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When she first burst onto the music scene, Lady GaGa pretty much threw all the fashion rules and regulations we had become accustomed to out of the window and rewrote them all to allow her to express her emotions and individuality through her clothing. She's worn some unique, controversial and vibrant pieces during her time in the spotlight but its safe to say she is never boring.
Nobody ever quite knows what GaGa is going to wear next - I'm not entirely sure she is 100% certain herself. One minute she'll be wearing a dress made of meat, the next she'll be sporting a more tame, classic LBD. She wears what she wants and never allows the opinions of the general public, internet trolls or the media to prevent her from doing so, which I love. Whether she's on the red carpet or simply popping out to the shops, Lady GaGa ensures she goes all out because, if you're going to bother getting dressed, you may as well get dressed properly, right? She loves a pair extremely high platform heels, colourful wig, crystal encrusted leotard, pair of fishnets and revealing pair of shorts and, regardless of whether she's performing to millions at the Superbowl or just in her own lounge, she looks fierce as heck.
GaGa has experimented to the max with her style over the past few years, which is something that I'm a huge fan of because fashion is constantly changing and evolving and we should change and evolve with it. It's important to try new things and step out of your comfort zone as well as challenging stereotypes and fashion norms to add a little more spice and excitement to the world, don't you think? Even when Miss GaGa is rocking a more simplistic outfit, she likes to push boundaries with her accessories such as oversized hates or earrings.

I'm going to show you fourteen of my favourite Lady GaGa looks from various occasions, some of which are more 'out there,' others are more the kind of things you'd find in your local high street stores. Some definitely turned heads and provokes conversations on social media but, hey, that's GaGa and that's why we love her!

Which look was your favourite? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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