My Favourite Cruelty-Free Make-Up Products For A Long-Lasting Base

Something I always look for in a make-up product is longevity. If it isn't going to last all day on my face but, instead, will slide off or look greasy after a few hours, then it isn't the one for me. I find my base to be the most important part of my whole look. It sets the foundations and provides a blank canvas for the rest of my products to go on top of. I like to have a high coverage, matte, flawless face before jazzing it up and shaping my face with bronzers, blushers, highlighters and eyeshadows to bring my skin to life.
After experimenting with many base products, some good, some really bad, I've found what works for me and, most importantly, what is compatible with my skin. I've found products which aren't a chore to apply, which provide me with the coverage I want and which don't budge an inch until I'm ready to remove them.

Check out my step-by-step make-up base, which consists of everything I apply from start to finish to provide me with the perfect, long-lasting base, from primer right down to setting spray. The products range from high end to drugstore but are all cruelty-free!

STEP ONE: Primer - Kat Von D 'Lock-It' Primer
For me, the first step to creating the perfect blank canvas is priming. Admittedly, I don't apply primer every day because, well, I can't always be bothered and if I'm going to skip a step, primer is the one. However, I find my make-up does last much longer when I use it. The Kat Von D 'Lock-It' Primer is my favourite one for ensuring my base products remain in place for as long as I need them to. It doesn't make my skin feel greasy either, and, a pea sized amount does the job. I concentrate the primer particularly around my nose and chin, as these are the areas which tend to get oily first and where my foundation slides off.

STEP TWO: Foundation - Urban Decay 'All Nighter'
Foundation and I have been on a journey and it's very much been a case of 'trial and error' to help me find one that has all the characteristics I look for in a foundation, however, the Urban Decay 'All Nighter' ticks every box. Full coverage? Yes. Easy to blend? Yes. Matte? Yes. Stays in place all day? YES! This foundation stays exactly where you want it to all day, no matter where I need to run to or how busy I am, I know I don't need to worry about my foundation budging. This really is the long-lasting foundation. As someone who isn't much of a party-goer, whether it truly is an 'all-nighter,' I'm unsure, as staying out until 4am isn't my thing, however, it lasts through me jumping, screaming and crying at concerts, so that's good enough for me!

STEP THREE: Concealer - Collection 'Lasting Perfection'
The Collection 'Lasting Perfection' concealer does exactly what it says on the tin. It lasts all day and also provides perfect coverage. As someone who likes high coverage and relies on concealer to cover spots, scars and blemishes, this is the ideal concealer for me and is the one I always go back to, even after testing others but just not clicking with them in the same way that I do with this. It's inexpensive, too, which is an added bonus considering I've probably repurchased this product more times than I've had hot dinners in my life as I use so much and just genuinely love it. Oh, and it doesn't get cakey! Oh, and it also looks great under the eyes and brightens up dark circles! What's not to love?

STEP FOUR: Loose powder - E.L.F 'High Definition Powder'
This powder completely changed my make-up game and, quite possibly, my life. I have never been drawn to loose powders in the past and, basically, just didn't see the point in them because they'd just make a mess if I tried to apply it in public but oh how naive I was! This powder by E.L.F, I believe, is the key to my long-lasting look. I apply this after my foundation and concealer using a make-up sponge before leaving it to set for a few minutes then brushing off any excess with a brush. Once this powder is on, I know I'm set for the day. This product combined with all the other base products I use just creates the dream matte, fully set base and I now don't feel comfortable wearing make-up without it. It truly does make me feel like I have my life together and as though I can conquer the world. Dramatic? Probably.

STEP FIVE: Compact powder - Revolution Pro 'Pressed Finishing Powder'
After setting my most oily areas with loose powder, I dust a pressed powder over the rest of my face to ensure nothing is going to move unless I want it to. This Revolution Pro 'Pressed Finishing Powder' is the perfect companion for the E.L.F loose powder as the two together really are the ultimate make-up setting dream team. They brighten my face without looking cakey and keep everything firmly locked in. This loose powder is super inexpensive, too, and is also the product I never leave the house without as, if I do become shiny at any point, I know a dab of this miracle worker will sort me out.

STEP SIX: Setting Spray - Collection 'Primed & Ready Make-Up Fixing Spray'
The cherry on top of my cruelty-free make-up base is, of course, setting spray. You can never apply too much, in my opinion, so, I drown myself in this Collection one at the end of my make-up application process and, if I had any doubts before, this will ease them and reassure me that none of my foundation, concealer or powder is going anywhere. This setting spray has my back and, teamed with everything else I use on my base, provides me with a face that works for me and makes me feel comfortable and confident all day/night, whatever the weather, whatever the occasion.

What are your favourite long-lasting make-up products?

Love, Emily

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