Reasons Why Having Short Hair Is AMAZING

Having long lustrous hair is great because the list of things you can do with it is endless. Want to braid it? Go ahead. Messy bun? Why not. High ponytail? Sure. And whilst the possible hairstyles available to short hair occupiers is limited and whilst short hair, like everything in life, comes with its cons, I've found having shorter locks to pretty amazing.
 Okay, so anyone with short hair will probably mourn the loss of their long hair after making the big cut. There will also probably be moments when you regret ever getting the chop and just want to cry because short hair has ruined your life. However, despite the fact that having short hair can be frustrating at times but, generally speaking, it makes life easier and comes with a few perks. Allow me to talk you through some of said perks...

1) Shorter hair means fewer knots and tangles, which also means less pain of having to brush them out

2) You end up spending less money on products because less hair equals using less products to style it equals having to repurchase said products infrequently

3) The time it takes to wash it is DREAMY

4) Likewise, drying it is almost an enjoyable task

5) Or, if you want to leave it to dry naturally, that won't take as long either, meaning you have to spend less time looking like a wet rat

6) You can spend longer in bed in the morning as it doesn't take as long to style

7) Want to wear lipgloss and wear your hair down on a windy day? No problem as you don't have to fear your long longs blowing into your face

8) Short hair just generally feels lighter on your head

9) Short hair makes you less hot on warm days

10) It is a lot easier to wear wigs

11) Bad hair days don't exist all that often

12) There's less hair down the plughole in your bath/shower

13) People typically assume people with short hair are edgy and cool and, I mean, who doesn't want that?

14) Your ponytails are super adorable and bouncy

15) You can feel the breeze on the back of your neck

16) Flipping it around whilst dancing is the most fun thing in the world

17) There is less chance of it getting trapped in a car door

If you're considering cutting your hair shorter, what are you waiting for? You do you, don't allow anyone to talk you out of something that's going to make you happy! Long hair is fabulous but short hair rocks too.

Love, Emily :) xx


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