Freedom Naked Mattes Lipstick Collection Review

Five lipsticks for five pounds. Did that get your attention? It's unheard of in today's world. In fact, you would struggle to find one lipstick which will only set you back £5 and even then whether or not the quality is any good is debatable. However, I stumbled across a lipstick collection which contains five lippies, costs five pounds and each one of them is great quality so, of course, I had to share them with the world.

Freedom is a make-up brand you may not be all that familiar with, however, you've probably heard of Make-Up Revolution, a brand which sells products which could easily compete with those sold by more expensive brands, but at much more affordable prices. Freedom is the sister brand to Make-Up Revolution but their products do not lack in quality either.
Allow me to introduce you to the Naked Mattes Lipstick Collection by Freedom. The brand sell a variety of lipstick collections, all of which contain five lipsticks and cost five pounds, such as the Noir Mattes, a set of dark shades, and the Far Away Galaxy Collection, a set of five out of this world, unique shades.I opted for the Naked Mattes as I knew these would be the ones I would wear most often, plus, I feel like you can never have too many nude lipsticks, right? No two are exactly the same! I was also on the hunt for the perfect pink nude and feel like I may have found it within this purchase.

I admit that I was dubious to begin with, what with the products being so inexpensive but I had no need to worry as, after trying each one, I am thoroughly impressed and still can't quite believe I only paid £1 per lipstick.
Beginning with the exteriors, the lipsticks are sold in a box with the shades named on the sides. The bullets themselves are very chic and the packaging doesn't look tawdry, which can sometimes be the case when make-up is so cheap. The designs of these ones, though, is sophisticated and they certainly wouldn't look out of place sitting next to a more expensive lippie. The black casing with white text is simple but classy. My only criticism of the packaging is that the coloured base looks like a pure form of the lipstick, however, each one is the same colour. It would've been better if the packaging clearly indicated which lipstick was which on the outside to make it easier to find the one you want instantly.

The lipsticks themselves, I am unable to fault. At a first glance, they don't look like anything particularly revolutionary, just your average lipsticks, but once you apply them, they completely change the way you think about lipsticks. Mattes can often be drying and it wouldn't have surprised me if these ones were, due to them being so inexpensive. The formulas could've been awful and I wouldn't have been shocked but I am shocked at how wonderful they are. The products glide onto your lips with ease and leave a beautiful matte finish all over, without being streaky, making your lips look flaky or feeling gross. The pigmentation is high too, although, I think these lipsticks do work best with a lip liner worn underneath for a full impact. Wearing a lip liner underneath also helps them to last longer during the day and ensures they wear off evenly after eating or drinking.

I love nude lipsticks and therefore own far too many than I care to admit but these ones won't be getting shoved to the back of my collection any time soon. Some of the colours look similar at a glance but each one is unique. I particularly love the shade Naked as it's the perfect pink - it's the 'your lips but better' colour I've been on the hunt for for a while. The pack also contains the shade Real, a brown nude, and Protect which is slightly darker, meaning there's a nude for everyone's tastes and skin tones in this bundle.

 Shades L-R: Truth, Naked, Raw, Real, Protect

 Shades L-R: Truth, Naked, Raw, Real, Protect

These were my first Freedom purchases but, if the quality of them is anything to go by, I can imagine their other products are just as great. Finding make-up which is half decent and cheap as chips in 2017 just doesn't happen and, because I love a bargain and have to spend a good six months trying to justify splurging on make-up before actually doing it, I'm extremely happy that I stumbled upon this lipstick collection. I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a new lipstick or anyone wanting to branch out into new make-up brands without spending their life's savings.

What are your favourite lipstick brands at the moment? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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  1. These shades look beautiful, Emily! SO perfect for this time of the year.

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