Make-Up Tips For Glasses Wearers

Make-up is a fun thing, however, I've found that, as a glasses wearer, it isn't always as simple and can be frustrating. Foundation slips off your nose, your lashes catch your lenses, certain eyeshadow colours don't work and don't even get me started on having to take your glasses off to actually apply eyeshadow, meaning you can't see and really are just winging it.
However, throughout my years of wearing make-up with my glasses, I've picked up various tips, tricks and application methods which work for me and make my relationship with make-up much nicer. Below are some pearls of wisdom I wish to pass on to you fellow glasses wearers who also love make-up and are on the hunt for ways to make your life easier!

1) Apply primer to your nose
Is there anything more annoying than your glasses slipping off your nose and taking your foundation with them? Well, probably, however, when you're a make-up and glasses wearer, it can become incredibly aggravating. A simple way to help solve this problem and minimise slippage is to apply primer and concentrate it on the bridge of your nose, that way, your foundation will not budge and your glasses will cling on, preventing them from slipping.

2) Wear waterproof mascara
To avoid your mascara transferring onto your lenses every time you blink, simply switch to a waterproof mascara and you won't need to worry your vision being blocked by black streaks and having to clean your glasses every five minutes.

3) Blend like crazy, then clean it up
Applying eyeshadow can be stressful, I totally get it. As someone who is incredibly short-sighted, it's a challenge and a half to create something half decent. However, I've found it much easier to not worry about being neat and just GO FOR IT! Apply your eyeshadow however you feel like, not stressing about whether it's neat or not. Then, use a make-up wipe and simply clean up the edges with one swipe to achieve a sharp edge. Then, no one need know how messy it was originally!

4) Have a light hand
When applying eyeshadow and fearful of applying too much, be light-handed when blending. You can always add more product but taking it away is much more difficult! Go slowly, take your time and it'll be worth it!

5) Use a magnifying mirror
Applying eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner isn't always easy when you haven't been blessed with perfect eyesight, so, either don't be embarrassed to hold the mirror super close to your face or use a magnifying one! It'll change your life.

6) Highlight the inner corners
I've found that make-up can make my eyes look smaller and closed up, especially if I'm wearing a heavy eyeshadow look with dark colours. So, adding a highlighter or white shadow to the inner corners of my eyes helps open them up more and brighten up the look.

7) Avoid applying eyeshadow outside your frames
Whilst there is nothing wrong with blending a strong colour right up to your brows, it can look messy so try applying eyeshadow within the line of your glasses to keep everything looking soft and tidy. If you do want to apply a shadow up to your brow bone, try using a light or shimmery colour.

8) Experiment with colour
If you're someone who switches up your frames often and has glasses in different colours, don't be afraid to go vibrant and bright! Pair bright specs with a bright lip, play around with various colour combinations and express yourself boldly!

What are your top tips for make-up loving glasses wearers?

Love, Emily

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