QUIZ: Are You A REAL Woman?

Each day, we are told by the media that women are supposed to look, act, speak and think in a certain way in order to be classed as a 'woman.' However, the media's idea of a real woman changes on the daily, therefore, it can be difficult to establish what exactly we need to do in order to be labelled a 'real woman.'
One day, a real woman is a curvy female, the next a real woman is ultra thin. One day, a real woman is whatever the hell she wants to be, the next, a real woman must conform to cookie cutter stereotypes and obey the norms and values that society set out for them one hundred years ago. It's all rather confusing, if you ask me, so, I'm here to help! I've created a quiz which will, once and for all, answer that age old question of 'What is a REAL woman?' Take part below, it's super simple and will take you no time at all but could help to well and truly put your mind at rest if you're having any doubts.

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