33 Awkward Moments That EVERYONE Has Experienced

I feel like my life is just one big awkward moment. Anyone else? I'm constantly messing up, putting my foot in it, doing things wrong, seeing things I shouldn't see, laughing when I shouldn't laugh, mishearing things, misinterpreting things and just generally being an incompetent human being.
I like to think I'm not the only one, though, who encounters several awkward moments on a daily basis, whether that is out in public or in the comfort of your own home. Therefore, I've produced a list of awkward moments that everyone has experienced or will experience at some point. I know for a fact that these aren't just based off of personal experience. Well, they are, but I know you've experienced them too and don't even try lying to me. It's okay, we can all be big bundles of awkward cringeyness together. YAY!

1) Waving back at someone but then realising they weren't actually waving at you in the first place

2) Being the third wheel

3) Being asked a question whilst you have food in your mouth and feeling the need to chew it quickly to reply

4) When a sex scene comes on TV whilst you're watching with your parents/grandparents

4) Having to sit through everyone singing 'happy birthday' to you whilst not quite knowing what to do with yourself

5) Not hearing what someone has said but you've already said "What?" too many times so just have to laugh in response and hope for the best

6) When your friend forces you to watch a "hilarious" video that isn't actually that hilarious

7) Tripping over in public

8) Saying "You too!" when the cashier says "Your receipt is in the bag"

9) Daydreaming then realising you've been staring at someone the whole time

10) Making eye contact with someone whilst yawning and desperately trying to finish yawning so you can smile at them without being rude

11) Small talk with a hairdresser, taxi driver or just anyone you don't know, really

12) Hanging out with your friend's friends

13) Being at your friend's house whilst they're arguing with their parents

14) Calling a teacher "Mum"

15) Making eye contact with the person in the car next to you

16) When your stomach rumbles in a super silent situation

17) Attempting to pull open a door that you're supposed to push

18) Being left alone with someone you didn't want to be introduced to

19) Accidentally liking a photo on someone's profile whose you're stalking, from three years ago

20) Walking past the place you need to go to and having to backtrack subtly

21) Playing music from your phone on public transport and realising your headphones weren't plugged in

22) Talking to a group of people and realising no one is actually listening to you

23) Telling a story which you think is funny...then nobody laughs

24) Not being able to remember someone's name

25) Walking in the same direction as someone you just said 'bye' to

26) Bumping into someone in the supermarket, chatting to them, walking off...and then seeing them in every aisle after that

27) Accidentally spitting on someone when talking to them

28) When everyone is laughing at something someone said but you didn't hear what they said

29) When someone holds a door open for you but you're far away so have to do that awkward jog

30) Walking towards someone you know but being too far away to say hi, so you both avoid eye contact until you get close enough to talk

31) Saying hello to someone and realising they haven't heard you

32) Trying (but not succeeding) to stop the elevator door from closing before the other person gets in

33) Confidentially answering a question in class but getting the answer wrong

Which awkward moments have you experienced? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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