My Concert Bucket List

We all have a happy place. Somewhere that makes us feel safe. Somewhere we can go that helps us block out every little worry in our lives and puts our mind into a peaceful state. We may not consciously decide that somewhere is our happy place, however, when you visit there, you know you are going to be at peace for the duration of your stay. Where is your happy place? My happy place is at concerts.
I genuinely believe that, if I was to attend a concert every day for the rest of my life, I would be the happiest person on Earth. I have been fortunate enough to see a handful of my favourite artists multiple times, in the flesh, such as One Direction, Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. However, there are still some people who I would do anything to see live because their music and just them being them makes me so happy. There are some artists whose music I listen to and I just long to hear them perform it live. I start imagining their concerts in my head, what their choreography would look like, how tiny they would look on a stage in front of a sea of adoring fans...okay, now I sound strange.

Here is my concert bucket list of people I hope to see perform in person at some point in my lifetime. This list is a right ol' mixture of people, younger and older, groups and solo artists, all with very different styles of music. There are quite a lot too. I really ought to stop being such a hardcore fan of so many musicians - it makes getting concert tickets 1) extra stressful and 2) extra expensive. Anyway, enjoy the list! Perhaps we share the same bucket list?

Taylor Swift
I mean, who DOESN'T want to see this sensational songstress perform live? Literally, get me to a T. Swift concert RIGHT NOW. I'v been a Taylor fan for years now and the number of videos I have watched of Taylor Swift performing online is rather disturbing, but boy does she put on a show! Her songs were made to be performed to thousands of screaming fans and it would be great to be able to shake my booty to her tunes in the same room as her, rather than around my kitchen with my earphones in. She knows how to make every person in the crowd experience a night they will never forget and always ensures they learn a valuable lesson, leaving her show with a different outlook on life. A Taylor Swift concert is clearly not just a concert, it is a journey of self discovery.

Ella Henderson
I think Ella Henderson is an incredibly underrated singer-songwriter. Her 'Chapter One' album was pretty much the only think I listened to from January till August whilst revising for my GCSEs, I kid you not, and it was the biggest help. Her songs are all so stunning and you can tell each one has a special story behind it, although, the beauty of her songs would certainly make me sob my heart out if I was to hear them live and I would have so many goosebumps I might just turn into one! She sounds great live and can hit notes I didn't even know existed!

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato. Need I say more? Every one of her songs is a hit and either has me balling my eyes out, busting some serious moves in front of my mirror or lying on the ground, unable to move due to the state of shock I am in after she has hit some sort of heavenly high note. Her voice is a very precious thing which must be protected at all costs and I bet it sounds amazing live too, accompanied by her ferocious dancing! Her 2015 album, 'Confident' was so perfect so just imagining her singing those songs live sends chills down my spine.

Selena Gomez
Isn't Selena just the world's biggest babe? Despite the fact that it would be rather difficult for me to survive a whole concert of her's due to being so enchanted by her beauty, I would do anything to hear her sing live! Doesn't she have some amazing songs that were just made to be performed in arenas? I did actually have tickets for Selena's Revival Tour, however, she cancelled her shows in order to prioritise her mental well-being, therefore, seeing her live now, a much a stronger, healthier person, would make the experience even more treasurable. I love Selena and so would feel so honoured to attend one of her concerts, even if it would mean me getting absolutely no sleep for about a year before due to excitement!

The 1975
I'm not sure that I'm cool enough to attend a 1975 show, however, I'm really into their music and rarely go a day without listening to it. I believe they are one of the best bands out there at the moment who certainly deserve more recognition for their poignant, thought-provoking lyrics and beautiful instrumentals. I think knowing you have attended one of their gigs is something you can't help but treasure forever! They always seem to go all out at shows, especially with the visuals. and are totally themselves on stage, which I think is really important. They just enjoy letting loose and ensuring everyone has a jolly good time. You leave one of their concerts feeling as though you have truly been part of the show, even if you were right at the back.

Ed Sheeran
Surely it was inevitable that his name was going to pop up somewhere, right!? If you have seen Ed Sheeran live at any point, you are very lucky! Even when he is standing alone on stage with just a guitar and microphone for company in front of a stadium full of 80,000 people, he knows how to get the audience into the palm of his hand. The crowd become captivated by him and his voice and it isn't long before everyone is lost in his music. His songs song don't always have heavy beats or fast instrumentals, but they are heaven in musical form. The sound of the audience singing his lyrics back to him is something that gave me goosebumps when I watched it online and I bet it feels even more special to witness it live.

Ariana Grande
AKA a true Pop Princess. Her voice is one of the most insane things I have ever heard and I am certain she is one of the best female singers in the world at the moment, (a big statement to make yes, but it's true). She hits notes that have not even been invented yet and, somehow, manages to make them sound even more incredible live! She hits high notes perfectly even whilst dancing and it baffles me every single time. Speaking of dancing, some of her songs are perfect dancing tunes and I would have an absolute BALL grooving to them in an arena! An Ariana Grande concert would for sure leave me an emotional mess on the floor at the end of it, oh, and not to mention she has the world's cutest stage outfits!

Train's lead singer, Pat, said he loves how anyone from kids to grandparents can attend a Train concert and have an equally good time and I think that's very true. Train have music for everyone, whether you're more into their newer stuff like Play That Song and Drive By or prefer their old hits like Drops of Jupiter, (which just so happens to be my favourite song of all time). Train are one of my favourite bands and always seem to put on a mighty fine show. Literally, take me to a Train concert and take me NOW.

Lea Michele
Former GLEE actress Lea Michele's vocals are on another level and, from what I have seen of her live shows, she doesn't disappoint in front of an audience. Her debut solo album 'Louder' remains one of my favourite records of all time and I would love to hear her perform tracks from it, as well as newer stuff, live. I'm a huge fan of hers and adore how her music sounds quite theatrical but can be loved by anyone at the same time.

Rachel Platten
Rachel Platten's career seemed to really take off when she released her inspirational single Fight Song and it was at that moment that I became really invested in her. Not only does she have a stunning singing voice, but she also has a glowing personality that radiates for miles when she's on stage. She's a kind little gem whose voice sounds identical live as it does recorded.

Once again, someone who is incredibly underrated. JoJo has recently released new music and it is even better than her old stuff, which I didn't think would be possible! She does a lot of small gigs, which allow her audience to appreciate her vocals to the maximum, and she sounds amazing! I also love watching her acoustic performances online and you can never tell that it isn't recorded! She could be miming and you wouldn't know, she's that good! She hits every note spot on and even does the backing vocals! I love JoJo and I'm so glad she's back!

Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles' music is the sort I can listen to on repeat for days. She has a song that perfectly suits every emotion, every situation and everything she produces is golden. She has a soft, calming voice that can also belt out some big notes and certainly has a way with lyrics. A few of her tracks are in my list of 'favourite songs of all time' because they resonate so deeply with me. I've spent countless hours watching videos of Sara performing, on YouTube, and so would love more than anything to see her in person, if not for he amazing vocals but for her utterly hilarious soliloquies inbetween songs.

Ellie Goulding

Last, but definitely not least, we have Ellie Goudling. Who isn't obsessed with her? I fell in love with her newest release 'Delirium' before I even heard any of its songs. She knows how to write good music, that's for sure, and also seems to give everything on stage! She really gets into the beat of the drums and performs as if its the last time she will ever do so. Her Instagram photos from her shows always make my mouth open in awe as she seems to just have the best time on stage and the audience love her too! Ellie is, surely, everyone's girl crush!?

Who do you want to see live in concert? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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