I Don't Want Your Detox Tea! // The Reality Of Drinking Weight Loss Teas

I don't know about you, but my social media feeds are absolutely bursting with celebrities trying to sell me stuff. Whether it's a teeth whitening kit, a pair of shoes or a holiday, some form of advert is forever popping up.
Most sponsored posts are harmless, plus, if a blogger is making a few pounds out of offering me a discount code for an online clothing store, then who am I to begrudge them from doing that? Social media has turned into a real money maker for some people, and that's really cool. The problems arise, however, when what influencers and celebrities are advertising aren't harmless and, most importantly, when they aren't being honest about how harmful these products actually are.

Weight loss teas. We've all seen them. They're usually promoted by bloggers, Instagram girls and reality stars. They're packaged in pretty, pink packaging and made to look all innocent when, in fact, they are the devil in disguise. These detox teas are advertised using language which has positive connotations, words and phrases like 'wellness,' 'fit,' 'stay on track' and 'reduce bloating,' when actually all this language does is glorify the lasting damage these products can cause to people who take them.

These teas and shakes are so often promoted as 'meal replacements' and as things that will help you shed pounds instantly in a healthy way. They're a 'quick fix' for when you want to be slim for summer or shed a few pounds before a big event. In fact, there is nothing healthy about weight loss teas and they certainly do not help anyone lose weight. They will never be 'meal replacements' but will always be MONSTERS.

Detox teas contain products with laxative effects.
Detox teas affect contraception.
Detox teas cause nausea.
Detox teas case headaches.
Detox teas can ruin your digestive system and give you metabolism problems for life. 

And they do all of these things in the name of appetite suppression.

There are only two kinds of weight that detox teas will help you lose. The first is the weight of money you carry around in your purse, money that you've thrown away and wasted on such nonsensical products. The second kind is water weight. They make you lose water weight, NOT fat, which you’ll only put back on later.

But, these properties of detox teas are not advertised to us by influencers, celebrities and the brands themselves. Instead, they use coded language to sweep under the rug the killer characteristics of these drinks. They are promoted by a celebrity wearing a sports bra who is holding the drink in front of their flat stomach in a fancy mansion. I can say emphatically that these celebrities do NOT drink detox teas. The whole Kardashian family are lying to you. They have personal trainers, chefs, dieticians, plastic surgeons, laser therapists and an iPhone full of photo editing apps, all of these things combined help them achieve their 'look,' NOT detox teas. Have you ever seen a single one of them drink a full detox tea? Or even have a small sip? I presume not, and, if you have, you can rest assured that the second that camera cuts, they are spitting the entirety of that drink down the sink. The celebrities and reality stars promoting detox teas to you do not want them in their bodies, something they'll never tell you. 
It's baffling to me how any form of medication sold must clearly state the possible side effects of taking it on the box and how cigarettes must show images of rotting lungs and amputated limbs on their boxes to deter people from smoking them, yet these detox teas can be marketed so carelessly, wrapped in princess packaging and advertised so frivously by any TV star who will not tell you the dark side of drinking them. If you're going to tell someone to put something inside their body, surely you'd want to tell them what harm it could do? Well, I guess you'd have to care about people more than you do money in order to do that, something these reality stars do not always. (Kim Kardashian really did say that it's acceptable to promote products like detox teas so long as you believe in it or it's worth it financially).

I believe it's so irresponsible for anyone to promote these non FDA approved packets of junk to anyone, especially people with large followings made up predominantly of young girls. Detox tea brands know what they're doing, they are completely feeding off of society's obsession with thinness and more so young girls' obsession with thinness. They know people will buy these products if they're advertised by a thin, attractive celebrity because the consumer will do anything to look like them. It's INFURIATING to see people with large platforms absolutely abusing them by sticking their name on any old flat tummy tea, appetite suppressant, diet shake and pill to gain extra money they do not need - which is sometimes six figures!
As infuriating as it is, it's equally as heartbreaking knowing the women promoting these teas have been chewed up by the machine that is diet culture themselves and spat back out as unrecognisable versions of their former selves. They've had their own appearances scrutinised so heavily that they too have become fixated on thinness as a goal and will sell anything to maintain their 'aesthetic.'

Every time I see an ad for a weight loss drink, I feel so triggered and reminded of my own ongoing battle with dieting and starvation, and it isn't just me. These promotions are harming impressionable girls every day by acting as yet another unnecessary reminder that society prioritises thinness over everything. These ads are also placing obstacles in the way of people well on the road to recovery from eating disorders by causing them to question if it's really worth it (it is, by the way).

Dearest influencers and celebrities, cut it out. Stop shoving things down our throats that were made to harm us, our bodies, our relationships with food and mental health. You are so much better than that. Use your platforms positively and influence people to do good things, such as view their bodies as beautiful regardless of its size. 

Dearest young girls, ED sufferers, detox tea customers and social media users, do not put this rubbish into your growing, fragile, already beautiful body and especially do not take weight loss advice from people who neither know or care about you. These teas will destroy you from the inside and cause irreversible problems, in fact, did you know that the FDA has reported several deaths from laxative tea abuse? This is serious stuff. Laxative tea abuse can have ongoing, permanent damage to the colon and liver and excessive use can lead to potassium depletion and other electrolyte abnormalities, which can trigger muscle spasms and an abnormal heart rhythm. Another highly caffeinated ingredient of laxative teas has health effects such as restlessness, nausea, stomach irritation, anxiety, ringing in the ears, a fast heart and fast breathing rates. These are NOT things you want, no matter how many times social media tries to convince you that a detox tea will solve all of your problems.
Nutritionists themselves have said that these teas are pure hype. The body doesn't need them to 'detox' itself, it has its own built-in detoxication system that works 24/7, without the aid of any tea or shake. 

Don't believe what these tea brands are selling you and certainly don't line the bank accounts of social media stars by buying them. You deserve so much better than that. 



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