19 Times Lisa Simpson Was The Greatest Person On The Planet

Springfield did not deserve Lisa Simpson. She was far too pure, accepting, generous, sophisticated and cultured for such a place. She was the ultimate Feminist icon. Granted, she may only be yet another yellow fictional character which many of us have taken to our hearts, however, the morals and values she preaches, the beliefs she has, the things that come of her mouth, are mature, refreshing and just make you think "GOD I WISH SHE WAS REAL."
I can't be the only one who spends far too much of their time reading Lisa Simpson quotes whilst thinking "Okay, she is literally me in fictional form," (okay, it probably is just me). Which is why I thought I would share with you 19 reasons why the whole concept of Lisa Simpson was the greatest stroke of genius from the past century. I like to think that we all have a little bit of Lisa inside of us. Despite only being eight years old, the 'The Simpsons' star could quite possibly be THE most badass person I have ever encountered on my TV screen as she has no issue with speaking her mind and laying down the law. She knows right from wrong and refuses to allow being a woman (like, literally, a woman. She is a 33 year old in child's body) to hold her back.

Regardless of whether or not Lisa Simpson herself is fictitious, she has served as a brilliant role model for years and so here are just a handful of the times she was seriously just too much of a boss for me to handle.

1) The time she completely shut Homer down

2) The time she questioned why women are not allowed to be powerful

3) The time she justified having more Twitter followers than actual friends and actually made it seem like a good idea

4) The time she reassured all us friendless folk that being a billy no mates ain't all that bad

5) The time she was a woman on a mission

6) The time she was totally fine with not having a husband

7) The time she called out the system

8) The time she spoke out about the dolls girls were playing with (and then proceeded to make her own)

9) The time she told us about her interests

10) The time she asked the question we all want to know the answer to

11) The time she was just so empathetic at the zoo

12) The time she defied the status quo in class

13) The time she asked a question WE ARE STILL ASKING

14) The time she reminded people what really isn't fair

15) The time she defied the status quo (again) and decided she didn't want to be like the other girls

16) The time she reminded her Dad that his ego was preventing him from being honest

17) The time she reminded everyone that tearing people's dreams down just really isn't cool

18) The time she was ultimate Feminist icon

19) The time she used sarcasm to shut down her non-vegetarian haters 

Okay it's official. She's my Queen.

Love, Emily. :) xx

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