9 People You Should Be Following On Twitter

Twitter was founded way back in 2006 (you know, that time when everyone wore flared jeans, pink lipgloss and some other erm, shall we say questionable ensembles) by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. Since its birth, the social media site hasn't stopped growing. With one billion Tweets being sent every week, the addictive service which we now use to share everything from memes to song lyrics is showing no signs of dying.
I, like most of you, am an avid Twitter user. Well, avid is probably an understatement. I enjoy Twitter, not just because it allows me to communicate with people across the globe and not just because it provides me with an endless amounts of hilarious memes, but because it keeps me in the loop and ensures I'm updated with anything any everything that's going on in the world. Whether its politics, entertainment, music or just general One Direction news, Twitter keeps me connected and I find it extremely fun to use, if not slightly addictive.
I don't Tweet my life away and don't share all that much although I do love reading other people's Tweets - probably because they are far more interesting than my own. Therefore, I thought I'd provide you with a list of Twitter users who simply must be in your following list. Yeah, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and every other A-List celebrity have some great posts but I reckon you're missing out if you aren't following the following (pardon the pun) users. The people below are my nine favourite Twitter users (I'm too incompetent to think of a tenth, okay?) No matter whether you're after political, inspirational or just side-splittingly-funny Tweets then, never fear, yo gurl has got you covered.

Matt Haig

Matt is an author, probably best known for his best-selling novel 'Reasons To Stay Alive,' a book which tells about his battle with depression (sidenote: I've read it and it's bloody fantastic). However, his opinions are not just confined within the front and back of books, he's very outspoken on Twitter, something which I do love in a Tweeter, and certainly doesn't shy away from expressing his views and confronting those who have opposing ones. Matt's Tweets, from what I've found, are either poltics or mental illness related, a perfect combination for me, personally. So, whether you want a fellow depression sufferer to remind you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel or just fancy following someone who despises President Trump as much as you, Matt Haig is your guy. He's a genius.

Matt Bellasi

Ahh, another Matt, who is probably one of my favourite people, if not my favourite person, on Twitter. I know that's a bold statement to make but you only have to read one of his Tweets to understand what I mean. Matt tends to Tweet what the rest of the world is thinking. He's incredibly sassy, undeniably hilarious yet still opinionated and never offensive. He just has a brilliant way with words when it comes to Tweets and sure knows how to work wonders with 140 characters. It won't surprise you that he used to work for Buzzfeed. This guy is someone who I think ought to be in every Twitter users' following list because, seriously, he'll crack you up and is bound to post something you can relate to, whether that's something to do with attractive guys, food, Harry Styles or Beyonce.

James Blunt

Yep, this is the guy who sang 'You're Beautiful.' I'm a big fan of James Blunt's music, as are many of the people who Tweet him, however, he often chooses to reply to the ones who are quite the opposite and who enjoy sending him nasty messages and he does so in the coolest, most brilliantly sarcastic ways. James' Tweets are lighthearted and rather self deprecating. The humour in them is quite dry and he's certainly straight to the point, but I like that in a Tweeter. You don't necessarily have to enjoy James Blunt's music to follow him on social media, he's just a generally chill, cool guy who doesn't take life too seriously but whose dry, satirical humour will brighten your day.

Christine Teigen

AKA, probably one of my favourite women in the world. Like the previous users, Chrissy's Tweets are fantastically funny due to the fact that her sarcasm and quick wit is second to none. Her Tweets can be about anything but they'll always put a smile on your face. She loves to share aspects of her life at home, her thoughts on American politics and just any observations she's having wherever she is. What I also love about Chrissy Teigen is, despite her humourous side, she has a serious one too and doesn't shy away from speaking out against injustices or raising awareness regarding social issues, which is the main thing I look for in a Tweeter. She's the true definition of a strong, independent woman who knows her facts and, honestly, deserves her own TV talk show. I'd watch.

Gemma Styles

Speaking of bad ass females, let's talk about Gemma Styles and why you need to be following her on Twitter. Gemma is a freelance writer, therefore, she has opinions and she isn't afraid to share them. Her Twitter is a great place to keep up with her published pieces but anything goes on her Twitter. If you're a fellow writer, you'll relate to her Tweets about the struggle of being a writer, if you love cats, you'll relate to her Tweets about her beloved Olivia, if you're a foodie, you'll love her Tweets about what she's eating, or if you're just someone who has a lot of thoughts, definitely check her out as she too Tweets what everyone else is thinking and asks some of life's most important questions. Gemma shares her thoughts on topical issues but also keeps things lighthearted with some sarcastic posts about life so everyone is bound to love her. She's just a general ball of loveliness.

Ruby Tandoh

Ruby was a contestant on Great British Bake Off a few years back and has since released her own cook books. I love Ruby's Tweets as they too are hilariously sarcastic, (are you noticing a theme here?) but she's also an advocate for body positivity and raising awareness of eating disorders after previously suffering from one herself. That's really reflected in her books too, as she aims to inspire fellow ED occupiers to, in her own words, "eat what you want." Ruby's Tweets are some of my favourites as she speaks her mind without caring what other people think. She also loves 1D, which is always a bonus, and is so down to earth.

Tom Harlock

Tom is a former Viner and now YouTuber whose Tweets have me in stitches. They're extremely relatable but he just has an ability of making every life situation sound so much funnier without even trying. He's (again) sarcastic as heck and isn't afraid to take the mickey out of himself. Sure, he can be serious but, generally, he's carefree and enjoys making people laugh. Oh, he also likes One Direction and makes my day with his Harry Styles Tweets. Tom Tweets the things we all wish we were funny enough to be able to think of Tweeting.

John Mayer

Not only does he write beautiful songs but his Tweets aren't half bad either. John Mayer's Tweets are either straight up funny or thought provoking and leave you pondering for days. Pretty much every deep thought he has is Tweeted, therefore, scrolling through his Twitter profile is literally like looking inside of his brain. I'm not really sure what else to say here, other than go follow him on Twitter because he deserves more followers. His Tweets are ace.

So, who are your favourite Tweeters? <3

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. I laughed so much at all of these tweets...and yes I've followed them because I need this kind of sarcasm in my life every day. Great post! xo

    1. Hey, Ellie! Thank you for reading - I'm so happy you liked the post. I had a lot of fun scrolling through their Tweets to find some good ones to include! I mean, who can live without sarcasm? Have a wonderful day! :) xx