Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

Time to share my new favourite thing in the world with you...well, One Direction are my favourite thing in the is probably second...but AFTER that it's the thing in this blog post, the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I want to know how I survived for so many years without it in my possession. 
I have suffered with acne and scarring since I started high school and I have always struggled to find a foundation which conceals them perfectly. I've tried countless drugstore foundations and some high end ones but they've never ticked all the boxes. If they are high coverage, they don't last all day and, if they do last all day, I have to apply ten layers to just cover my redness. However, since being converted to the Double Wear Foundation life, I never want to use anything else.
This foundation perfectly covers my acne and blemishes with just one layer, meaning I don't have to coat my face in make-up every time I want to leave the house. Although the coverage with just one layer is flawless, combined with some concealer and maybe a little extra foundation on the more problematic areas, my skin has an almost airbrushed finish. Despite being the most full coverage foundation I've ever encountered, this foundation doesn't look cakey and, simultaneously, doesn't feel heavy on my skin, two factors which are vital to me when it comes to foundation. Even after wearing a full face of make-up all day, my face still feels fresh and looks way more decent than it would if I were to use a different foundation.

Speaking of the longevity of this foundation, the first time I wore it all day, I was amazed at how flawless it looked after wearing it for many hours. I suffer with oily skin and so, when I wear any other foundation, I feel paranoid that I look like a disco ball every second of every day and feel as though I constantly need to be powdering. However, when I went to check on this foundation for the first time, I couldn't believe that I still looked as I did when I left the house as oppose to looking as though I was dripping in butter. Even when it comes to the night time, this foundation hasn't rubbed off, clogged up in any areas, such as around my nose, it doesn't look shiny nor does it look flaky. It maintains it's photoready matte finish all day, even with a ton of other products sitting on top of it. I find myself only needing to powder once, if that.

When it comes to removing my make-up at the end of the day, the Double Wear requires a bit of scrubbing if using make-up wipes so I would recommend using a cleanser too to ensure all the product has been removed. I won't complain about struggling to take this foundation off, though, as, to me, the fact that you can't easily remove it even when you want to is merely a representation of how long lasting it is. Estee Lauder claim that this product can be worn for fifteen hours and I would have a hard time arguing otherwise.

I was matched to my perfect shade at an Estee Lauder counter in store and perfect is the best word to describe it. My shade is 1N1 ivory nude and it honestly just looks like a second layer of skin. It does not leave me with a line where my jaw meets my neck and doesn't look orange once blended, nor does it wash me out. This foundation is available in over forty shades, meaning there really is one for every skin tone - I can imagine it would be near impossible to not find one that doesn't suit you. This is something which I believe all make-up brands should work on as far too many do not accommodate for all skin tones whereas the Double Wear can be worn by anyone!

Admittedly, this foundation is expensive. Retailing at £32.50, it's quite a hefty price to pay for make-up but I would say it is worth it. You certainly get what you pay for here and, whilst I wish it wasn't so highly priced, I can justify it as it due to how confident it makes me feel as, when wearing it, I am not worrying about people judging my bad skin. Plus, I don't need to use a lot of this product each time I apply it, whereas I would a drugstore foundation which wasn't as high coverage so it makes far more sense, to me, to buy one of these than going through three cheaper foundations in a shorter space of time. The bottle is quite small with the Double Wear (30ml) but it isn't something that is going to get used up quickly. My other only criticism would be the fact that the bottle doesn't have a pump, meaning I can sometimes pour out more than necessary and getting the product out can be tricky but, other than that, the packaging is chic.

If you're feeling dubious about trying the Double Wear foundation, I'd say go for it! It is by far the best foundation I have ever come across and I think it's the perfect thing for anyone struggling to cover acne or any other facial insecurities - it's a real self-esteem booster! After using it once, you won't look back.
The Estee Lauder Double Wear gives all other foundations a run for their money with it's staying power, perfect colour matching, vast shade range, faultless matte finish and high coverage. Oh, and it contains SPF! So, if you're on the hunt for a new foundation which will not smudge, regardless of the weather, and which looks perfect all day, give this a go.

What are your favourite foundations? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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