Trusting The Timing Of Your Life & Letting Go Of Worries

Pretty much everyone is a worrier. It's 2019, it's not viewed as socially cool not to be a stress head anymore. We're all ridden with anxiety, fear and have washing machine brains which spin at top speed every second of every day, propelling 'what ifs' around our heads.
It's a natural human trait to worry and anyone who is the happy-go-lucky type or able to compartmentalise their worries from everyday activities is automatically perceived as abnormal. It's become normal, in fact, to fear the future, to stress over the mundane things and to live your life so anxious of what could possibly be around the corner, even if you don't know an outcome is actually certain, that you're unable to live in the moment and appreciate life for what it is.

There's nothing wrong with worrying, of course, it's a very valid emotion and, what with Donald Trump in power, our natural environment crumbling beneath us as a ramification of global warming and constant attacks on the human rights of minorities, worrying about life seems more justified than ever before. We have every right to panic because we just don't know what boulder life is going to hurl at us next. And perhaps that's what has generated this age of worriers, the fact that we're all so culturally aware, well most of us are anyway. The fact that none of us can seem to switch off because we're too invested in, not just politics, but everything happening in society that could require a response or cause conflict. Thanks to social media and news being delivered to us in such a fast way now, we're all so conscious of the sorry state of our surroundings, our governments, our communities, that we can't turn our backs on it. We can't push social issues to the back of our minds because we are all so much more understanding now of the consequences of ignoring them. We're on guard 24/7, which has resulted in a generation of anxiety filled humans who are no longer just worrying about their own everyday problems, but are stressing, sometimes even more so, over the larger scale issues that, most of the time we have no physical control over yet feel a duty to resolve.

However, when it comes to everyday life, I think it's a fair observation that we waste so much time pondering what could happen, rather than simply accepting what is happening. From the moment we wake to the moment we go to sleep again at night, even without social media and the daily news in the equation, we're stressing. Whether that's because of our jobs, other people's problems or because, often, life can just get a little bit too much. It can be overwhelming, this whole existing thing. Everyone's constantly demanding stuff from you, having expectations, forcing decisions onto you and, somewhere in the middle of all that, you're supposed to figure out who you are, what you want and where you want to be. It's exhausting, particularly now the gateposts seem to have moved and there's an overwhelming pressure to have your whole life plan configured by the time you're out of your teens. This can lead to us feeling so lost as we're trying to experiment with different experiences whilst simultaneously being shoved down a singular path. It can lead to us overexerting ourselves because we're trying to adhere to commands and expectations and juggle all of our personal worries at the same time. It can lead to so much stress because we're comparing where we are to where others are and harbouring feelings of despondence and deflation when we aren't where we want to be sooner than planned. It can lead to so much fear of failure and never achieving happiness or being good enough. We're spending our lives worrying about our circumstances and having a detrimental impact on our own mental well-being in the process. Worrying solves nothing, and because most of us nowadays are so self-aware, we know that, but we continue to do it anyway. We continue to watch ourselves self-destruct because we're so afraid of pressing pause.

But I want you take a breath. A deep one. We don't take enough breaths anymore. Not in the literal sense, of course, although I don't have any statistics to back up this claim, but in the figurative sense. We don't do enough of just... stopping. Life has become so fast paced for us all, as if we're robots designed to consume at such an extreme pace and keep moving at 100mph because society has conditioned us to believe that the grind can't stop if you want to see results. We're each on a treadmill, running and running, trying to achieve our goals but actually getting nowhere because our worries are pulling us back. We're trying to reach where we want to be but stressing so much over the possibility of not getting there that it's ruining the experience that is the journey.

Just try to trust the timing of your life and where you are right now, even if it’s the most emotionally exhausting place imaginable, know that it is preparing you for what’s to come. There aren’t always explanations for everything, even if everything is said to happen for a reason. Sometimes, things are just goddamn awful and there’s no logical reason why. But, what we must know is that everything is working as it should. The cogs in the big machine are turning, the wheels are spinning and the power is flowing. We're alive, which is a blessing in itself, and the universe is taking care of all the things you are worrying about, even the things you are yet to worry about. The universe has it all under control. The universe has YOU at its centre and it is doing all it can to help propel you forwards and shape everything around you into something wonderful. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, the universe always has your back. It sounds so simple, I know, to just have blind faith and trust the air around you whilst you sit back and relax, but you've become to numb to the impact worrying is having on your life that you can't see how much unnecessary fretting you're doing. Keep working hard, setting goals and pushing boundaries, but also try to take things easier. Just take care of your immediate surroundings, keep radiating love, keep trying as hard as you can and keep breathing as often as you need to, magical forces will do the rest. Allow yourself to let go of the anxieties and troubles you have been laden with for so long. It takes so much inner strength to recognise that you don't deserve to be carrying around all your negative baggage and you do have the strength to do that. Have hope in external forces for once and put your fears into their hands so they can help you out. Let them take off some of the load and make it lighter for you whilst you dedicate your precious time to working on things that truly matter. Your worries do not deserve your time.
You needn’t be so burdened with stress and pain. Keep putting in that solid effort and never give up the self-belief, but, don't sacrifice your health or your enjoyment of life to worry. It's all going to work out just fine, you know that deep down. Everything you desire will surely crystallise soon, perhaps in a different way to the one you originally planned for, but all the things you want and deserve are on their way to you. The future is bright, it is fruitful, it is bursting with hope and opportunity for us all. 

Love, Emily

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