Ways To Style Printed & Coloured Trousers

Who doesn't love a pair of printed trousers? Or coloured trousers? Well, okay, there are probably a lot of people who don't, however, I, for one, love them. I love how they come in a million and one different styles, colours and patterns and how the list of ways to style them really is endless. Off for a casual stroll in the park? Printed trousers are perfect. Off for a posh meal in a fancy restaurant? Printed trousers are perfect. Whatever the weather, whatever the occasion, whatever the dress code, you'll probably find that a pair of printed or coloured trousers will be the ideal companion.
After coming to the conclusion that I am the owner of more pairs of trousers than one human could ever need, I decided to offer out my pearls of wisdom and give some advice on how to style them. It can be difficult to know where to start. What do I wear on my top half to ensure it doesn't clash? Do I tuck it in? Do I not? What shoes do I wear? Does a jacket even match? Styling outfits at the best of times isn't easy and I'm no expert, however, I like to wear printed and bright trousers in many different ways, depending on the day, what I think looks best and, most importantly, what I feel comfortable in. So, perhaps you'll find a new look in this blog post to inspire you.

Allow me to show you just a few of the possibilities in what you can team printed and coloured trousers with in order to create an outfit.

1) The white shirt
There are very few items of clothing that don't look good with a white shirt, so, why not team one with a pair of printed trousers? A white shirt is a great way to create that oh so tricky to get right 'smart/casual' look and, depending on the shirt you choose, it can be really formal or more laid back.

2) The shirt and jacket
If it's a smart look you're going for, style your printed trousers with a shirt and blazer or fitted jacket. Adding a jacket to any outfit automatically makes you look like a top business person .- it's scientifically proven.

3) The turtle neck
For when the temperature is dropping outside but you don't fancy wearing jeans, throw on a turtle neck jumper with your pair of printed trousers for extra warmth and comfort - it's a win-win situation!

4) The simple t-shirt
Sometimes, it's good to just let the trousers do the talking! Wearing a plain t-shirt in whatever colour suits is the best way to draw all the attention to the trousers. It's also a super simple option for your top half that works every single time.

5) The denim jacket
You'll struggle to find an outfit that a denim jacket doesn't match with. A denim jacket can be worn with anything, can't it? Even if you're unsure about how it looks with your outfit, throw it on over your simple t-shirt and add in a little self confidence and BAM, it looks perfect! Denim jackets are a good way of making printed trousers more dressed down.

6) The merchandise
No one needs an excuse to wear their favourite merchandise, right? Just like a plain t-shirt, merchandise shirts will match with printed trousers, pretty much, all of the time. It's also a great way to make your outfit more quirky and unleash more of your personality.

7) The floral shirt
Don't be scared to throw on a floral shirt, or a shirt with a busy pattern, with a pair of coloured trousers. They work especially well in the Spring and Summer months and add a bit more fun to your look.

8) The bright stripes
Who says you can't pair bright stripes with bright trousers? Go all out with a striped shirt or t-shirt, teaming them with something vibrant on your bottom half for a stand-out outfit.

How do you style printed trousers?

Love, Emily

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