In A World Which Tells You Acne Is Ugly, EMBRACE IT

The world has put so much emphasis on physical appearance, as if it's the be all and end all, as if how we look determines our paths in life. It's shocking how plenty of people will refuse to leave the house after having a break out because their acne makes them feel so ugly and self-conscious.
Why do we give tiny marks on our face so much power? Why do we allow spots, scars and blemishes to control our moods? Why do we turn something utterly natural into such a huge deal, so much so that we allow it to destroy our self esteem and prevent us from living life to the full?

No one should feel any less beautiful or any less worthy because of acne yet society still deems is a bad thing. It's crazy, really, how acne is given so much attention, acne which harms nobody, when there are much bigger issues in the world which need solving. Acne isn't 'dirty,' it isn't 'disgusting,' nor does it make anyone who has it ugly. Your acne does not determine your beauty

Learning to love your acne and embrace it as part of who you are can be difficult when society has already indoctrinated you with the idea that acne is ghastly and you must do all in your power to rid your skin of it. Every time you open up a magazine or turn on TV, you'll probably see an advertisement for a spot-clearing product and on every billboard and fashion runway, models will have blemish free, glowing complexions. The world is selling us this idea that anyone with acne is this weird, abnormal, diseased specious which lives on our exteriors and blinds anyone should they come within a five mile radius of it. By doing this, by making you believe that acne makes you ugly, the world is profiting from your insecurities. The media and beauty companies are experts at getting inside your head and making you believe that ridding your skin of acne will solve all your life problems and you will magically transform into a Disney princess. They act as if they care about you when, the harsh reality is, they don't. They care about making money and definitely do not lose sleep at night, worrying about how much their commercials have shattered your self esteem. Don't let them win. Don't allow them to profit from your warped, negative perception of yourself. Don't give them the satisfaction of making you believe you are unworthy of happiness if you have acne because that is not true.

Learn to have positive thoughts about your acne. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get rid of it, however, doing it to please other people and allowing it to control your life isn't what you should be doing. Whilst on your journey to clear skin, accept that you have acne, that is probably won't vanish overnight and that it's part of who you are. It makes up your appearance and all that is beautiful about it.
The world is in desperate need of more acne positivity. We need to build each other up, not judge people for their skin and make assumptions before we even know them as a person. No one should be made to feel like they can't be confident within their own skin, especially because their skin in no way defines them. It's simply there to keep us warm, an extra layer to hold everything in place. What's on the outside, it doesn't matter, not really. What is important is our attitude towards others and the energy we put out into the world. If we treat people well and have a positive attitude, acne or no acne, we will shine brightly.

Acne is as common as oxygen - over half the world's population has experienced acne in all it's varying forms, yet we're still taught that it's something to be ashamed of. Acne is simply a part of life, a part of growing, a part of changing. Despite how isolated it can make you feel, there are millions of other people feeling the same way that you do, especially as acne doesn't discriminate and targets anyone of any age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or social class. I know that acne can make you feel uncomfortable and make you want to rip your face off, but know that having acne does not subtract from your beauty or self worth. Don't let small mountains on your skin make you feel like you aren't beautiful, especially when we believe that real mountains make the world beautiful.

You are deserving of happiness, whether you have zero skin problems or one hundred. Happiness should be determined by what we do and the choices we make, not insignificant bumps on our skin. Happiness should be affected only by intangible things like laughing with loved ones, watching sunsets, singing along to our favourite songs on the radio and eating our favourite foods.

So, start living your life freely and without shame. Do not apologise for your skin and do not give it power over your mood. Walk the streets without make-up and do so proudly. Talk openly about your acne without fear of making others uncomfortable. You having acne won't prevent the Earth from spinning, nor should it prevent you from doing things you have always wanted to do. Don't let it hold you back.

Acne will always exist in the world and it's time to start normalising it. YOU are not ugly because of your spots. The only thing that makes someone truly ugly is harbouring a heart full of hate. Know that, if someone wishes to judge you for how you look, the problem lies with them, not you. Plus, they could be missing out on making a wonderful friend.

Your skin is great, just as it is. <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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