Celebrity Style // Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson is probably one of the coolest chicks around, am I right or am I right? Like, for real. She doesn't even have to try. No matter what she's doing, what she's doing or where she is, she always manages to be effortlessly street and she also gets a large amount of her 'street cred' (do the kids even use that phrase anymore?) from her clothing.
I wish that I dressed like Ashley Benson but 1) I'm poor, 2) I'm not as hot as her and 3) I simply could not pull off the items that she wears. Every time she is photographed, her outfit is absolutely on point. She often keeps things simple in a trusty pair of skinny jeans, sneakers, a tee and a jacket or perhaps a sweater, but that doesn't stop her from looking extra badass and extra edgy. She isn't someone who tries too hard with their style, you always know what you're getting with her, but it's never boring. She always finds new ways to spice up her looks and inject a little more life into them, but, no matter what, Ashley Benson's style is always 100% Ashley. She's really found what works for her, what she's comfortable in and which items of clothing allow her to express herself. Although, don't get me wrong, she doesn't half know how to rock the red carpet in an LBD or a pencil skirt - she isn't always casual.

So, seeing as though I love Ashley's style so much (and I know you do too,) I thought it was only fair for me to share my fourteen favourite Benzo looks. She's so Tumblr it hurts my heart.

So, which look was your favourite? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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