Concert Make-Up Tips: How To Make Your Make-Up Last ALL Night

As someone who has attended many concerts, I understand the struggle. I understand the mammoth task of wanting to wear a nice make-up look that you like but also worrying about how you're going to look at the end of the night. If you're anything like me, concerts will make you cry, dance around like crazy, sweat more than you care to admit and turn your foundation into butter within the first five minutes.
After learning from my mistakes over the years I've spent going to concert, I've picked up some tips which help my make-up last from the start of the show until the very end. I thought I'd share them as I figured they may come in handy to make-up loving concert goers.

1) Find a make-up look that works and stick with it
Of course, it's great to experiment with your looks and switch things up. The make-up look you wear will be dependant on many factors: the weather, your mood, what time of day it is, whose concert you are attending... however, personally, I've found that using the same make-up look for most concerts helps. I've found the products I like, I know what works on my skin, what looks good and, most importantly, what lasts. Therefore, I needn't spend the whole night fretting about how I look, I can just continue having a good time as I know my face isn't budging. If wearing the same look for every show isn't your thing, find at least a couple of staple make-up products and incorporate them into each concert look, whether that's a foundation, a lipstick or a mascara, anything that you know works and won't make you self conscious.

2) Prime prime prime
Never underestimate the importance of primer or the ability it has to make or break your make-up. Using the right primers can determine whether your make-up lasts until the early hours of the morning or slides off before you're even in the venue. Be sure to prime your face and eyes to avoid oily skin and some can even brighten your look, blur or reduce redness. A personal favourite of mine is the Kat Von D Lock It primer, however, you needn't break the bank. Drugstore brands such as Sleek, Collection, ELF and NYX have great primers which do the job just as well.

3) Use a long lasting foundation or, if you can, avoid it
If you have a foundation you know doesn't budge, make that your best friend and wear it for concerts. My foundation is what I worry most about so I always go for one that is matte and won't make me shiny, even when I'm sweating profusely in other areas. High end brands do great long-lasting foundations, including the Estee Lauder Double Wear, Urban Decay All Nighter and Kat Von D Lock It foundations but drugstore brands can work just as well. It's all about the combination of products you use: foundation, concealer, primer, etc. and finding a good set that works well together. On the other hand, avoiding foundation altogether is probably your best bet. If you don't enjoy wearing foundation or feel confident enough without it, don't feel obliged to wear it. Go for a BB cream or tinted moisturiser, or even just some concealer, or, better still, go bare faced, that way you aren't stressing over your foundation becoming oily and clogging up on your skin.

4) Drown your face in setting spray
As well as setting your make-up with powder, setting spray is what really helps keep everything in place. Use as much or as little as you like but, personally, I drown my face in it just to be extra sure that my make-up won't budge. My favourites include the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray but, at a fraction of the price, Collection's Primed And Ready setting spray works just as well, if not better. 

5) Waterproof mascara is a must
If you're anything like me, which is overly emotional and a massive crybaby, then you'll end up with tears streaming down your cheeks at last twice during a concert. Therefore, waterproof mascara is a MUST. No one wants black panda eyes! A safe bet is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof because, despite being almost impossible to remove afterwards, you know it isn't budging or smudging whilst you're dancing the night away.

6) Choose lip products wisely
If you're going to be eating and drinking at a concert, (which you should be, because remaining hydrated is important) opt for a safe lip product like a gloss, lipstick or liquid lipstick that you are certain won't smudge, become flaky or fade awkwardly. Choose something low maintenance that's easy to top up if you need to or looks good even if you don't have time to reapply. Better still, just whack on a bit of lipbalm!

7) Always take the essentials
Throw the essential products in your bag to take with you, whether that's a powder, lipstick, concealer, or whatever you think will need reapplying later on. Try to minimise the amount of products you take with you as, firstly, venues may only allow small bags inside so you won't have much room and, secondly, the last thing you want to be doing at a concert is faffing around and applying a full face. Personally, I find that a powder and lipstick, as well as a powder brush, is all I need to take. Another tip is to take a powder compact with a mirror in so you can touch up wherever you are - the queues for bathrooms tend to be enormous!

8) Don't touch!
The final tip, and probably the most important one at that, is to keep your hands OFF your face! Excessively touching your skin will smudge your make-up and spread the oils and bacteria picked up by your hands onto your face, which can also cause blemishes. Simply leave your face to do its thing and enjoy the night!

What are your concert make-up tips? <3

Love, Emily :)

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  1. Great tips, I will definitely be more concious the next time I need my makeup to last. Waterproof mascara is always a must for me, it just melts off me otherwise!
    Grace xx