Little Mix: The #GloryDays Are Here

18th November 2016. A regular Friday for most. But not for Little Mix and the Mixer fandom. Today, the girls released their highly anticipated fourth studio album and its so good that this day now officially must be known as the day Little Mix saved music. It's a national holiday. I've decided.
Although, to say that the girls' new album is "so good" just seems criminal because it's a total understatement. The words "so good" just simply should not be used to describe anything that Little Mix churn out because everything that comes out of the LM factory is not just "so good," it's gold dust.

Little Mix's latest album is titled 'Glory Days,' and believe me when I tell you that title could not be more appropriate because the release of this album does well and truly mark the start of the band's glory days as mountains of success is surely on its way. I think we all knew that from the moment we heard the first single from 'Glory Days,' 'Shout Out To My Ex,' also known as the break up song of the century, an anthem for anyone whose heart has ever been broken and just an all-round iconic pop song. The single dominated the charts, sitting comfortably with it's feet up and a nice cuppa at number one on the charts for a number of weeks and that song only gave us a teeny tiny taste of the excellency that we were about to be blessed with.
As a devout LM fan myself, I believe that they could never produce a bad album because they have too much talent between them to ever write a song or create a melody that isn't Grammy worthy. However, their latest record really is like nothing else I've ever heard. Now, I love pop music, but this album is just on a whole other level - it is the epitome of pop and it is everything a pop album ought to be. Look up 'pop' in the dictionary, and the artwork for 'Glory Days' will be plastered all over that page.

I have followed the girls since their X Factor days and it's crazy to think that they're on their fourth album now as it only seems two seconds since 'Canonball,' their winners' single, right? To me, it's beyond amazing how far they have come, not just in terms of how many fans and Twitter followers they've gained and not just in terms of how many millions of records they've sold, but in terms of who they have become as people. The girls started out in the band not having a clue about writing songs, creating an album, interviews, photoshoots, music videos, none of that, but now, they're releasing a fourth studio album to the world featuring many songs which they have written. They've really grown into artists who have a vision of what they want. They go into that recording studio knowing exactly what they want their end product to be and they make it. These girls are officially the world's biggest girl band and, I don't know about you, but I feel honoured to share my lifetime with them. Yes they make great music, but they are fantastic role models too for body positivity, confidence, hard work, being determined to succeed, friendship and having kind hearts. Little Mix really are unstoppable and I have no doubts in my mind that 'Glory Days' will reflect that.
This album is a work of art and it is clear how much blood, sweat and tears have gone into it. Each song is catchy, impeccable lyrically and, as a whole, it's just a really fun album. There is one ballad on there because would it really be a Little Mix album without a KILLER ballad? But I feel that the ballad is needed amongst all of the other dancey songs on there. It balances it out. It also, to me, represents the denial that people face. I see this album as a very uplifting, girl power, "it doesn't matter whether I'm in a relationship or not i can make myself happy" album but the ballad, 'Nobody Like You,' shows that even the strongest of people in tough times still have those moments of doubt, plus, its just a great one to listen to on the train when its raining and you can look out the window, pretending you're in a music video.
But yeah, in a nutshell, albums like this don't just come along every day and it isn't one I'm going to get tired of any time soon. You know how, with some albums, you can only listen to the songs a few times before you're sick of them? I know that isn't going to happen with this one. I know I'm going to be whacking it out in decades time and I will sure as hell be having my grandchildren dancing around my kitchen with me to SOTME when they go through a break-up of a relationship. I just love Little Mix in general but the fact that people love them doesn't make a great album. What makes a great album is talent, ambition, drive, creativity and faultless vocals, all of which these four girls have in bucket loads.

Now, allow me to talk you through each track on the album and tell you what I think of it. SPOILER: I don't have a bad word to say about any of them.

The song summed up in one word: Sassy
If the song was an Emoji: The sassy nail painting
If the song was a colour: Sparkling gold
Best lyric: "I'm all the way up I swear you'll never bring me down"
Probably the best 'happy heartbreak' song of this century. I mean, personally, I've never experienced the break up of a relationship but, to be honest, I don't care when I listen to this as I just end up singing to an imaginary ex. That's the power of Little Mix, they can make you feel as though you've been through everything that they have just through one song. I can imagine most people start their 'dealing with a break-up' stage by feeling down and not wanting to leave the house but, once that phase is over, SOTME is the song you need. No matter whether your ex is trying to bring you down, make your life a misery or is constantly trying to get you back after hurting you, this song will empower you and make you realise that you're better off without people who bring so much negativity into your life. It'll sure as hell help you move on and carry on slaying.

The song summed up in one word: Bop
If the song was an Emoji: The party popper
If the song was a colour: Lilac
Best lyric: "I'm not afraid to fade into emotion 'cause I know that this could be something real"
I can only begin to imagine how insane this one is going to sound live - it is totally single material! It has an awesome chorus that is sure to get any crowd on their feet and the break down at the end is a serious opportunity for an awesome Little Mix dance break. The lyrics are simple and repetitive but it only makes the song all the more catchy and it's basically just a really fun way of doing a love song.

3) F.U.
The song summed up in one word: Emotive
If the song was an Emoji: The middle finger
If the song was a colour: Deep purple
Best lyric: "A, B, C, D, E E EEEE - F.U"
I feel there is more to this song than meets the eye (or ear, rather). Many may just hear it as a song that tells the story of someone who is confused within their relationship and can't bring themselves to leave their partner, despite the fact that they are cheating. I do see it as more than that though, it's almost as if its about an emotionally abusive relationship in which your partner gets away with hurting you because they manage to sweet talk you in the end and wrap you around their little finger. It's basically a song that says all the things the person in this relationship can't bring themselves to say to their partner. Little Mix have a number of tracks which address serious issues and they always hit the nail on the head with them and portray difficult to explain emotions perfectly. 

The song summed up in one word: Cheeky
If the song was an Emoji: The monkey covering it's mouth
If the song was a colour: Bubblegum pink
Best lyric: "If it was up to me I'd take a time machine to the day I said goodbye so can we try again"
You just know that this is gonna be a fun one as soon as you hear the whistling in the intro. Once again, the lyrics are simple but I've found it to be the one song on the album that really gets stuck in my head. It's just got such a catchy sound. 'Oops' features Charlie Puth, who wrote and produced the song too, and his influence is crystal clear - listen to his music and then come back to this, it's totally a Charlie Puth song. This is essentially a song about hooking up with your ex after ending your relationship and does a great job of portraying the confusion that is bound to be felt in that situation.

The song summed up in one word: Playful
If the song was an Emoji: The eye roll
If the song was a colour: Grey
Best lyric: "Oh you don't bump to The Weeknd?"
Misandric lyrics aside, (read blog post on the whole thing HERE) this song has a fun piano instrumental and is nice to have a little boogie around your bedroom too. Miss Meghan Trainor penned this track for the girls which, once again, is evident through the lyrics and overall poppy sound of it. It's a song to make you feel good about yourself and will encourage you to settle for nothing less than you deserve. Plus, the lyrics make much more sense in the context of the album.

The song summed up in one word: Dark
If the song was an Emoji: The smirking devil
If the song was a colour: Black
Best lyric: "Glad I didn't listen to my teachers, teachers teach not to be a dreamer"
To me, this song is the 'Glory Days' equivalent of 'Get Weird's' 'Lightning' - it's as if 'DNA,' 'Lightning' and 'Down & Dirty' are all BFFs. The 'Lightning' vibes come from the RATHER EPIC beat drop, which is sure to result in some even more epic choreography, and Perrie's angelic high note at the end, which I reckon is going to become the 'Little Me' high note of the next tour. This track also reminds me a bit of 'Black Widow' by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. One thing I love about this song is the empowering lyrics, particularly from Jesy and Leigh Anne, and also just generally how strong it is. This is a totally different sound to the girls' earlier music, it's definitely no 'Stereo Soldier,' but its evidence for the fact that their music is maturing with them and they're finally finding their sound.

The song summed up in one word: Explosive
If the song was an Emoji: The fire
If the song was a colour: Burning orange
Best lyric: "You make rain but I'll make it, I'll make it, I'll make it shower"
Just don't even get me started on this one. 'Power' is like nothing else I have ever heard, not just from Little Mix but from any artist. I really hope that it gets the recognition that it deserves because DAMN is this one KILLER song. Essentially, its like three songs in one, but it totally works. You know it's about to be something special when Perrie opens with the most incredible diva vocals and then the beat drop in the chorus is probably one of the best I've ever heard - Calvin Harris ought to watch his back. This song is definitely up there with my favourite Little Mix songs of all time and I just know it's going to get the whole crowd pumped during tour. 'Power' is just bloody brilliant song, not just because of its genius lyrics like "Motorbike, motorbike, motorbike, motorbike bike, bike, bike, bike bike, bike, bike, bike, bike, bike, whoop," but the overall production of it is so polished - it doesn't sound like a Little Mix song. This song is so fierce I can totally see it being played in the background of the Olympic highlights reel or something. Amazing, just amazing.

The song summed up in one word: Uplifting
If the song was an Emoji: The sunset
If the song was a colour: Aqua
Best lyric: "Luxurious lovin' like Egyptian cotton if I ain't got nothin', least I got you"
Do you remember that Nicole Scherzinger song called 'Your Love?' I feel like Little Mix's 'Your Love' is the sister of that song. Listen to them both, particularly the choruses and you' ll see what I mean. This track has a real tropical vibe to it and, if it were to have a music video, I can totally imagine it being set on a beach. It just generally has a really happy sound to it. It talks so positively about love and makes you feel all tingly inside. It doesn't have to relate to a romantic partner, it can just be about someone who makes you feel all warm and cosy inside. Oh, Leigh delivers a flawless high note towards the end of the song!

The song summed up in one word: Raw
If the song was an Emoji: The hardcore sobbing face
If the song was a colour: Black
Best lyric: "I'm alive, and living's just a beating heart"
Ahh and so we've come to the ballad of the album. This one gives me serious 'These Four Walls' vibes, you know, the ballad from the 'Salute' album that had everyone a crying mess on the floor every time they listened to it? That one. It's a nice one to listen to when you're perhaps in need of some relaxation and just want to zone out, or if you're missing someone and want a song that will put your feelings into words perfectly. It's melancholic, I won't lie, and it'll probably break your heart a few times, especially with lyrics like "I only like myself when I'm with you," but there is no denying that this is a STUNNING song and it is up there with the best of Little Mix's slower songs.

The song summed up in one word: Positive
If the song was an Emoji: The dancing salsa lady
If the song was a colour: Sunshine yellow
Best lyric: "Dancing with danger, talking to strangers"
I love the fact that this track is positioned straight after 'Nobody Like You,' as it's the perfect pick-me-up after such a sombre, emotional song. It's a great way to snap yourself out of that 'wallowing in self pity' mood and move on. As the title quite obviously suggests, its all about taking your mind off anything that's bringing you down, shoving some dance tunes on and dancing without a care in the world. I can imagine most people enjoy listening to break-up ballads after ending a relationship, just like I like listening to sad songs when I feel sad to make myself feel even more sad (logic, right?) but we can't be all 'woe is me' forever. Sometimes, you've just gotta shake it off.

The song summed up in one word: Noughties
If the song was an Emoji: The red stiletto 
If the song was a colour: Deep red
Best lyric: "It's loving with a little twist"
Okay, imagine if 'Dirrty' by Christina Aguilera had a baby...done it? Well this is what that baby would be, 'Private Show.' This was the song I was most excited to hear after being treated to a thirty second snippet of each track from the album, as the sound is right up my street. It is just the perfect song to dance around your kitchen like a weirdo to and it has a real early noughties sound to it, which we all know was a period when some of the greatest pop songs of all time were produced. This is such an old school song but with a Little Mix twist. It is one of those songs which is just impossible to hate and, even if you aren't all that keen at the start, once that chorus kicks in, I can guarantee that you won't be able to control yourself.

The song summed up in one word: Joyful
If the song was an Emoji: The paint palette 
If the song was a colour: Rainbow
Best lyric: "Only the birds and the bees know where we go, a little bit high, little bit low"
This is a real empowering, inspiring song as its all about celebrating love and how its the most important thing in any situation. It's a 3 minutes 56 seconds reminder that, in times of conflict, whatever you're arguing about is irrelevant and all that matters is the love you feel towards someone. I can imagine arenas will be filled with flashing lights being waved in the air when the girls perform this song as it has such a 'feel good' vibe and is the kind of song that needs to be put out into the world, especially as we live in a time when hatred is so prevalent. Plus, the song is 99% gender neutral - WOO.

The song summed up in one word: Graphic
If the song was an Emoji: The red siren
If the song was a colour: Sky blue
Best lyric: "My leather jacket smells like your aftershave"
This is probably the most...erm...shall we say 'mature' song on the album, probably not the best one to listen to in the car with your parents, although, it is a mighty fine tune. Plus, any expletives are censored with very fitting car horn noises so, technically, its still PG. This song reflects Little Mix really well in the sense that its fun and doesn't take itself too seriously. It's just a light-hearted, cheeky track which I can imagine will be the soundtrack to many sleepovers.

The song summed up in one word: Fresh
If the song was an Emoji: The explosion
If the song was a colour: Rose gold
Best lyric: "Lipstick on your shirt, so don't make it worse by lying to me"
This is another of my favourite tracks from 'Glory Days.' The whole production of it is so complex, so intricate, but so perfect. I can't find a fault with this song. It's incredibly unique and I can't compare it to anything else I've ever heard but it's just all round jam on toast. It's a slower jam than something like 'Power' or 'Down & Dirty,' but I love it nonetheless. It sort of gives me R&B 'Salute' album vibes and, once again, would sound great live. Oh and, by the way, Jade's breakdown forty seconds before the end is everything.

The song summed up in one word: Holy
If the song was an Emoji: The crystal 
If the song was a colour: Pure white
This acoustic version of 'Touch' cannot be ignored. You may just be thinking "Oh well I've heard 'Touch' so the acoustic can't sound much different,' but you're wrong. This is 'Touch' on a whole other level and is so different to the original but in the best possible way. It really slows the song down and transforms it from a bubblegum, pop, dance tune into a really emotional. meaningful ballad, (once again, the power of Little Mix, everyone). I love it when the girls release songs which really show off how well they can sing and their vocals on this track are just golden. They've turned the song on its head and thrown some pretty snazzy high notes and harmonies into the mix. This gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it and I want to play it on full volume to the world so they can appreciate what musical talent is in the charts at the moment.

So, that's a mini review of each song. I now just briefly want to mention the album as a whole, meaning I bought the deluxe version and so received the DVD of the girls' previous tour, the 'Get Weird' Tour. The DVD includes fifteen videos of the girls performing each track and was filmed at Wembley arena in London. I love concert DVDs and I know this is one I'm going to be replaying constantly as the GW Tour was one of the best things I have ever experienced. I was in such a happy bubble the entire night and I felt like such a proud Mixer when I watched the girls on that stage so it's great to have the chance to relive those emotions. Additionally, the deluxe version of the album costs £12, including the DVD, and I just want to talk about how great that price is. To me, £12 isn't exactly lose change, however, I know a lot of artists who would only release a standard version of an album for £12, a deluxe probably for £15 and then would sell the DVD separately, probably for around £10. But it just doesn't feel like Little Mix are interested in that. They don't care about how much money they can get from their fans. They probably could've released a DVD separately and thousands of people would've bought it without consideration, however, they just want to simply give their fans their music and put smiles on their faces, not exploit them the way many bands/managements do. Young fans especially are taken advantage of these days. I mean, you got to a concert and pay £50 for a hoodie that just has the artist's logo on, but Little Mix are extremely grounded and just want to make art, which I think is really refreshing to see.

I'm so proud of the girls, which seems futile to say because it's such an understatement, however, I really do love 'Glory Days' with all of my heart and I sincerely hope that the rest of the world does too and that they realise the sheer talent for songwriting and producing that Little Mix possess. This album is Oscar worthy (yes I know the Oscars aren't for music but this album is THAT good that it deserves an Oscar) and it is just more evidence that Little Mix are one of the greatest girl bands to ever exist. It's a masterpiece.

Tell me which are your favourite songs from the album! My top three are:
'Power,' 'Freak' and 'Private Show.'

Love, Emily :) xx

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