My Top Tips For When You're Buying A Pair Of Glasses

I've worn glasses since what feels like forever which, consequently, means I've been through countless pairs of glasses, all of which I still possess, for some bizarre reason. It's funny to look back on my first pair of glasses and compare them with the ones I have now as I've gone from a pair of old lady maroon glasses with arms as thin as string to a chunky pair of black plastic Raybans which cover almost half of my face.
Choosing a new frame for your glasses, or even choosing a frame for the first time, can be exciting as, in a way, you're changing up your whole appearance as glasses really can have a big impact on what you look like. Also, though, it can be rather daunting, particularly if it's your first time. You're standing in the opticians, surrounded by walls of spectacles towering over you, not quite knowing which ones to go for or what will suit you. Then, once you've chosen a pair of glasses, it takes a while to get used to them and there may be a bit of back and forth to your opticians until they feel right on your face.
Basically, choosing glasses can be stressful and, if I'm honest, an annoying task. Therefore, I thought I would share with you my top tips regarding choosing glasses frames and what to do once you've got them. You may be wearing your glasses for a long time so, of course, you'll want to be 100% happy with the ones you have. Hopefully, some of my handy hints will come in useful next time you find yourself in need of a pair of specs.

1) Try LOADS on
If it takes you spending three hours in the opticians before you've decided on a pair you like, then that's what you should do! Don't just choose the first frame you see out of ease, try a ton on, take them off and try them all on again until you find a pair which you love. Don't feel as though you're annoying the staff because they'd much rather help you and get you what you want than sell you any old pair which you aren't all that keen on. Your glasses will probably become a big part of your life so it's worth spending the time searching for a nice pair. Try different styles, brands, colours and really think about if they're worth spending your money on.

2) Don't let anyone sway you
Of course, it's great to have other people's input, especially as selecting a frame can be an overwhelming task and you may struggle to decide on one straight away. Be sure to ask for advice from parents, friends and your optician but don't allow them to force you into choosing a pair that you aren't content with. At the end of the day, you are going to be the one wearing said glasses so it's your opinion which really matters. Don't allow anyone to rush you or pressure you into buying a pair which they really like on you. If you aren't comfortable, don't be afraid to say no.

3) Take photos
When trying on frames, the lenses in the frames may not always suit your prescription, meaning it can be difficult to tell properly what they look like on you - you'll probably do a lot of squinting whilst holding the mirror close to your face. Therefore, take a selfie or ask someone to take a photo of you so you can really get a good look at what the frames will look like on you. Even if you can see perfectly fine out of the glasses you're trying on, it's still nice to take a snap to see what other people are seeing.

4) Don't just settle for anything
It can be easy to get frustrated, huff and say "ugh, I'll just have that pair." It's also easy to not be bothered to try on loads of frames. However, don't just settle for any old pair of specs as, like I say, you may be wearing them for a long time, so why buy a horrible pair? And, if the colour or style you're after isn't available, don't just go for the next best thing, try different stores and persevere with it until you've got exactly what you want as it'll be worth it. Also, if, once you've purchased your glasses, they aren't sitting right on your face or they don't look how you imagined, go back to your opticians and ask them to sort it out. Wearing glasses that feel uncomfortable is never fun and, especially if you're wearing them every day, it's worth ensuring they feel decent on your face!

5) Shop around
Can't find what you want the first time you go to try some specs on? Don't worry! There are plenty of other opticians out there who stock hundreds of pairs of glasses. You can even have a browse online and purchase from there! There's bound to be a pair of glasses out there somewhere for you, you've may just need to hunt them down. Visit different places for not only the prettiest pair of spectacles, but also the most reasonably priced.

6) Be patient
The first pair you try may not always be the right pair, but try not to get frustrated. As previously mentioned, there's a pair of glasses out there for everyone and, it may take some time and quite a few trips to the opticians, but you'll get there! Additionally, the expensive pair you've seen on your favourite celebrity may not look identical on you but don't let that dishearten you! Refer back to point 1), try a ton on and you'll soon find a pair that are just right.

7) What matters is that YOU like them
People love to pass comment on other people's glasses, but their opinion is irrelevant if you're happy with the pair you've chosen. It's okay for other people not to like them because, ultimately, if you have good vision and you're confident, that's all that matters. If anyone decides to insult your glasses or use them against you, brush it off because, firstly, they are not worth your energy, secondly, literally, why are they even bothering, have they not got anything better to do? And, thirdly, glasses are cool and they're probably just envious.

8) Expensive brands aren't always best
It's okay to desire the most luxurious pairs of glasses and to want a designer name splashed across the arms but, remember, not everyone is walking around wearing Channel specs and they aren't that big of a deal. Of course, expensive glasses can be beautiful and, if they're something you need, it may be worth the investment, however, it ultimately comes down to how they look and feel on your face. Don't feel pressured to choose a fancy pair just because your friend has some or you feel the need to impress because, the chances are, nobody's going to notice what brand they are anyway.

9) Consider your face shape
When deciding on a frame, it's important to consider your face shape in order to end up with a pair which really complement your face. Is your face oval, for example? Do a little research into what styles suit what face shapes to avoid getting a pair which don't flatter you. You don't want a pair which are so big that they drown your entire face but you also don't want a pair which are so narrow they make your eyes look tiny - try and find a middle.

10) Don't feel ashamed - GLASSES ARE COOL!
There's a stigma attached to wearing glasses, which is bizarre because people LITERALLY NEED THEM IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO SEE PROPERLY?! But there's no need to walk with your head down or refuse to wear your glasses out of fear of the comments people may pass. Wear your glasses with pride and enjoy being able to see far and wide (I know, I'm a poet). There isn't anything to feel ashamed of and, if people want to make you feel as though there is, they are the issue, not you or your specs. Glasses are awesome.

What would be your top tips for someone buying a new pair of glasses? Do you wear glasses? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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