Celebrity Style // Shay Mitchell

Everyone on the planet has a crush on Shay Mitchell, right? It's just a given. Everyone and their pet cat is obsessed with her, I mean, you only need to scroll through the comments on one of her Instagram photos to see how dedicated and besotted her army of fans are.

I'm a huge Shay fan due to loving the TV show Pretty Little Liars more than I love myself. I admire her acting ability in both the series and other roles she's undertaken and I also see her as a real positive influence on young people, teenage girls especially, what with her optimistic, carefree attitude to life and through the fact that she's achieved so much by working hard. She now gets to do what she loves as a job whilst travelling the world, jetting off to places many of us may only ever be able to dream of holidaying in.
I love how Shay dresses and constantly wish I was as cool as she is so I could own everything in her wardrobe. She doesn't tend to push the fashion boundaries too much or wear anything too extravagant but she's found what she likes and she sticks with what she knows looks good. She is "effortlessly chic" personified. Shay's street style is on trend. She seems to love a pair of skinny trousers and a shirt but, when she's vacationing, Shay unleashes her inner tropical goddess with flowy, printed maxi dresses, fun playsuits and, of course, her signature oversized sunglasses. Shay tears up any red carpet too, never failing to look well put together and as if she's just walked off a runway.

Below are fourteen of my favourite Shay Mitchell looks, taken from the street, the beach and various fashion shows and red carpet events.

Which look was your favourite? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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