plus, I wanted to see which of my favourites took trophies home. I am pleased to say that my loves did not let me down and my eyeballs were well and truly blessed when I saw all the red carpet snaps and performance videos. The whole night was spectacular, however, I'm going to share with you my top five moments from the three-hour event.

1) Selena Gomez...that's it. Just, Selena Gomez.
My heart felt like it was about to burst when I saw Selena Gomez on the red carpet last night. If you weren't aware, Selena has remained off social media and away from the public eye for the last few months after deciding to finally put her health and happiness first and seek help in rehab. After receiving three month's worth of treatment, she's back and she's back stronger than ever. Last night was obviously a huge deal for her as it was her first public appearance since she fell of the radar towards the end of Summer. And, in typical Selena style, she didn't just choose her first appearance to be something low key, of course it had to be one of the biggest events in the American music calendar. Selena looked radiant on the red carpet. She always does, however, I think I speak for everyone when I say that there was just something different about her last night. She truly did look revived and glowed like nobody else. She exuded joy, health and just generally looked like the best version of herself. It made me incredibly happy to see her in such a good place and the fact that she was simply there was made even more special when you know what she's overcome to be on that red carpet. Selena then went on to win the award for Favourite Rock/Pop Artist and delivered an emotive acceptance speech which well and truly stole the show - its the one thing everyone is talking about. Selena presented herself, as always, with such grace, composure and kindness and the words she spoke definitely touched the hearts of millions. She didn't just thank her fans for voting for her, she spoke about why she's been MIA for a while and encouraged all those who were watching to seek help and support the way she has. Her words "Just because you are broken, that doesn't mean you have to stay broken" especially touched me. I am a massive Selena fan anyway and so I was very proud of her last night. She was the epitome of goodness and proved why she deserves her place as one of the world's most loved stars. The world needs people like Selena Gomez who are not going to shame you for going through a rough time and who are going to be there to offer support and words of wisdom in times of need.

2) Fifth Harmony's performance and award win.
I'm a devout Harmonizer and so I get more excited than it is probably healthy to whenever Fifth Harmony so much as breathe and so I could not wait for their AMAs performance, especially as I knew they were equally as excited and it meant so much for them to be there. The fierce fivesome sang their latest empowering single, 'That's My Girl,' and killed it in more ways than one. They went all out in a bid to recreate the music video for the track by creating an almost post-apocalyptic setting and wearing similar outfits. They also threw in some KILLER choreography! 'That's My Girls' is one of my favourite girl power anthems - it's a song every female needs in her life - and so watching the girls perform it to such a large crowd made me feel even more inspired. Additionally, 5H took home an award for their collaboration with TY Dollar Sign on one of the biggest songs of the year, 'Work From Home' AKA a song I could listen to on repeat 24/7 and never tire of. I was so proud of the girls, as always, and seeing their lil' faces light up as they accepted their award was priceless. They work so hard and it pays off.

3) Zayn's award for Best New Artist.
I have been the most hardcore of hardcore 1D fans since day dot and will always continue to love and support Zayn in his solo endeavours, therefore, I felt like a proud mother as I watched him receive the award for Best New Artist. Winning that award alone is an incredible achievement, however, when you understand what Zayn has been through and how much he puts into everything he does, the whole thing is even more incredible. Zayn suffers horrifically with anxiety and so for him to even be at that awards ceremony was an achievement in itself, especially as he has turned down so many public appearances in the past. Plus, he managed to get up on stage to receive his award with a smile on his face and he gave a beautiful acceptance speech, something I know many people wouldn't be able to do. Of course, anxiety is an ongoing thing and doesn't just go away the moment you do something that terrifies you, however, Zayn is slowly but surely taking steps to overcome his fears and to do what he loves which is so admirable. Once again, I feel so much pride towards Zayn and I love watching him shine and grow as a person every day.

4) Niall Horan's 'This Town' performance.
Whilst we're on the topic of 1D members, let us discuss Niall's performance. The Irish sweetheart took to the stage to perform is worldwide smash hit debut solo single 'This Town,' accompanying the track with angelic vocals and soothing guitar playing. Niall has spent his music career in a band with 3/4 other boys and, whenever he was on stage at an awards ceremony, he always had them to rely on, but this time he was all on its own. I cannot imagine how daunting that was but I know it's something he was very excited about and it was something he wanted to do, simply because he loves music, he loves being at events that celebrate music, he loves performing and he loves making his fans smile. Niall's performance was so pure, so stunning, and definitely gave me goosebumps - as his voice always does. As a One Direction fan, it's never not going to be strange for me to see the boys doing things that they always did together now completely independently, but that doesn't mean to say I don't love watching them blossom as solo artists and doing things that make me happy. I love Niall and I cannot wait to hear more of his solo music.

5) Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj's performance.
Ariana and Nicki are pretty much a force to be reckoned with right now. They're tearing up the charts with their duet 'Side To Side' and delivering award worthy performances of it here, there and everywhere. They're two powerful, determined, gorgeous, successful women and when powerful, determined, gorgeous, successful women come together, magic always happens. The two ladies performed their catchy song (WHICH HAS BEEN STUCK IN MY HEAD EVERY SINCE IT WAS FIRST RELEASED INTO THE WORLD AHH!!) to an excitable crowd with a jungle-inspired setting and costumes. Ari's vocals were faultless and Nicki was as cool, calm and collected as ever, rapping her verse with easy. The question is, will 'Side To Side' ever stop being a bop? Probably not.

The fashion: My favourite looks from the night...

Gigi Hadid

Gigi stunned in a number of outfits this year as she took to the stage to help host the show, however, my two favourites would certainly have to be the white off the shoulder lace Cavalli dress and the sparkling red cut out Atelier Versace gown, which she paired with equally as red and sparkly LeSilla crystal embellished pumps that would've been fit for Dorothy. Being a model, it's hard for Gigi to get it wrong fashion wise and she rocked every outfit on stage last night.

Ariana Grande
Ari always looks sophisticated and well put together on any red carpet at to the AMAs she wore black and nude bralette with a pair of white Alexander McQueen tuxedo pants. She styled her hair in her classic Ariana ponytail - which I will always be envious of...WHY DOES MY PONYTAIL NEVER LOOK LIKE THAT?

Lady GaGa
GaGa donned an all-white ensemble. She wore a tailored crisp white suit from Brandon Maxwell sans shirt. She even stayed true to her "Joanne" look, adding a matching wide-brimmed white hat by Gladys Tamez Millinery. Her look was plain and simple but so chic and beautiful.

Selena Gomez
All eyes were on Selena on that carpet, not just because she was making her return to the spotlight, but also because she was the epitome of beauty in a red Prada dress. It was plain and a simple cut and she kept her hair and make-up pretty basic too but Selena doesn't need frills and sparkles to steal the show. This was definitely one of my favourite looks of the night.

Niall Horan
Niall seems to love a preppy vibe when it comes to his style and it totally suits him. For the red carpet, he wore a smart, grey, checkered suit and a crisp white shirt, which was slightly unbuttoned, by Paul Smith. He then wore some equally as smart brown shoes and his glasses for a further preppy touch. I don't know about you, but I just reckon Niall is REALLY well dressed, like, all the time. Plus, he makes being cool look super easy.

Hailee Steinfeld
I'm a little bit in love with Hailee and she didn't let me down last night. She looked gorgeous in a  belted, teal playsuit by Elie Saab which had a plunging neckline and a cool caped design. Her hair was also to die for as it was style in effortless-looking loose waves. A lot of people loved Hailee's look on the night and I think it's clear why!

Fifth Harmony
Has there ever been a time when Camila, Dinah, Ally, Lauren and Normani don't look like utter boss ladies on the red carpet? They've been killing the game, recently especially. The girls were the image of power and sophistication in matching black ensembles with slits, lace and cut outs that tied in together nicely but still showed hints of each member's individual style. 

Joan Smalls
Last but never least we have model Joan Smalls, who everyone has a crush on. Floral is a trend that I believe will never truly go out of style and its a print that's been all over the red carpet and the runway recently. Joan wore a pretty flower-patterned dress which had sheer purple layers. Her outfit was a refreshing look as most of the celebrities were styled in black and white ensembles.

So, that's it for another year! Be sure to let me know what was your highlight of the night and who you thought was best dressed! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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