Kat Von D 'Lock-It' Foundation & Primer Review

The Kat Von D Lock-It primer and foundation tick all the boxes on my imaginary list of "things I a primer and foundation need to have in order for me to like them" so why not share my thoughts on them so you can like them too? What a great idea.
Admittedly, I didn't intend on ever trying the primer as primers aren't things I can justify spending money on, especially high end ones. However, the lady working at the Kat Von D counter in Debenhams was painfully good at her job and somehow managed to persuade me into buying both the primer and foundation. "You'll get £10's worth of points on your beauty card" she said. "You'll get a free tote bag for spending over £40" she said. Will I ever use said tote bag? Probably not. Has it even been opened? No, it's still in the packaging.

After wanting to try the Lock-It foundation for a while, I decided to go for it after switching to cruelty free cosmetics and needing a new decent foundation at was A) high coverage and B) long lasting to replace my Estee Lauder Double Wear. I'd heard nothing but positive reviews of the Kat Von D foundation and so thought, what's the worst that can happen? I'll hate it and never buy it again.

I don't hate it though. I love the foundation. It covers all of my spots which seem to have taken up permanent residency on my face, they've become so attached to me. It also claims to last 24 hours and whilst I'm unable to vouch for whether it does last for that long, I can confirm it lasts for a bloody long time. It's a perfect match for my skin tone too. I use the shade 42 Light Neutral.
Additionally, this foundation is easy to apply, what with the airless pump applicator, (I'm still clueless as to why some foundations don't come with a pump). Just the right amount of product is pumped out, which prevents wastage, although a little bit goes a long way due to the thick consistency.
Being a thick foundation means it's best to push the foundation into your skin wish a dense brush first before blending it, (that's what the awfully persuasive lady who was far too good at her job told me at the Kat Von D counter). Usually, I would just blend out a foundation with a beauty blender but, with this, I've found the finish is more matte and the product stays on longer if I do indeed push it into my skin. I dab over the top with a beauty blender afterwards to get rid of any streaks.
This foundation retails for £27, which seems criminal for how good it is and for how prestigious Kat Von D is as a brand. Some high end foundations will set you back over £50 and may not be up to scratch but, at under £30, the 'Lock-It' really is the perfect price. You get 30ml in the tube, therefore, I won't have to repurchase any time soon, and the packing itself is sleek.

The Lock-It primer is the perfect pal for the foundation as, when applied together, the two give a beautiful finish and the primer allows the foundation to blend smoothly on the skin. At £24, it's certainly at the pricey end of primers but it really does make a difference....I haven't quite worked out whether I'm trying to convince you, reading this, or myself, yet...
When I use primers, I rely on them to give me the perfect blank canvas to begin applying my make-up and for them to help my foundation stay on all day and this does both. One pump is all it takes to cover my whole face too, which I'm a fan of because 1) it means I won't need to be spending £24 on another primer for a while and 2) see number 1.
Despite being slightly expensive, the Lock-It primer does feel lovely on my skin and hydrates it before I cake it in products, due to it containing soothing properties such as aloe vera, jojoba and shea which hydrate and smoothen. It helps to minimise the look of pores, also, and ensures I don't need to fret about my foundation sliding off of my face during the day.

Overall, these two products work well either as a pair or individually. The foundation lasts all day and doesn't start to feel dry or horrid after a long time, despite being matte, and the primer provides a smooth base for my make-up and assists it in staying put.

What are your favourite cruelty free foundations and primers? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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