My Favourite Lush Products

Admittedly, I'm not a big bath person...okay, now you think I smell, great...allow me to elaborate. I wash every day, of course, I'm just not someone who enjoys laying in the bath for three hours until I resemble a prune and smell like a chemical factory. I'm not one to spend a large amount of money on bath and body products, nor am I someone who particularly enjoys pampering myself with lotions and potions. I've got more important things to be doing, like eating, you know?
However, that being said, when I am in the bath, I am partial to a few bubbles, a bath bomb or something that's going to make the bathing experience more enjoyable. Therefore, I like using products from what is probably the world's most famous bath supplies store (don't quote me on that) - Lush. Okay, time for confession number two, my sense of smell isn't great and, consequently, I tend to opt for bath bombs and bubble bars because they look pretty as oppose to what they're supposed to smell like. But, I enjoy using them nonetheless and there's something rather enjoyable about sitting in a bath the colour of candyfloss. I thought I'd share a few of my favourite Lush products with you, which I have either repurchased a few times or just generally enjoyed using. Lush isn't overly expensive, as there are companies out there who'll charge you a week's wages for a bottle of shower gel, their products are reliable, safe and they don't test on animals. They're also constantly coming up with new concepts for products to make everyone's bath time a fun one. So, without further ado, let's talk Lush...

Snow Fairy
This is a Christmas exclusive which Lush fanatics always seem to rush out to buy as soon as it hits the shops each Winter. Literally, its so popular people are selling it on eBay for £20. This shower gel creates a fluffy bubble bath fit for a fairy and has a sweet candy scent. It also contains a shimmering lustre, meaning you too shall be sparkling like a fairy after using it.

Sea Monster Fun
This is one of the more unique products but it doesn't half live up to its name. If you've ever wanted something to play with in the bath (THAT WAS NOT A EUPHEMISM) then you're in luck because Fun allows you to be creative whilst having a nice soak. It's basically the adult version of play doh as it can be moulded into all sorts of shapes (a sea monster if you fancy) and, when you're done, works wonders as shampoo or soap. Fun is available to purchase in a variety of colours and scents, however, the sea monster one specifically is made from ingredients such as lavender oil and lime oil and so ensures both you can your bathroom will smell divine. This is one of the most versatile bath and body products I've ever come across.

Magic Wand
Okay, you've got to admit that this is adorable. The Magic Wand, a Christmas classic, is a bubble bar which you can swirl around your bathtub, holding the wooden stick, to create a magical lather perfect for relaxing in. The wand creates candyfloss scented bubbles and will last you several baths, depending on how much you use. It also comes with a cute bell for added novelty.

Fairy Dust Dusting Powder
Any product entitled Fairy Dust is automatically a 10/10 in my opinion. Lush sell a wide range of dusting powders and but I reckon there's just something more exciting about the fairy dust edition. This can be sprinkled over and rubbed into your skin after a bath or shower to make your body sweet smelling and silky to touch.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
A Lush classic. The Sex Bomb bath bomb should be dropped into the bath and, once the product has fully disintegrated, the water turns a romantic pink colour and radiates a sweet, seductive aroma. Its a great option to go for if you fancy pampering yourself and, as one of the brand's biggest sellers, you won't be the only one enjoying it.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon
I know this one resembles a macaroon but, unfortunately, it isn't edible and shall only make you crave macaroons each time you use it. There is an upside, however, as this bubble bar shall leave you with a beautiful foamy bath with a poignant floral scent once its crumbled under running water. This is made with rose oil and so you shall, quite literally, come up smelling of roses after using it. Oh, and if you have dry, sensitive skin, it should probably be added to your basket as the shea butter icing in between the two halves will help to moisturise your skin.

Blackberry Bath Bomb
The exterior of this one isn't anything fancy, it isn't shaped like a macaroon or a magic wand, but looks can be deceiving and, in this case, they certainly are. This bath bomb releases frankincense and bergamot oils upon being dropped into the water and the latter is actually used in aromatherapy for anxiety and depression. Plus, frankincense helps slow down breathing and induce a feeling of well being. So, if  you need calming down, this is bath bomb, which also turns the bath a gorgeous purple, is your new best friend.

The Comforter Bubble Bar
This bubble bar is what I like to refer to as Lush Royalty, due to its popularity, and rightly so. This bubble bar has an almost Ribena scent to it thanks to the Cassis absolute with which it is made, which gives a deep, blackcurrant, and almost-edible fragrance to products. The Comforter is sure to provide exactly that, a feeling of comfort and tranquillity and is the perfect product to use just before going to sleep. Its supersized too, meaning you'll be able to use it a few times before you have to repurchase.

The Experimenter
You can tell that this one is a funky one as soon as you clap eyes on it. I'd recommend just standing and watching this bath bomb fizzle around your bath once you've dropped it in because, honestly, it puts on a showstopping performance which resembles a firework show. Your bath shall turn a multitude of colours and, once its over, you'll instantly wish you could take it out and start again. This bath bomb is perfect for any creative thinkers out there or anyone who likes adventure as it also gives off a popping candy and sweet vanilla smell.

Think Pink Bath Bomb
I have used Think Pink a number of times and I still continue to go back to it. It transforms your bath into a, yes, you guessed it, pink ocean with a lavender redolence. It creates a cheerful atmosphere in your bathroom whilst relaxing you and helping you unwind simultaneously. Besides, bath time is just so much more fun when your bath water is pink, right?

So White Bath Bomb
And finally, we have the fairest of them all. So White is the plain Jane of the bunch. She doesn't look like much of a party animal but is guaranteed to make your bathing experience a better one. This bath bomb's white exterior soon fizzles away to reveal a pink interior that fizzes until you are greeted with a juicy apple aroma. It gives your tub a frosty finish with snowy bubbles smelling of apple and is sure to make any bather feel like a snow king or queen.

What are your favourite Lush products? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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