QUIZ: Which Harry Styles Song Are You?

It often keeps me awake at night, not knowing which song on Harry Styles' debut solo album I am. I stare at the ceiling in the pitch black for hours, wondering if I'm more like Kiwi, the rock song of the century, if I'm more like Two Ghosts, the most heartbreaking song ever written, or if I'm more like Sign Of The Times, the most iconic debut solo single released by any artist, ever.
I know it probably troubles you as much as it troubles me so, never fear, I've devised a quiz to help settle the age old question "Which Harry Styles song am I?" once and for all. Take part by answering the fun questions below and put your mind at ease. I wonder if you'll get the result you're hoping for...

What was your result? <3

Love, Emily :) xx


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