Celebrity Style // Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has killer vocals but she also possesses a killer sense of style. She's someone I always find myself admiring and thinking 'WOW' whenever I see a photo of them. I'm a huge Demi fan musically as she can't half belt out a tune (I swear she has four lungs) and knows how to make me feel both joyous and emotional with her songs.
Demi is also someone I look to for inspiration in times of hardship as its so well known she's faced a long battle with mental illnesses. She managed to turn her life around, however, and is now stronger than ever. She slays the game with her songs, picks up countless awards and injects positivity into many lives by using her voice and large following to do good.
Since Demi began feeling more comfortable with herself on the inside, that began showing on the outside too, as I'm sure you will have noticed. Especially in terms of clothing, Demi seems so much more confident and just generally happier in what she wears now and enjoys showing off her enviable figure for all to see, as she should.
Demi's outfits are always ones which I wish I could pull off myself. She never looks anything less than sophisticated, even on her down days, and always carries herself with such class and sass. Miss Lovato loves an all black ensemble but she always manages to make it her own. She enjoys rocking a pair of killer heels, leather jacket, oversized sunglasses and pair of jeans whilst, on stage, Demi performs in elaborate handmade leotards which really steal the show. Whatever she's wearing, whether its a pencil skirt or a fancy red carpet frock, Demi Lovato looks fantastic, so I wanted to feature her in a celebrity style post.

Below are fourteen of my favourite Demi looks.

Which look was your favourite? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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