26 Utterly Amazing Feminist Tumblr Posts

I love Tumblr for its cute GIFs, One Direction fanfiction, artsy room decor inspiration and for beautiful photos for when I'm in a wanderlust mood. I also love it for its realness and how its users aren't afraid to speak their minds, especially when it comes to things that really matter.
One thing which really matters is feminism and believe me when I tell you that Tumblr feminists aren't here to play games. They're funny, witty and always on point as they want everyone to understand what feminism means and to be a feminist themselves. After coming across many hilarious, utterly awesome feminism Tumblr posts over time, I thought I would share some with you in the hope that they will empower and amuse you as much as they did me. Now, let us truly appreciate the wonder that is Tumblr feminists.

1) A high school role model

2) Angry Meninists

3) This accurate description of female TV characters

4) A little lesson in how to treat rape victims

5) Halloween costume equality 

6) The response we all have to that cliche, demeaning, supposed "compliment"


8) "Sit like a lady"

 9) The verb the dictionary needs

10) YAY for panda legs!
11) It's funny but it's true

12) The girls that don't actually exist
 13) Why health class is so important

14) What a plot twist

15) Just read the post before you get defensive 

16) A comparison 

17) A little tale about radical feminists

18) AHH, virginity 

19) The modern day response to catcalling 

20) White boy jokes

21) Women are non-existent 


23) Shots fired

24) Things to remember

25) Hit the nail right on the head

26) And, finally, a little homework

YAY for feminism.

Love, Emily :) xx

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