My Favourite Albums Of 2016

I say it every year but don't you think this year has been a fantastic year for music? Everyone in the music industry just seems to up their game each year and produce even better material, just when you think they couldn't possible top their previous releases.
As per, I spent the majority of this year listening to music and I refuse to apologise for that as I got a hell of a lot of enjoyment from it. The music that was released this year was just of such a high standard that it would be rude not to have it all on repeat constantly. Some of my favourite solo artists and bands came out with new albums in 2016 and so it only seems right that I celebrate them. So, I am going to share with you again this year, my favourite albums of the past twelve months. There doesn't seem to be that many this year compared to last year and there was a large period when I didn't buy any new albums, although, I may not have bought as many albums but, the ones that I did buy, I have listened to every. Single. Day.

It already seems like a lifetime ago since some of these were released but I listen to those released at the start of the year now just as much as everything else. Be sure to let me know if you enjoyed any of these albums or songs this year. Perhaps you will make some new discoveries in this blog post and shall take them with you into 2017! Also, let me know which were your favourite albums of this year. May 2017 be an even better year for music...well, I'm sure it will be.

Artist: Rachel Platten
Album: Wildfire
Release Date: 1st January
Favourite songs: Superman, Hey Hey Hallelujah, Lone Ranger, Better Place
I fell in love with this lady in 2016 and the release of her album was the perfect way to start the year. Rachel Platten is a highly underappreciated artist with a beautiful voice, even more beautiful lyrics and an even more beautiful heart.

Artist: Sia
Album: This Is Acting
Release Date: 29th January
Favourite songs: Alive, Reaper, Footprints
Sia delivers with every record she puts out into the world and always manages to better herself. I always say that I'm adamant this woman has a third lung because her vocals are like nothing else in existence. 'This Is Acting' is such a raw, personal record but really touching and uplifting at the same time.

Artist: The 1975
Album: I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It
Release Date: 26th February
Favourite songs: The Sound, She Lays Down, Change Of Heart, Paris, She's American, Somebody Else
Not only does this album have a title that blows every other album title out of the water but I have no shame in claiming this to be my favourite album of the past year - in fact, it's probably my favourite album since they released their debut record. They rebranded themselves this year, injecting more colour into their image, and came out with an album that proved just how genius they are. If you haven't listened to this, all I can say is LISTEN TO IT.

Artist: Zayn
Album: Mind of Mine
Release Date: 25th March
Favourite songs: LIKE I WOULD, TiO, BoRdErZ, lUcOzAdE
Zayn treated the world to his first solo album away from One Direction, which was, coincidentally, released one year exactly after he and the band departed ways. However, despite the anxiety and risk that was sure to come with Zayn releasing MOM, he really had no need to worry as it was everything anyone could have hoped for and more. 'Mind of Mine' really showed who Zayn is as an artist and gave fans an incite into his personal emotions and experiences.

Artist: Meghan Trainor
Album: Thank You
Release Date: 13th May
Favourite songs: Woman Up, Kindly Calm Me Down, Mom
Meghan Trainor is known for her bubbly personality and that well and truly shone through in her sophomore album, 'Thank you.' The record is filled with positive, empowering songs, ('Woman Up' in particular is a real girl power tune) and it is certainly an expression of her love for her fans and her gratitude for what they have done for her, which she said that is what she wanted it to be.

Artist: Cimorelli
Album: Up At Night
Release Date: 18th May
Favourite songs: Fall Back, I Like It, Make It Stronger, Before October's Gone
These six sisters have been singing together for years and were discovered and signed to a label after being discovered on YouTube. I have followed them for a long time, ever since they only had five members (before youngest sibling Dani joined the group) and were singing a capella covers, so it's crazy to see how far they've come. This was the girls' first album and, if I were to sum it up in three words, they would be relatable, inspiring and fun.

Artist: Ariana Grande
Album: Dangerous Woman
Release Date: 20th May
Favourite songs: Moonlight, Leave Me Lonely, Side To Side, Greedy, Bad Decisions
Surely this is in everyone's list of their favourite albums of 2016? Ariana's music is on another level and she never fails to release the hits. Her album got the whole world talking and everyone still seems to have her tracks stuck in their head, 'Side To Side,' especially, because...well, it's just iconic, isn't it? 'Dangerous Woman' showed a more mature, 'I'm a strong, independent woman' side to Ari, as well as featuring some killer collaborations and songs that will never get old.

Artist: Fifth Harmony
Album: 7/27
Release Date: 27th May
Favourite songs: Squeeze, Write On Me, That's My Girl, Scared of Happy
Despite announcing that Camila shall be parting ways with the band at the end of the year, Fifth /Harmony have had a killer year and its all thanks to this album. '7/27' brought the girls so much success, and rightly so, as the songs on this album are ones which I cannot wait to carry through to 2017 with me. This album is lively, modern, and sets the girls apart from all other artists. The lead single from the album, 'Work From Home,' was no red herring to mislead you into thinking the album would be amazing. The album amazing and each song is single-worthy.

Artist: JoJo
Album: Mad Love
Release Date: 14th October
Favourite songs: FAB, Vibe, I Am, Edibles
JoJo well and truly came BACK in 2016! This was her third studio album, although, her first in many years after a messy legal battle with her record label, however, this third album was more than worth the wait and it reminded everyone why they fell in love with JoJo when she released her most-known hits 'Too Little, Too Late' and 'Leave (Get Out)' all those years ago. This album is fun, yet personal, and there's a song for everyone on it.

Artist: Lady GaGa
Album: Joanne
Release Date: 21st October
Favourite songs: Million Reasons, A-YO, Hey Girl
Is it possible for Lady GaGa to release a bad album? I think not? Her album 'Joanne,' was released towards the end of 2016 and was received warmly by her army of adoring fans. She always manages to write stunning lyrics as well as tunes that get you dancing around your bedroom to and singing into a hairbrush. We all know much much of a talent she is and we never doubt her ability to create something spectacular, meaning we had no concerns that her latest album was going to be a corker. 

Artist: Little Mix
Album: Glory Days
Release Date: 18th November
Favourite songs: Your Love, Freak, Private Show, Power
I mean, what can I say? Like, literally. Little Mix's fourth studio album. 'Glory Days' became their first number one album, and it's spot at the top of the charts was very well deserved. For me, this album changed pop music and showed everyone exactly how talented this girl group really are. They aren't just four pretty faces, these are four determined, incredibly talented, strong, women who go into the studio with a vision and come out having made something extraordinary. I feel like the world properly fell in love with Little Mix in 2016 and I'm glad that people's eyes have finally opened to their talent.

So, have you been loving these albums as much as I have? Also, which albums are you looking forward to hearing in 2017? I know many of my favourite artists are set to put out new music within the next twelve months, including Train, Lea Michele,, Lucy Spraggan and Ella Henderson, meaning I already know its going to be a good year. and I'm looking forward to seeing what else the music industry has in store for me.

What albums have you had on repeat throughout 2016? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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