Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette Review

Looking for a new eyeshadow palette? Want something neutral that'll help you create countless looks that is also long lasting and totally worth the money? Look no further than the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette. I received this for Christmas and have used it most days since, therefore, I think I'm finally clued up enough on the palette to give you an honest review so, that's what I'm going to do.
Urban Decay are famous for their Naked Palettes, pretty much every make-up addict has one or at least knows of them. They've been on the shelves for a while yet beauty lovers are showing no signs of stopping purchasing them. So, UD released a new palette towards the end of 2016 titled the Ultimate Basics and, to me, that's the perfect name for it.

Packed with 12 neutral shades, the Ultimate Basics is perfect for everyday wear and will inevitably work for every skin tone and type. The shades range from dark to light, from pinks to browns and will help you create a wide range of eye make-up looks. Want a natural look that won't distract from your bold lip colour? Want a dark, smoky eye that's perfect for a night out? Want a warm toned look that'll turn you into a bronzed Goddess? The Ultimate Basics can definitely help you out. Thanks to the large number of shades which are all vastly different from the one adjacent to it, you can really play around with this palette and create a thousand and one different looks, combining a ton of different colours, or just a couple, and applying and blending until you're happy.

One of my favourite things about this palette is the fact that it really is the perfect product for day-to-day wear. I use it often for College and it never lets me down. If you're in a rush in the morning and can't decide what the hell you want to do with your eyeballs, reach for this and it'll make you look presentable in no time. Additionally, its great having this palette because it means I can have an extra fifteen minutes in bed in the morning as I know I have this lying in my make-up drawers and I already have about three go-to looks that take next to no time at all.

My most used shades from the palette have to be Nudie, Faith, Instinct and Lethal. The lightest shades in the palette, including Nudie, are fab for if you can't be bothered doing any fancy blending and just want to whack one colour all over the lids to add a little something to your eyes. But, if you fancy taking your time getting ready, you can really experiment with the colours in the palette and could probably apply every single one to your eyes and it'll look amazing - they all complement one another so well! My favourite looks to create using the Ultimate Basics are Nudie all over my lid with Faith through the crease to add more dimension, as well as Instinct all over with Lethal through the crease if I want a darker pinky-purple look.

As for the pigment and longevity of these shadows, one swipe with a brush or finger will give you all the pigment you need. They're highly pigmented and the colour really comes out strong on your eyes. That being said, though, each shade is easy to blend, (one of my favourite features of Urban Decay shadows in general) and can be built up to look more intense. These shadows last all day and don't go all horrible, oily or smudged on your eyes after a few hours - don't worry, we've all been there - and, trust me, if these eyeshadows can last from 7am until 5pm on my eyes throughout a college day, they can withstand anything!
Urban Decay's palettes are incredibly reliable and, despite the rather hefty price tag, they are definitely worth it because 1) the quality is 100% there and 2) you'll love them so much that you'll use them every day and get your money's worth.

Finally, let's talk packaging because how can we not? Just one look at the exterior of this product will convince anyone to buy it, before they've even swatched the shadows themselves. The casing is a beautiful rose gold with protruding almost sun ray style detailing with the brand's logo in the centre. Upon opening the palette, you're greeted with the gorgeous shadows along with a small double ended brush, which also makes life easier, and a BIIIIIG mirror, which is a massive bonus. Personally, I prefer a square palette to the conventional rectangular ones which Urban Decay tend to produce.

To conclude, this palette is one of my go-tos now and I opt for it without even thinking because I know it won't let me down. This, like most UD palettes, retails for £39.50 but is worth every penny as the eyeshadows inside are pigmented, easy to blend, long lasting but also easy to remove. Oh and did I mention they're all matte? So, if you aren't into shimmer, I'd recommend this palette.

Let me know if you've used this product and whether you agree with any of the points I've made in this review! 

Also, what are your favourite high end brands for eyeshadow? <3

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. I have the Naked 2 and Naked Smoky but I'M COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH THIS PALETTE - I don't know how I haven't splurged on it yet? Love your photos! xo

    1. I have the Naked 2 and Smoky too and I really love them but I would definitely say this is now my favourite! I would highly recommend it! It's certainly a splurge but worth every penny! Thank you for reading my post! ) xx