Problems That Tall People Will Understand

I've always been that little bit taller than everyone else, not that I feel it because height is weird and I just feel as though I'm on the same level as everyone else, until I look at photos and it makes me realise that my body actually is longer.
Being tall can have it's benefits, you can reach things in high places...okay, that's all I've got. I guess you have a 0.1% better chance of becoming a catwalk model, but that's about it and the ratio of tall people in the world to people who are actually models doesn't fill me with hope.
I don't mind being tall, I put up with it because I can't exactly shrink myself, although being tall does have its annoyances, as I'm sure you'll be aware if you're a giraffe like me. People have a tendency to desire to be tall because they think its the best thing in the world, as if all of your life problems are automatically non-existent if you have longer legs. The sympathy tends to go to smaller people in the form of words like "Don't worry, you'll have your growth spurt soon!" Therefore, I've compiled a list of struggles we tall ones face in our lifetimes. Be sure to let me know if you can relate to any!

1) Hugging people can just be awkward.

2) For some reason, your feet always seem to hang off the edge of the bed. Why do bed manufacturers not accommodate for tall humans!?

3) Everyone at concerts literally hates you but you hate yourself too because you know you're obstructing everyone's view.

4) In netball and basketball, the teacher or coach always tries to act as though they're choosing you for goal keeper because you're good at it but, really, you know it's just because you're tall and can reach the net.

5) Every time you meet up with a family member, you're greeted with the inevitable words "Ooh haven't you grown!" Which is apparently meant to be a compliment.

6) Bath time just isn't cute.

7) Public transport such as buses, coaches and aeroplanes just do not give you enough leg room.

8) This could just be me, however, I always find that my head touches the roof when sitting in the back of a car, making every journey and uncomfortable one. It's especially annoying if my hair is in a bun. *Rolls eyes*

9) In school class photos, you're always the one who has to suffer. You're either shoved to the back or are forced to sit down and you just always look awkward.

10) Fitting rooms and public toilet are sometimes a pain when your head sticks out of the top.

11) People make fun of you and people basically abuse their relationship with you by using you as someone to reach things in high places.

12) In clothing, the sleeves are either too short...

13) or the legs are too short.

14) The same with shoes. One size is too small but the next size up is too big.

15) "One size fits all." No, it doesn't.

16) "Full length mirror." Not quite.

17) Spending your life around smaller people who say things like "I wish I was tall like you" and having to act as though they're giving you a compliment when you like "It's just my height, like, it isn't my fault!??!"

18) You can't wear high heels because you literally end up taller than the Empire State Building and feel as though you just stick out like a sore thumb - flats all the way. But hey, at least we're comfortable, right?

Do you suffer from any of these yourself? If you do, I feel your pain. <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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  1. YES to all! My absolute FAVOURITE is when people say "'re tall, aren't you!" as if you weren't aware of this fact. xx