I love writing but I also love One Direction, so, why not combine the two and write about One Direction? What a genius idea, if I do say so myself. I like to make no secret of the fact that I am a massive One Direction fan...well, saying "I'm a massive One Direction fan" is probably the greatest understatement of the century. "One Direction have ruined my life" seems more accurate and, if you're a fan too, I am sure you can relate.
I asked on trusty Twitter (AKA the home of 1D fans) for some questions to feature in a One Direction Q&A and, being the helpful, reliable, rather brilliant people that the One Direction family are, you supplied the goods. So, I thought I would answer some in this very blog post. If you're a 1D fanatic, I can imagine this blog post shall be right up your street. If you aren't, I'm sorry. Click off if you like or maybe stick around. I am more than willing to try and convert you. *Insert evil cackle here.*

Have you been to any 1D concerts? If so, which ones?
I feel incredibly blessed to say I have seen One Direction live four times. Each concert was so different because they're such entertaining, unpredictable artists, but I loved them all and they are moments I shall treasure forever, especially as I know millions of people would've given their limbs up to swap places with me. My first time seeing One Direction was way back in 2012 when I had less responsibilities and life in the 1D fandom was a hell of a lot simpler. It wasn't solely a 1D show, it was Key 103 Live, a radio station hosted show at which many artists performed. At this event, I also got to see Little Mix for the first time when they were merely babies and hadn't even released their first single. The boys and Little Mix were 'headlining' the event, if you like, therefore, One Direction opened the show. Yep, this was at a time when 1D would come out first instead of being left until the end like they are these days for the sake of ratings. This was also my first proper concert so my excitement levels were already at an unhealthy high and, honestly, when I saw them on that stage for the first time, I just...I cannot even describe to you the feeling that rushed through my body. If you're a fan of any musician, you'll understand what I mean because nothing compares to the feeling you get when you see your favourite artists live for the first time. I remember having to hold onto my seat because I felt so wobbly and my Mum worrying that I was going to faint. I screamed so loudly my lungs probably still haven't recovered but it was one of the best experiences of my life because, in that moment, I was so carefree and just genuinely loved my life so much. I was in the same room as my five favourite human beings and I had the biggest smile plastered across my sweaty face.
The second and third times that I saw One Direction were during the Take Me Home Tour. I was lucky enough to see them twice. The first time, I was on the very back row of the arena, way up high, touching the wall, but I still felt so honoured to be in that arena and I didn't care that the boys looked like such tiny dots. The time after that, I was much closer to the stage and it was the last show of the UK leg of that tour, meaning the boys were utterly crazy one stage, throwing cream pies in each others faces and just generally being the plonkers that they are. Once again, I had a wonderful time and I would do anything to go back.
The fourth time I saw the boys was during the Where We Are Tour at Manchester Stadium. I remember being, although excited, terrified for this concert, as I was in a standing zone and was convinced I was going to get trampled to death. Although, I suppose if I'm going to die anywhere, a 1D concert would be a fabulous place to do it, right? The show was amazing though and I had no reason to be fearful. The atmosphere in the arena was unlike anything I'll probably ever experience - absolutely electric and SO loud. As always, the band put on the most incredible show and made me feel like the happiest human being on the planet.

Who is your favourite member?

Of course, I love all of One Direction with my whole heart but we all have a favourite member in every band, right? I'm not sure how we always gravitate towards one particular member, it's strange, isn't it? However, my favourite member of 1D is Harry, without a shadow of a doubt. Not only is he my favourite band member, but he's also my favourite person on the planet - and no that isn't an exaggeration. Everything about him fills me with so much joy. All of his little quirks are so endearing to me, his singing voice makes me feel so at ease, his smile brings sunshine to my day, his voice calms me down, his jokes make me laugh even when they're awful, his kindness and generosity inspire me and restore my faith in humanity. Harry is someone I look up to so much and he will always be the person I think of as the ultimate light of my life. He's so talented, beautiful on both the interior and exterior and just an all round GOOD person. I vow to love and support him until the day I die because he has done so much for me, as have all of the boys. They all make each day feel worthwhile but there's just something about Harry Styles that makes me adore him more and more as the days pass by. I want to hug him and then preferably put him in my pocket and carry him around with me 24/7.

Which is your favourite interview?
I have spent so much of my life watching One Direction interviews, I could probably recite each one backwards to you. Any time they appear on some form of UK TV chat show always provides me with a lot of laughs, which is why I love all of their Alan Carr Chatty Man interviews - I don't think I could single out one favourite in particular.
  I also loved their appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show in 2015 just before the break started. I'm sure many of you will agree with me when I say it was one of the funniest 1D interviews to date. As well as that, when I want a good old laugh, I put on Liam, Harry and Niall's 2013 interview with Gwen from Telehit - yep, the lady in the leopard print dress, that's right. It was comedy gold from start to finish and always puts a smile on my face.

Do you prefer the band with or without Zayn?
I find this difficult to answer because I've been a 1D fan for so long. I have followed their journey from the beginning and, therefore, was there when Zayn enjoyed band life. I witnessed him performing on stage with a huge smile on his face, being chatty in interviews and just generally looking as though he was still passionate about all things 1D. But, as time passed, it was if I was, gradually, watching him transform into a different person. 'Different' has negative connotations and so that sounds as though he became callous and cold, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. Zayn became unrecognisable but in a heartbreaking way and it wasn't as if a switch just flicked and one day he changed, it was over a lengthy period of time. I saw it in his face, in his body language, in what he said, or rather what he didn't say because the other boys were saying everything on his behalf. He wore a mask, put on a facade, pretended to still love being in a band when it had become evident that it just wasn't what he loved anymore. The whole thing was made even sadder by the fact that so many people saw Zayn's mental health deteriorate, his fans especially, and we knew he kept pushing on each day for our sake yet we couldn't do anything to help. Zayn once loved 1D and, back in the early days, it was everything he wanted in life and that was obvious. However, I obviously don't know the ins and outs of everything, but I think things just got too much. Everything was so hectic, intense, physically, mentally and emotionally draining, repetitive and, over time, Zayn came to the conclusion that he needed to distance himself. He got a lot of stick for that and that aggravated me. Zayn was portrayed in the media as a monster who'd left his band mates in the lurch. I understand that the boys would have been angry and I understand that fans felt betrayed. I cried, believe me, but not as hard as most did because, in a way, I was expecting it. And I cried not because I wouldn't get to hear Zayn's voice on another 1D album but because, he gave me some of the happiest moments of my life and I wasn't able to be there for him when he was feeling low. Instead, providing me with happiness drained him of his and it took him walking away from something that he once adored for people to realise how much he was suffering. Zayn was so brave to do what he did. I don't think he was a coward, nor do I think he was selfish. I think that he ought to be admired purely for the fact that he said goodbye to something that was no longer making him happy, despite how hard that may have been for him. In life, it isn't always easy to prioritise your mental well-being, especially when outside forces are trying to sway you into just getting on with things. Zayn said 'enough is enough,' though, which many of us don't feel able to do. He asked for help, he got that help and he got his life back on track, which I am so proud of him for. So, to answer your question, 'do I prefer 1D with or without Zayn,' I couldn't possibly say because the situation is so complex. If I knew Zayn wanted to be in One Direction then, sure, I wish he would've stayed but, when someones health and happiness is at risk, I cannot justify being selfish and wishing he'd carried on. It wouldn't have been fair on him for him to remain in the band when it was, quite clearly, taking its toll. I think the rest of One Direction dealt with the situation extremely professionally and remained so dedicated to creating happiness for their fans. They're true heroes for that, which people recognise, however, people don't recognise how much of a hero Zayn is. It may be hard to comprehend but he saved himself by walking away from One Direction. It is what it is now and I won't lie by saying I wish things weren't different. I do wish they were different and perhaps if 1D hadn't exploded into the phenomenon that it did, things would have been different.

What is your favourite music video and why?
Well now you're testing me! It would be difficult for me to pick just one, as I'm sure it would be for any One Direction fan. Although, admittedly, the video that sprung to mind instantly was the one for History, simply because it was, (and is) such a significant video and it holds a dear place in the hearts of fans. Its a culmination of everything the boys, and we as their fans, have achieved since they were formed in 2010. Its video proof that they've become something which nobody could have anticipated and it shows just how far they've come since their X Factor days. It was the last video before the boys began their hiatus and so was a sort of 'see ya later' from them to us. It was kind of our last little thing before their big break. One Direction have provided millions of people with millions of wonderful memories that shall live inside each of us for the rest of our lives. I suppose they have shaped us into the people we are whilst we shaped their lives into the ones they now live. Therefore, when I watch the History music video, all of the happy times I've had as a 1D fan instantly flood back to me and I'm reminded of just how much this band, and everything it stands for, means to me. I'm reminded of the friendships I've made, the laughs I've had, the many sleepless nights I've endured, the concerts I've attended and that, simply, One Direction is my favourite thing in the world. History is such a poignant video and allows me to reflect on the last seven years of my life.
Besides, History, Best Song Ever has got to be spoken about, right? The work that went into that video still amazes me and I'll always be proud of the fact that we broke the VEVO record for the most views in twenty four hours with it. The boys and their team out a lot of effort into the BSE video and it was the perfect companion for their movie This is Us. Its hilarious, has an entertaining narrative and reminds me of a much happier, simpler time in the 1D fandom.
Additionally, I love the beauty of the Night Changes video as well as the meaning behind Drag Me Down. I love how it symbolised the boys' dedication to the band and how, literally, nothing was going to prevent them from continuing to be the world's most loved band. It was a big "HEY, LOOK AT US NOW" to all who said they'd flop as a four piece as, clearly, they did anything but.

What are your thoughts on Larry?
Oh my goodness, where would I even begin? Larry has become such a complicated, sensitive topic it'd be hard for me to summarise my thoughts on it in one paragraph. Its especially difficult because I've followed 1D since the beginning and so have been there throughout the whole Larry saga, witnessing every fandom argument and watching Harry and Louis slowly become more distant in public. Whether someone believes in Larry is up to them and I have no qualms with it. Its just like believing in Santa Claus, right? Some people think he's real, others do not. But when people start hating on people for their beliefs and accusing them of 'forcing sexuality,' that isn't cool to me. Also, it isn't cool when Harry and Louis' friends and family members are dragged into unnecessary fights and are harassed simply to fuel people's love for Larry. If you ship Larry, that's amazing but sending death threats to innocent people, such as girlfriends, shouldn't be part of it. What do I believe personally? Honestly, I DON'T KNOW! Is it a crime for me to say that? One part of me thinks that the mere thought of Larry being 'real' is preposterous. I mean, its such an extravagant theory and the thought of Harry and Louis dating seems absurd, I mean, when they aren't seen in public, that doesn't always mean they're together at home. Sometimes, they're just out with friends or doing their own thing. Another part of me thinks Harry and Louis may have dated at some point, or at least had a close connection in the early days of 1D, then perhaps they split and rekindled their romance a couple of times before calling it off. Part of me thinks that Louis and Harry were just good friends during 2010-2013 but the rumours became too much and they decided to distance themselves from one another to prove they weren't a couple. That seems most likely, to me, and its the saddest scenario of them all. But, part of me thinks Larry could be real. I mean, it wouldn't be the first time a relationship has been hidden from the public in the celebrity world by management. Celebrities have been known to 'date' girls hired by their management in order to portray a certain image of them. Even if Larry really isn't your thing, you have to admit that some things do seem pretty damn shady, like the times Harry and Louis are seen then suddenly they go MIA, the 'matching' tattoos, the song lyrics, the sly glances, the little comments, the slip ups in interviews, the Instagram posts, the Tweets...I don't know, perhaps its all just one big coincidence and Louis and Harry are out there somewhere living normal lives, not dating or even wanting to date one another. In all honesty, I haven't got a clue and, if it wasn't for Larry Shippers, I wouldn't be so confused. Their passion and love for their ship is what has me on the fence. The little details they recognise are what sway me to doubt what is being put out there. If Larry is real, that's great, if it isn't that's great too. If it isn't then DAMN, Larry Shippers have constructed a beautiful love story, don't you think? If Louis and Harry one day came out as a couple, I'd be nothing less than supportive. I'd be incredibly for them and my mind would be at rest and I could stop over analysing everything. But, if they were to go into the future living separate lives, just as friends and colleagues and who marry someone else, I'd be cool with that too. Honestly, other people's sexuality is not my concern, my only concern is their happiness. If Louis or Harry is part of the LGBTQ+ community, good for them. If they are heterosexual, good for them. I'm just an overly inquisitive person who enjoys reading other people's theories on life and who gets excited by any form of drama because my own personal life is so void of it. Larry is just...I don't know...its...interesting.

Which is your favourite 1D song and why?
If anyone can actually single out just one One Direction song as their favourite, you must be superhuman or something as there are just TOO MANY utterly perfect ones for me to choose one. I do have a handful though, which I'll share, in no particular order:

1) Walking in the Wind
2) If I Could Fly
3) Something Great
4) Stockholm Syndrome
5) Where Do Broken Hearts Go
6) Ready To Run
7) Infinity 
8) Home

All of these songs were so beautifully crafted and I wished they all got the recognition they deserve. They either make me cry, make me scream or make me dance like a weeeeeirdo but, whatever the reason, they hold special places in my hearts.

Which is your favourite album and why?
Again, this is tricky purely because my favourite songs are all scattered across different albums. If we're talking which album has ALL THE BOPS, then it has to be Take Me Home, right? That album contains the best pop tunes. I also love Made in the A.M. because, not only are its songs beautiful, but the boys see it as their favourite album, the one they're most proud of and its the one they had the most involvement with in terms of writing. However, if I had to pick, I think I'd say Four, not really for any reason other than the fact that its the one I listen to most frequently. For me, it contains some of One Direction's best songs and I could listen to it for days and not tire of it.

Which was your favourite tour?
I am probably biased with this answer but I'd say Take Me Home. I attended two concerts at this Tour and, as previously mentioned, they were the happiest nights of my life. I feel like, back in this 1D era, the boys were all at their happiest, things were just generally going great and they had so many exciting things going on. They were loving band life and their fanbase were as supportive as ever. Drama was minimal, PLUS one of the best things happened during this tour - the This Is Us movie! I don't know what it was about 2012/213, things were just fabulous. Although, I must mention the On The Road Again Tour. Despite Zayn leaving the band halfway through, the rest of the boys carried on putting on brilliant shows for their fans and always ensured everyone had a good time, regardless of everything else that was going on behind the scenes. They quickly sorted out who was singing what lines and never showed signs of weakness or as though they didn't want to be there. They made that tour really special, plus, it gave our fanbase so many fond memories, as well as inside jokes.

What do you miss the most about the old 1D fandom days?
I couldn't pinpoint one thing as, honestly, I just miss it all. Of course, we have to grow up and things have to change but I would love to go back to 2013 for a while and relive life as a 1D fan back then. Don't get me wrong, being their fan is still as enjoyable as ever and I could never fall out of love with supporting them, however, I think most fans will agree that those times were the peak. So many exciting things happened, the boys were loving life, drama wasn't constant and, when it was, it was either hilarious banter or it blew over quickly. I miss being so young, carefree and being able to watch a One Direction live stream for eight hours straight, (1DDay was the best, right?) I miss the boys not being so media trained, having more freedom both personally and creatively. I miss 1D not being a money making machine and simply being a group of five young lads who love music and want to make people happy. I miss creating seventy different accounts to vote for awards, staying up until 3am to watch the boys perform at events, I miss them interacting outside of work, I miss not being judged for being a One Direction fan, I miss there not being such a spotlight on their love lives, I miss their families being happy and able to go outside without being attacked, I miss the boys excitement at the fact that there is so much they have yet to achieve and I just, generally, miss being a twelve year old girl who had nothing better to do than to sit watching One Direction funny moments videos on YouTube for hours on end. Never doubt for a second that I adore being a 1D fan just as much now as I did back then, but we're all allowed to miss things and I miss the old One Direction days. Life was nice back then.

How do you think their siblings cope with having a famous brother?
I think they've done a tremendous job, first of all, especially as some of the boys' siblings are still so young and adapting to a life of fame can't be easy for the boys themselves, let alone their teenage siblings. However, I do think it was easier for the fact that One Directions' success was a gradual thing. It wasn't as if they woke up the biggest band in the world one day and their families moved into million pound mansions. It all happened over a span of time, which gave everyone involved a chance to slowly adjust to Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn's new lifestyles. They've become used to the fact that their brothers aren't home often and they're more likely to see them on the front cover of a magazine than they are in person. Also, I think it helps that all of the boys and their siblings have such close, loving relationships, therefore, their siblings are surely excited by the whole thing and only want the best for their brothers. Its a very odd situation for anyone to be thrown into, especially as the boys' siblings have now become so well-known themselves. They have millions of social media followers and are stopped by fans in the street for photos, which I do not doubt seems strange and is something you could never fully get used to. But they too have had some amazing opportunities thanks to the success of their family members, all of which are so well deserved. But they don't see their brothers as megastars. To Lottie, Felicite, Daisy, Phoebe, Dorris and Ernest, Louis Tomlinson is just Louis. To Nicola and Ruth, Liam Payne is just Liam. To Gemma, Harry Styles is just Harry. To Greg, Niall Horan is just Niall. Just like if one of your siblings suddenly catapulted to fame, they'd still be your brother, sister or even best friend and no one could take that away from you.

So, that's it! I hope you enjoyed my 1D Q&A as I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I apologise for rambling, as per usual, but I thank you sincerely for asking me questions. Perhaps I'll do another of these in the future? And perhaps you learnt a thing or two about me as a One Direction fan?

Let me know if you love 1D as much as I do! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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